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25 Truths About Life That Will Amplify Your Happiness and Joy

HJ: When you see yourself and the world differently, it changes everything.  This piece will help you reframe your life in a way that leads to higher satisfaction, joy, happiness and fulfillment. – Truth…


How to Permanently Release Guilt and Regret From Your Life

HJ: You are whole.  You only need remove what is not you to reveal that.  When you release the unnecessary burdens of guilt and regret, you shine your light brighter as a result….


How to Release Old Patterns and Limiting Beliefs With a Simple Self-Hypnosis Technique

HJ: Hypnosis is a powerful tool for self healing and repatterning.  This article offers a simple four step process for successfully handling and reprogramming limiting beliefs and emotional patterns.  Healing can really be…


9 Simple Shifts That Will Help You Find Greater Happiness and Peace of Mind in Your Everyday Life

HJ: Sometimes we just need simple reminders to keep us on track.  Day to day life can be confusing and overwhelming and trying to live consciously in a generally unconscious world can nudge…

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Speaking the Language of Your Body: What Food Cravings are Urgently Trying to Tell You

HJ: Food cravings are your body very specifically trying to tell you what nutrients it needs, so it’s important you are able to decode what it is saying.  This brilliant article shows you how….


The 6 Keys to Self Healing

HJ: By now you know the drill — stop not trusting yourself!  Your body and intuition are wise beyond any medical test or healer trying to tell you what is or isn’t right…


How to Forgive Yourself and Let Go of the Past Once and For All

HJ: Holding onto past regrets, pain, anger… whatever… is one of the primary causes of suffering.  So why would anyone do it, right? And yet it is difficult for many people  This article not…


A Complete Guide to Healing and Understanding the Power of Your Chakras

HJ: Understanding and working with your Chakra’s is one of the keys to both spiritual and physical healing — after all, as the article below reveals, they have a massive influence on the…


How to Stop Chasing Happiness and Start Experiencing It In Your Everyday Life

HJ: Experiencing lasting happiness requires you to be ok with not being happy in every moment. Happiness comes as the result of acceptance and letting go of what we think should be happening or…


How A Simple Laser Pointer Can Heal You Faster And More Effectively Than Most Herbs and Medications

HJ: Lasers emit photon’s of light, which can catalyze powerful healing effects within the body.  In fact, even simple, store bought laser pointers can be effective healing tools with the proper use and…

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