January 2015

The 3 Stages of Advanced Conscious Awakening

HJ: On the never-ending journey towards enlightenment and beyond are stages of consciousness.  In this article, esoteric writer and teacher Montalk, describes the 3 stages of conscious awakening.  There are however even more,…


How to Master the Art of Letting Go (While Still Being Productive and Successful)

HJ: Many personal growth proponents advocate ‘doing whatever it takes’ to make your dreams a reality.  But there is a better way.  A more effortless way that keeps you in the flow instead…


5 Tools For Overcoming the Fear of Failure

HJ: The fear of failure is one of the most common fears in existence and yet it is a complete illusion.  The idea of failure is dualistic. It implies that there is a…


How to Active Your DNA With Sunlight

HJ: The sun is the source of all life and all energy on planet earth and your body is designed to assimilate it’s energy directly.  In fact, sunlight, as author Joshua Eagle describes…


A Simple 2 Step Process For Discovering and Living Your Passions

HJ: When all is said and done, perhaps the most important thing we are here to do in this life is discover and live our passions with all our heart on every level.  This…


7 Powerful Habits That Guarantee Happiness and Success

HJ: Success and happiness are not random.  They arise from specific habits and states of mind and being and you can pick these up as soon as you make a decision to do so….


How to Tap Into and Unleash Your Brilliant Authentic Self

HJ: You have greatness and brilliance within you waiting to get out and be shared with the world. – Truth How to Be Your Real Self and What’s Been Stopping You By Britt…


How to Navigate The Three Stages of Spiritual Awakening

HJ: Life is a never ending journey of awakening and growth.  The sooner you realize this and begin embracing it, the more fun and flowing it becomes.  This is because you are aligning…

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How to Infuse Your Life With Greater Contentment and Peace

HJ: Imagine your life only better — more peaceful, with greater contentment and flow in everything you do.  Today’s article is all about helping you get there and making the process itself mellow,…


Heart Consciousness: What You Need to Know About the Brain in Your Heart

HJ: After you read this article on heart consciousness, the old saying ‘Follow your heart…’ will start to seem less like a platitude and more like the profound wisdom that it really is….

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