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The Unfolding Emergence of the New Consciousness: Perspectives From a Master Swami

HJ: We are all moving at different speeds in our conscious evolution — some are riding the wave of the shift and making incredible leaps and bounds daily.  On the other end of…


Where Are We Now? The Evolution of Human Consciousness in the Dawn of the New Age

HJ: Now more than ever, your personal energetic frequency, beliefs and thoughts will dictate what you experience and perceive.  This has always been the case, but one of the main difference now being…


Revisiting the Mayan Calendar: The Beginning of the New World Age

HJ: Despite the predictions and media frenzy, the date of Dec. 21st, 2012 came and went and most hardly noticed any difference before, during or after.  This is not because nothing happened, but…


The Mass Awakening: Understanding Humanity’s Evolution in the Context of the Cosmic Cycles

HJ: Ascension was seen by many as the culmination of humanity’s awakening process, when, in fact, it was merely another step along the endless path of spiritual evolution.  Now, that being said, it…


Re-Inventing Ourselves and Our Realities WIth Ease and Grace

HJ:  If you are energetically aware and sensitive to even the slightest degree, you will be able to perceive the immense change that is currently underway.  It feels to me as though we…


The Secret to Creating Miracles and Manifestations In Your Life

HJ: There is a saying one of my mentors/spiritual guides repeats to me nearly everytime we speak: “There is no out there ‘out there’ independent of the contents of our own mind.”  This…

Understanding the Difference Between Levels of Awareness: Density and Dimension

HJ: The terms dimension and density are thrown around quite loosely in different channelings and spiritual articles.  In fact, I have even found myself using them interchangeably on occasion.  However, there is definitely…


The True Origins of the Races of The People of Earth

HJ: As is typically the case with many of the things you have been taught in life by ‘society’ (for lack of a better word), you must begin the process of unlearning in…


How To Think With Your Heart

HJ:  I had an incredible experience the other day about midway through a 3 hour figure drawing class.  Without any warning, I suddenly felt as if I was about to begin crying uncontrollably….


Archangel Metatron: The Aquarian Shift & Anthropocene Radiation Part 2

HJ: I would like to harp on a term Metatron uses in the middle of the article: ‘Theta Creation’.  What is theta creation you ask?   Theta brain waves, measured at 4-7 Hz, are…

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