September 2013

20 Powerful Questions to Help You Find Work You Love and Discover Your Personal Inspiration

HJ: When we are children we dream of doing the work we love because of sheer passion and inherent interest.  As we age, we often times trade these childhood dreams for a paycheck,…


Master Acupuncturist and Herbalist Shares His Top Recommendations for Improving Health and Digestion

HJ: Both Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine share a strong focus on digestive health because they realize the fundamental truth that nearly all illness begins with imbalance in this area.  Many of the primary…


35 Powerful Affirmations to Reprogram Your Mind For Health, Happiness, and Abundance

HJ: Depending on who you ask, affirmations are either life changing or simply don’t work.  Why the major discrepancy?  I’ll tell you and at the same time show you how to make sure…


How to Speak the Language of Your Intuition

HJ: We are constantly receiving intuitive messages, however, most people have not learned to speak the language of their intuition and therefore are not tapping into the full benefits of this incredible ability…

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Slow Down, Live Longer: How Your State of Mind and Emotions Affect Your Health

HJ: More than any other factors our mind and emotions affect our health.  With a strong enough conviction and level of belief, the mind can even overcome the needs of the physical body….


How Solar Activity and Changes in Earth’s Magnetic Field Affect Human Consciousness and Health

HJ: Have you ever noticed that some days everyone just seems to feel more on edge than normal? Perhaps everyone is reporting not sleeping well or feeling agitated?  Or maybe it’s just you….


Why People Behave As They Do: Understanding How the Mind Works and It’s Influence on How We Act

HJ: This is a highly useful article, especially for self-reflection and personal understanding, but it is to be noted that it focuses primarily on maladaptive behaviors we adopt as coping mechanisms to fit…


Emotional Intelligence: How to Understand the Messages Your Emotions Hold For You

HJ: We are perfectly prepared to navigate the complexities of life, to be effortlessly guided through the often times murky waters of that seem un-navigable.  Our emotions, which are part of our larger,…


How to Free Yourself From Regrets and Start Creating Your Ideal Life

HJ: If you are still bound by the past, you will face great resistance in attempting to create your future.  It is only when we have made peace with what has happened in…


How to Manifest a Job That Matches Your Level of Consciousness (and Make Peace With Your Current One That Doesn’t)

HJ: It’s a common scenario — you have been doing the inner work, raising your consciousness, evolving your awareness and reaping the incredible benefits.  You are a changed person and seeing yourself and…

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