Soul Defragmentation


Soul Defragmentation

Soul-Defragmentation-Sound-HealingThe Soul Defragmentation is a sacred, self-healing meditation and visualization enhanced with powerful harmonic overtones and delta wave binaural beats, which work synchronistically to prime the mind, body and soul for deep, profound reintegration.  Those souls wishing to reach the highest levels of health and wellbeing at all levels will at some point need to undergo the process of Soul Defragmentation.  We all harbor varying levels of soul fragments, which can and do accumulate over the years/lifetimes since our original separation from source.  Those wishing to reintegrate these lost pieces and simultaneously rid themselves of attachments from unwanted spirits, souls, and entities, are well served by undergoing the process of the soul defragmentation.



Benefits of the Soul Defragmentation & Vibrational Sound Healing


Heals and Reintegrates Soul Fragments

When we experience a traumatic or highly stressful event — whether or not we consciously recognize and acknowledge it — our soul energetically fragments and becomes bound to the experience, causing any associated memories and emotions to be continually resurface in our lives until we heal the fragmentation of the soul and the negative energetic charge around the incident.  The Soul Defragmentation gently guides you through this process, empowering you to be able to do it at will, for any event in your life.

Removal of Energetic Blockages

We all carry with us various levels of soul fragmentation due to the experience of traumatic events in this or other lifetimes, which we are not always consciously aware of, especially if they happened when we were young.  Until these events are healed and the fragments of our soul reintegrated into our being, the ‘negative’ energetic charges from these events create blockages in the chakras and the meridian systems of the body, which can cause a number of symptoms ranging from unwanted thoughts and emotions to physical manifestations such as disease, illness and disability of varying degrees.  By addressing the and healing the underlying cause, which is the original trauma and associated soul fragment, we can permanently clear the energetic blockages responsible for the above mentioned symptoms.  The healing is powerful, quick and most of all permanent and effective.


Strengthens and Repairs the Aura

The Aura reflects our mental, physical and spiritual health.  When the soul is fragmented and partially trapped in the energies of a past traumatic experience or event, it causes our mental, spiritual and physical health to suffer and this is reflected in the strength and wholeness of our Aura. If we are holding onto emotional trauma, for instance, this will manifest as a ‘hole’ or  tear in our Auric field, which weakens us and makes us susceptible to unwanted energies and disease.  When we address and heal the underlying trauma, which is the purpose of using the Soul Defragmentation, our Auras are healed as a natural result and we deeply strengthen our natural resilience.  When the Aura is fully healed and intact, we experience greater states of joy, happiness, peace and wholeness than we ever thought possible.  It is truly a magnificent and profound experience which is greatly facilitated by the Soul Defragmentation process.


Relieves Stress and Tension

The Soul Defragmentation is built around delta brain wave technology.  Delta brain waves are emitted when we are in stage 4 REM sleep, which is the deepest state we enter when sleeping and is associated with profound relaxation and peace. The Soul Defragmentation uses special tones tuned to very specific frequencies which effortlessly guide your brain into this state simply by listening to the music.  The beautiful organic, ambient tones created by classical guitar and field recordings of nature create a lush soundscape that greatly enhances the effectiveness of the delta brain wave technology.  It is truly an incredible experience.


Heals Past Traumas

We all have had traumatic experiences in this lifetime — whether or not we are consciously aware of it.  If the experience happened when we were very young or was particularly traumatic, the brain often times hides these memories from conscious thought as a self preservation mechanism.  However, in the long run, this is highly maladaptive and causes a number of problems in the mind, body, spirit triad.  The Soul Defragmentation is specifically designed to empower you to heal these traumas of your own accord.  It will gently, safely and thoroughly guide you through the process of doing so and help you to permanently liberate yourself from the negative energetic charge associated with any of your traumas.  It will release any soul fragments attached to the past events for reintegration into your higher self.


Heals Past Life Issues

Unhealed traumas from past lifetimes accumulate and follow us until we acknowledge and consciously heal and release them.  Unhealed past life traumas can cause us to repeat unhealthy and dysfunctional behavioral patterns in our present lifetime when left unaddressed.  Often times there is seemingly no reason for the behavior, thoughts and emotions they are causing in this lifetime, which is often a sign that there is a nagging past life trauma/issue that needs healing and releasing.  The Soul Defragmentation is especially well suited to this type of healing and works especially well for past life traumas.  The incredibly relaxed state that the music and delta brain wave technology creates allows you to reach far deeper into your consciousness than is normally accessible allowing you to access hidden energetic attachments that may have followed you from past lives.


