April 2015

How to Heal Your DNA With Your Mind

HJ: DNA is not static.  It is an every-dynamic system influenced strongly by your mind, your emotions, your environment and your intention.  And we have far more power of it than we have…


The Mind-Body Connection: How to Heal Your Body With Consciousness

HJ: There is no more powerful force than that of your own consciousness, because your consciousness is itself a reflection of the entire cosmos and the divine itself.  Therefore by directing your mind,…


How to Bring Your Life into a Rhythm of Effortlessness and Flow

HJ: Flow and effortlessness is a result of choosing the path of least resistance.  That doesn’t mean choosing an easy path, per se, but to choose a path that has the least internal…


How to Stop Worrying About What Everyone Thinks of You

HJ: When you stop fearing the world and move into a space of peace with who you are in this moment, you are free to be yourself in boundless joy and love.  And…


Exploring Advanced States of Consciousness: Intuition and Beyond

HJ: Most people only ever use a small fraction of their conscious abilities — of the truly incredible things that they are actually capable of. Brendan D. Murphy bursts the door wide open…

7 Simple But Powerful Shifts to Help You Achieve Your Dreams

HJ: There is but one purpose in this life: to give yourself fully to your dreams with all of your heart.  And of course, to remove all obstacles preventing you from doing so….


How to Transform Self-Doubt Into Life-Long Happiness and Self-Love

HJ: Self doubt is only a symptom of deeper unhealed parts of yourself.  Heal those and the self-doubt is transformed into happiness, peace, joy and even self-love.  Because these are your natural states…


5 Questions to Help You Only Focus on The Things Essential to Your Health, Wealth and Happiness

HJ: Your focus is everything — what you focus on, you get more of.  It is one of the simplest laws of consciousness.  And therefore, the art of maintaining your focus on only…


How to Know If You Should Give Up or Keep Going in Difficult Situations

HJ: Sometimes the path is unclear.  In these situations, you need to go within to find clarity and conviction to either find a new path or stay the course you’re on.  These are…


10 Keys to Effortless Change and Transformation

HJ: Change is the universe self-correcting through you towards balance, harmony and joy.  Life is constantly nudging you towards your highest fulfillment and self expression.  And when you remember this truth, even though change…

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