The Group

The Group: The First Lesson of Time

The Group via Steve Rother | — This day has created a new vibration. You are all acclimating yourself to it in a new way, for you have opportunities that you have…

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Steve Rother And The Group: Awakening the Child – Scripting a New Story

The Group via Steve Rother | — From Steve: Hi all. This message was a powerful call to action. The people in the room were sitting on the edge of their chairs as…

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The Group: All Levels Evolve – Reminders From Home

HJ: Steve Rother is another excellent channel who brings us clear, meaningful messages from a collective known as ‘The Group’. In this message they speak about some of the spiritual mechanics involved in…

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The Group: The Trialitation of Love

By Steve Rother & The Group From Steve: This channel carried several intertwined messages. At the base of this channel was the message about love. They said that everything on Earth has to…


The Group: End of the Rope: Magnetic Re-Alignment

The Group via Steve Rother February 15, 2012 2012/2012_02-EndoftheRope.php Greetings from Home This day marks a level of vibration much the same way as the last seven times that we have been…

The Great Wave Off Kanagawa

The Group: Moving to a Carbon Base

The Group via Steve Rother From Steve: In the very beginning of Lightworker the group has asked me place the words “Second Wave" on the front page of each section. The same is true…

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The Group: Let There Be More Light

The Group via Steve Rother Greetings from Home Our Shifting Carbon Base We tell you, Home, heaven, whichever words you wish to describe where you are originally from, has changed. It has…

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The Group: New Earth Angels

  The Group via Steve Rother From Steve: In this message the group talked about a special kind of person that they called Earth Angel. They say that these people come in…

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The Group: New Technologies Preparing to be Released

The Group via Steve Rother   From Steve: The group has tried on several occasions to pretend to be human. The most difficult part for them is telling a joke. They understand the…

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