Can Help Relieve Physical and Emotional Symptoms Related to Deep, Soul-Level Issues

Traumas cause us to become bound to unhealthy, destructive energy patterns typically revolving around fear in some form.  These will manifest as dysfunctional behavior  thoughts and emotions that do not accurately reflect our divine nature, which is expressed in unconditional love.  As long as these traumas remain unhealed, we will continue to experience adverse effects in the mind-body-spirit triad related to these fearful energies that we are subconsciously holding onto.  This will manifest in many ways, and if left untreated, eventually as physical illness and disease.  There is no need for this!  All we need to do is heal these traumas and soul fragments and release ourselves from re-experiencing the fear based energy patterns associated with them.  The Soul Defragmentation is designed to safely and effectively walk you through a powerful, self-directed technique to do so.  It will empower you to heal yourself, which is the only real source of lasting, permanent healing.  When we heal our traumas and release the associated fear, we often experience the spontaneous healing of any associated physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual symptoms that were caused by it in any way, shape or form.


Binaural/Monaural Beats Stimulating Delta Brain Waves Deeply Relax the Mind and Body

The Soul Defragmentation uses state of the art Binaural/Monaural beats to gently guide the brain into a deep delta wave state.  The delta wave state is normally experienced when we are in the deepest realms of stage 4 REM sleep.  It is synonymous with profound relaxation of the mind and body that occurs in the dream state.  The delta brain wave tones are greatly enhanced with specially designed organic harmonic overtones that create a lush soundscape which facilitates the relaxation process.  The Soul Defragmentation uses a proprietary ‘wandering sound’ technology which does not allow the brain to identify patterns in the audio, keeping you in a perpetually relaxed state throughout the entire experience.  The technology occupies the left-brain hemisphere, logical mind allowing the right-brain hemisphere based intuition to dominate.  This allows access to much deeper levels of consciousness and memory, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of the entire experience.



Soul Defragmentation & Vibrational Sound Healing


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The Soul Defragmentation Explained

Soul Defragmentation – Heal Conscious and Subconscious Traumas

In order to reach our highest potential, we must heal the mind, body and soul at all levels.  While there are many techniques to address the body and mind, the art of repairing the soul has only recently begun to resurface.  However, it is perhaps the most important aspect when dealing with the mind-body-spirit triad, as the soul is foundational to the mind and body.  To put it simply, the mind and body cannot exist without the soul.  If the soul is badly fragmented, the mind and body will suffer as a result.  In fact, soul fragments are the cause of many diseases and disorders in the mind and body.  Long-term ailments or illnesses are frequently related to soul issues and are difficult– if not impossible– to successfully treat without addressing the underlying issue of soul healing and defragmentation.  To truly understand the profound benefits of soul defragmentation, we must understand what causes the soul to become fragmented in the first place.

How the Soul Becomes Fragmented

The primary way in which souls become fragmented is through traumatic experiences– be they physical, mental, emotional or any combination of the three.  Depending on the severity of the trauma, various levels of soul fragmentation result.  Smaller traumas result in less severe fragments, however, multiple smaller fragments can add up and potentially be as problematic as a single major trauma.

Examples of traumas that trigger/create soul fragments are possessive relationships, moderate to severe physical injury, prolonged or extreme states of anger, jealousy, or hatred, abandonment, sexual violations, chastisement, ridicule by peers or family, physical or emotional abuse, poverty, war/conflict related deaths or injury, separation, excessive fear, sudden loss, psychedelic drug use, medical malpractice, near-death experiences, wrongful convictions for crimes (frequently from past lives), loss of loved ones (including pets), being a victim of a crime, car accidents and so on.

This is not, by any means, a comprehensive list.  Nonetheless, it serves to show that just about every person alive today is carrying some level of soul fragmentation due to the myriad ways in which traumas can and do occur.

