Ascension 2013

World Crisis as Opportunity: The Re-Emergence of the Wisdom of Humanity

HJ: Reality is your perception of what is.  Some of you choose to see a world in crisis — one on the brink of disaster and collapse.  Still others choose to see a…


Cultivating a Wakeful Consciousness: The Key to Higher Awareness and Spiritual Evolution

HJ: Wakefulness is a quality that everyone on the path of spiritual awakening develops at some point and the degree to which we can maintain it is a major factor in how fast…


July 2013 Energetic Forecast: The Great Emotional Cleanse

HJ: Higher levels of awareness and consciousness require us to release those habits, beliefs, thoughts and patterns which no longer serve our highest good.  In this way, we undergo a powerful emotional and…


Understanding the Role of ‘Darkness’ and ‘Evil’ in Higher Consciousness

HJ: In a recent discussion with one of my teachers, the subject of perspective came up.  The bulk of humanity is currently operating from a dualistic framework at this time.  Duality can be…


24 Signs That You May Be an Indigo Child (or Adult)

HJ: While many indigos are indeed still children, quite a large number of you have now progressed onto adulthood..  I think this is an important distinction because it may keep some people from identifying…


The Energetics of the June 2013 Solstice: Gateway to the Aquarian Age

HJ: The longest day of the year in the Northern hemisphere (and shortest in the Southern) is a window of time in which great advances in awareness and consciousness can be made by…


Visionary Artist Mark Golding Makes Incredibly Intricate Mandalas That Evolve Consciousness

HJ: This gem of an artist turned up in our inbox the other day and we felt compelled to share his visionary, mystical work with the Healers Journal community.    He offers personalized…


Where Are We Now in the Unfolding Ascension Process? The 6 Month Milestone and the Expansion of Consciousness

HJ: Almost 6 months post Ascension, the question arises, where are we now?  Has anything actually changed?  The answer is: it depends.  It depends on your personal beliefs, perspective, level of awareness and commitment to…


How to Stop Struggling and Step Into The Flow

HJ: Pushing harder only makes things harder.  Struggle engenders more struggle, as per the law of attraction.  I wan’t to let you in on a big secret: life can be as easy as…


How to Recognize and Embrace Your Soul Desires

HJ: Our soul desire can be likened to our intuition and there is definitely some overlap, however, it specifically represents the drive to express our destiny — our highest purpose in this lifetime….

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