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What to Do When You Are Feeling Stuck: 10 Ways to Get Your Life Moving in a Positive Direction

HJ: When you are feeling stuck, it’s a sign that something needs to change.  Usually that means simply looking at your life and situation differently, because after all, when you shift your perception,…


How to Master the 5 Stages of Life: Understanding Where You Are on the Path of Life

HJ: Life may seem chaotic and hectic at times, but in reality, it moves through 5 stages like clockwork.  And if you understand what those stages are, you can stay centered, happy, at…

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19 Transformational Questions That Will Help You Find Greater Happiness, Fulfillment and Passion in Life

HJ: He who looks within awakens, he who looks without, dreams.  By asking yourself highly specific, probing questions, you can discover your souls deepest desires and unlock the inner workings of your mind….


The 20 Healthiest Foods on the Planet

HJ: How much introduction does an article like this really need?  These are quite simply some of the healthiest, most healing and nutrient dense foods on the planet.  Eat more of them.  Period….


5 Steps to Help You Live in the Present Moment

HJ: Life happens in the present moment and the present moment is where you will find peace, happiness, joy and contentment.  Living in the past or the future creates frustration, regret and unhappiness…


The 7 Keys to Creating Success in Your Life

HJ: Success does not just happen randomly, it is created by a very precise set of qualities you can cultivate in your life.  When it seems like success just came out of nowhere…

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How to Grow Your Gratitude Into a Powerful Force for Positivity in Your Life

HJ: Gratitude is one of the most powerful keys to happiness and abundance in your life.  Those who master the practice with authenticity and feeling often discover transformation beyond their wildest dreams.  Combined…


7 Surprising Things That Will Significantly Boost Your Health and Happiness

HJ: When we think of health, we typically think of what we eat, however our lifestyle habits are equally important in their own right.  We are now realizing collectively that health is about…


5 Steps for Getting Through Any Difficult or Challenging Situation

HJ: Challenges only become difficult when we resist them.  What you resist, persists.  And what flows shall pass.  And furthermore if you start looking for the lesson — the wisdom you can extract…


4 Steps for Clearing Out Old, Unwanted Emotions

HJ: The key to getting rid of emotions is acceptance, simply because what we resist persists.  Resistance blocks the natural flow of energy and causes stagnancy.  Emotions are truly like clouds.  Eventually they…

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