When a trauma occurs, a fragment of our soul becomes energetically attached to the experience, person, or place responsible or involved in the situation, while still maintaining an energetic cord back to you, as the soul never loses its signature. This is problematic for many reasons.  For instance, if a fragment of your soul attaches to another soul, as can easily happen in a dysfunctional relationship, part of your soul will travel with that other soul through whatever experiences and emotions they choose to have in this and future lifetimes.  If that person then chooses a darker path at some point or suffers further trauma, illness, injury, etc., you will continue to receive the negative energies from those experiences due to your soul fragment being attached to that person.  This can manifest in your present state as a myriad of problems and complaints which range from minor thought disturbances to chronic long term illnesses, mentally, physically, or otherwise.  This will continue until the soul fragment has been reintegrated and healed.

Traumas Occur Without Conscious Knowledge

Often times a person will have suffered one or more traumas in their life without being consciously aware of them.  This is due to the fact that the brain has a tendency to block memories of traumatic events as a self protection/preservation measure, especially if they happened at an early age.  This goes for both minor and major traumas.  Therefore, people often assume they are trauma-free because they have no conscious memory of having had such an experience.  However, the truth is that in todays world, virtually everyone has been traumatized to some degree.

Furthermore, we carry unhealed traumas with us from past lifetimes and these tend to be buried even more deeply in our subconscious minds than traumas that occur during the present lifetime.

Past Lives – Present Problems

Soul Fragments tend to span multiple lifetimes.  Traumatic experiences from past lives are cumulative (if not dealt with in the incarnation in which it occurred) and often exert undue influence in our present lives without our knowledge.  Past life traumas tend to be severe due to the often times barbaric societal and cultural norms that existed in earlier epochs on this planet.  Past life soul fragments/traumas are often more insidious than recent trauma as they are buried deep within the subconscious mind.

You May Be Carrying the Soul Fragments of Others

If the trauma causing a soul fragment involved another person or group of people, fragments of their soul(s) often attach to your soul.  In this extremely common scenario, the emotions and subconscious tendencies of that person can and do continually affect you until that fragment is removed or healed.  Have you ever experienced an emotion or thought that did not feel like your own?  This is oftentimes due to the subconscious influence of a soul fragment from another person which has attached to your soul in this or previous lifetimes.

The Soul Defragmentation Guides You to Awaken to the Divine Within and Take Charge of Your Personal Healing Process

The Soul Defragmentation has been designed to guide you into deep, meditative states where profound self-healing can occur.  This is the most powerful type of healing– that which is initiated from within.  The Soul Defragmentation activates those divine channels in your being that can provide personally tailored healing, allowing you to elevate your consciousness and integration to new levels.  The Soul Defragmentation will guide you to step into your mastery and awaken the healer within.

Delta Wave Binaural Beats Deeply Relax the Mind and Body, Enhancing Effectiveness

This defragmentation is embedded with harmonically tuned Binaural Beats that put the listener into a state of deep and profound relaxation.  This has the effect of bypassing the conscious mind and giving direct access to the subconscious, which is then extremely receptive to the healing and activating properties of the guided visualizations.  This results in more profound and more quickly realized effects.

The Binaural Beat overlay in this activation stimulates the brain into a deep Delta-wave state commonly experienced in the deepest levels of REM sleep (stage 3 & 4 NREM). Delta wave activity has also been purported to aid in the formation of declarative and explicit memory formation. [10](



Soul Defragmentation & Vibrational Sound Healing


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Instructions for use:

To receive the maximum benefit from all embedded healing technologies, headphones are recommended, although not necessary.

It is suggested that the participant find a quiet place, free from distractions and potential disturbances where they can let themselves be fully immersed in the defragmentation.

The activation can be done laying down or sitting up although it is suggested that the participant is lying down for maximum comfort, and hence, maximum relaxation, receptiveness, and efficaciousness.

Ideally cell phones, computers, and any devices that emit EMF’s (electromagnetic frequencies) or potentially disturbing noises should be shut off, if possible.


Results will become more noticeable with increased usage.  However, it is recommended to limit the use of the Soul Defragmentation to once per day until you are familiar with its effects.  More frequent usage may cause emotional and physical detoxification at a faster rate than is comfortable to process.  As always, listen to your body.


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