HJ: There is a saying one of my mentors/spiritual guides repeats to me nearly everytime we speak: “There is no out there ‘out there’ independent of the contents of our own mind.”  This passage by Cosmic Awareness elucidating important concepts for those wishing to master the art of the miracle/manifestation reminds me of his words, for indeed, there is only one thing keeping us from creating whatever it is that we desire — ourselves.  Our beliefs, our impressions, our perceptions.  One may spend many lifetimes looking outside themselves for the answer or cause — and this is perfect as it is — only to eventually realize that there is no cause outside themselves.

– Truth

Cosmic Awareness via Paul Shockley | Cosmic Awareness

The Secret of Working Miracles in Your Life

This Awareness wishes entities to understand that if you wish to effect
miracles in your life, you must first learn to reconcile extremes in
your values, in your personality, in your emotions, in your concepts,
and in your way of looking at things.

You must move your mind from the belief in material reality to that
which is reconciled between the realization of spiritual realities and
material realities, at a point halfway between where mind and matter
meet as one, and where you realize that it is neither right nor wrong,
it is alright, it is acceptable for you to have what you seek to
manifest; that it is not just for yourself, but for others also,
reconciling between self and others, reconciling between right and
wrong, for you to have something; reconciling between spirit and matter,
where mind and matter meet as one continuing to reconcile any polarities
that you may hold in terms of concepts, in terms of emotions, and as you
continue to reconcile in this manner, all those polarized aspects of
your psyche, you will gradually find that you can have what you wish to
manifest, but if there is an aspect of your psyche that says, “It is
wrong for me to have this,” or if there is an aspect of your psyche that
says, “I want this, and I don’t want anyone else to benefit from my
action,” in other words, if there is a polarity in your thinking, “Me
but not him, or him,” or “I do not deserve this,” of “He does not
deserve this,” — any types of polarity, whatever they might be — will
prevent the manifestation from occurring.

The manifestation must provide benefits for all involved, where there is
no guilt, there is no denial of yourself or others, there is no desire
for aggrandizement and praise for your manifestation, you do not do this
for the glory that it brings you, for that would be a polarization of
ego and self. You may do it for the glory of God, or you may do it for
the glory of humanity.
Your Real Purpose in Life

This Awareness indicates as long as there is no polarization, the images
held can be manifested, as long as mind and matter are one. This
Awareness indicates that in your evolution, in your search for purpose
and meaning in life, your purpose is to discover that you separated from
oneness from the Divine, you took on the ego, the Lucifer, the Rhyee,
you took this on to experience separateness. In your experiencing of
separateness, you are developing individuality.


It is important to continue developing that individuality to your
satisfaction. Once you are satisfied, you will then automatically begin
your return to the Divine, bringing all that you have developed as a
gift to the Divine, giving yourself entirely to the Divine, and in so
doing, in so surrendering self, you merge with the Divine, you reconcile
the Lucifer with the Deity, the Creative Godhead and become one with
God, and thus, you have completed your mission and cycle.

This Awareness indicates that this essentially is the trip.

You can speed it up by knowing where it goes, or you can savor it,
enjoying the various moments along the way, taking your time, smelling
the flowers, basking in the sunlight, enjoying the ego, and
individuality of being important when you can, suffering the
significance of humiliation of when it occurs, seeking to overcome
weaknesses, seeking to gain greater strength — all of this is part of
the journey.

You can prolong it or you can cut it short by surrendering to the Divine
immediately all that you have gained yourself, and turning yourself
entirely over to the Divine.

This Awareness cautions entities who have not yet developed their ego
self, their individuality, that if they surrender too soon, they may not
be satisfied and may wish to return and finish or to develop more
individuality. This too is permissible. You may surrender all that you
are to the Divine and realize that you really didn’t bring much because
you hadn’t really developed much individuality, and you may wish to
develop more individuality, and if so, you may then choose to go out
again and again, each time returning with greater awareness of self, and
a greater decision of giving up the self to the Divine.

This Awareness indicates it doesn’t really matter if entities know where
they are going, because the path is set and entities generally will
follow the path. There are, of course, benefits in being able to
recognize the path so that they do not wander off the path too far,
becoming lost and confused, but for their own sake they need not suffer
so much if they have some idea of where the path leads so that they can
stay on the path and follow the path.

This Awareness indicates that even being lost and off course is part of
the development of individuality. This Awareness suggests that this, of
course, leads to greater suffering and greater confusion, but it does
have the advantage of speeding up the development of the individuality.

This Awareness suggests that if there are any questions relating to
this, that these may be asked now.

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