November 2011
triple light tree

St. Germaine: Recognize the Signs of Your New World!

St. Germaine via Ute If  you would know thoroughly the place I am speaking from! But how could you, as you live and exist in a place of low vibration, so low…

Judge’s Bombshell Banking Ruling Could Be Game-Changer

By Loren Berlin First Posted: 11/29/11 05:06 PM ET Updated: 11/29/11 06:22 PM ET When federal judge Jed Rakoff tossed out a proposed settlement between the Securities and Exchange Commission and banking giant…

path to truth

SaLuSa: Let Nothing Distract You From Your Path

SaLuSa via Mike Quinsey 30-November-2011. As the saying goes, keep on keeping on, and let nothing distract you from your chosen path. Only you alone truly know what is needed to propel…

sananda spiritual hierarchy

Galactic Federation: The Dark is Entering Its Final Days; We Are Prepared to Take Action

Galactic Federation and Spiritual Hierarchy via Sheldan Nidle Dratzo! We return with lots to discuss with you. Several events are ready to happen which will catapult your world toward a new reality….

Kuwait Cabinet Resigns Amid Political Crisis

by Louie Kuwait’s cabinet has resigned after protesters and opposition deputies demanded that the prime minister step down over allegations of corruption, state-run television has reported. “The prime minister [Sheikh Nasser Mohammad al-Ahmad Al-Sabah] has submitted his resignation…

egypt uprising

Egypt Election: Voters Defy Fears of Violence with Record Turnout

Fears of violence and chaos unfounded with no major violations or security incidents reported in first free ballot for over 80 years By Martin Chulov and Jack Shenker Monday 28 November 2011 15.05…

David Wilcock’s Analysis of Benjamin Fulford’s 11-28-11 Article

David Wilcock, 11-28-2011 Hello Everyone, I’ve been through the entire legal document, line by line and page by page, as of Saturday night. I contacted Ben for an interview and it will…

A “More Dangerous” Tear Gas Emerges in Tahrir Square

By Peter Beaumont and John Domokos, Guardian UK, 27 November 11 Two Egyptian protesters accompany a man, center, overcome with tear-gas inhalation during clashes with Egyptian riot police. (photo: AP) Egyptian security forces…

euro coffin

Death of a Currency as Eurogeddon Approaches

By Jeremy Warner,, 24 Nov They need to wake up fast; it’s happening before their very eyes. In its current form, the single currency may always have been doomed, but it has been greatly…

deepak chopra occupy los angeles

Deepak Chopra: Occupy Together is Unstoppable. We Are the 100%

“This movement in Unstoppable!” Deepak shares ideas and inspiration with Occupy LA on the eve of Thanksgiving, Thanking occupiers, and invoking the spirit of 100% – Occupy Yourself, this is LOVE IN ACTION.

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