January 2014

How to Master the Art of Tapping Into Your Intuition

HJ: There is an art to tapping into your intuition that once mastered allows you to receive unlimited guidance, inspiration and creative ability in your life.  It is not terribly difficult to do either….


How to Read Other Peoples Energy

HJ: Learning how to read other peoples energy is a crucial life skill because it allows you to look beyond what people are saying and understand who they really are at their essence….


Conscious Eating: Ancient Ayurvedic Guidelines for Radiant Health

HJ: Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of holistic mind/body/spirit medicine, has many simple but powerful guidelines for conscious eating which systematically produce radiant health.  The ancient Rishis, Yogis and Seers of India spent…


8 Reasons to Smile That Will Have You Grinning Every Chance You Get

HJ: In this article you’ll find some powerful reasons to smile — not corny, sentimental reasons, but scientifically backed research proving that smiling can have major positive benefits on your health, happiness and…


15 Herbs to Heal Your Lungs and Help You Breathe Deeply

HJ: Without breath, there is no life.  The ability to breathe deeply is at the core of our existence and yet lung health is not talked about very often these days except in…


Master Spiritual Teacher Shares the Secrets to Inner Freedom and Peace of Mind

HJ: Inner freedom, which is intimately related to inner peace, arises when we awaken to our true selves.  Now, this may sound rather abstract and esoteric, but I assure you that there is…

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How to Use Visualization Exercises to Take Your Health to the Next Level

HJ: Visualization exercises are some of the most powerful tools you have to create, maintain and enhance your health.  We have been taught to believe that health begins and ends in the body…


Having Trouble Trying to Find Your Purpose? These 3 Powerful Questions Will Help You Discover It

HJ: If you have been struggling to find your purpose then you need ask yourself these 3 powerful questions.  They will help you discover the qualities you posses that can be successfully translated…


The Spiritual Secrets of Success: How to Tap Into Your Natural Abundance

HJ: You are absolutely, undeniably destined to be successful in life.  The only caveat is that you must believe it yourself.  This is one of the primary spiritual secrets of success.  Without this…


How to Achieve Optimum Health in All Areas of Your Life

HJ: Optimum health is achieved when all aspects of yourself are in harmony and balance, not just your physical body.  This is perhaps the biggest mistake most people make when focusing on improving…

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