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The 12 Keys to a Deeply Nourishing and Loving Relationship

HJ: Your relationship will always be a reflection of you.  Of your greatest qualities and attributes and your most unhealed wounds and beliefs and everything in between.  Look not without, but within and…


3 Steps to Bring More Harmony and Balance into Your Intimate Relationships

HJ: Maintaining harmony and balance in a relationship is a dance of give and take, space and closeness. It is also an incredible opportunity for service, self-reflection and self-growth.  Learn how to deepen…


How to Deeply Love Your Body and Yourself

HJ: Love, not time, heals all wounds.  And when you heal all emotional wounds, you thrive, plain and simple. – Truth The Real Secret to Loving Your Body and Yourself By Corinne Dobbas…


How To Heal Feelings of Guilt And Shame

HJ: You are an aspect of the divine and the divine can never transgress.  Therefore to feel guilt and shame is only a misperception of what is.  Even our darkest moments hold great…


15 Highly Nutritious Foods That Will Boost Your Mood and Happiness

HJ: We are indeed much more than what we eat, but nevertheless what we eat can help us to become so much more than what we are. – Adelle Davis – Truth 15…


12 Secrets to Simplifying Your Life and Focusing on What Matters Like a Zen Master

HJ: Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler, according to Albert Einstein.  We would have to agree.  Complexity tends to fight happiness, productivity and peace and lead to stress and overwhelm….


How to Navigate the 5 Stages of a Relationship and Cultivate More Love and Connection

HJ: Relationships are living, breathing things, that evolve and grow just like we do. To expect them to never change or shift is a mistake.  And, in fact, by understanding what phase of…


How to Break Free of the Limits of Your Comfort Zone and Start Living the Life You Were Born to Live

HJ: One of the only things standing between where you are and where you want to be is your comfort zone. Breakthrough that and you can literally be, do and have anything you can…


How to Overcome the Fear of Rejection

HJ: Almost all fear is not actual fear, it is the fear of unpleasant emotions. Without an emotional reaction it is just a thought and thoughts without emotions hold little to no sway over…


4 Powerful Questions That Will Positively Shift Your Attitude and Outlook on Life

HJ: Questions have the power to short circuit our normal way of thinking and often lead to insights that allows us to break free of unconscious, self-imposed limits and barriers that keep us…

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