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3 Powerful Methods for Pineal Gland Activation

HJ: Your pineal gland is the interface between the spiritual levels of consciousness and the physical manifestation of consciousness.  It is a gateway, in a sense, that translates information and impulses between two…


6 Highly Nutritious Seeds With Powerful Health Benefits

HJ: Seeds are incredible foods because they contain the essential nutrients that plants need to thrive and grow to hundreds of times their original size in a very short period of time.  They are like…


The Sacred, Ancient Flower That Heals the Human Soul

HJ: Humanity’s relationship with medicinal herbs speaks volumes about their usefulness and sacred nature.  This herb, in particular, is one of the most sought after on the planet, with global demand often exceeding…


12 Ancient Medicinal Herbs to Increase Energy, Strength and Vitality

HJ: The beauty of herbs is that they support the body’s healing process and ultimately work to restore balance.  When used properly, they don’t mask symptoms, but instigate healing at the root level…


A Complete Guide to Healing and Nourishing Your Brain With Whole Foods

HJ: There is nothing more misunderstood than food.  And yet, therein lies one of the keys to radiant health and wellness.  Our health is a combination of the beliefs we have about ourselves,…


How to Nourish and Heal Your Energy Body

HJ: Science has now thoroughly proven the existence of an energy body and is beginning to understand what spiritual teachers and metaphysicists have long known — it is extremely important for your health…


15 Things to Let Go of This Year For Greater Happiness, Health and Peace of Mind

HJ: Profound personal change can happen in an instant.  The simple decision to let go of something that no longer serves you can massively impact the quality of your life for years to…

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Speaking the Language of Your Body: What Food Cravings are Urgently Trying to Tell You

HJ: Food cravings are your body very specifically trying to tell you what nutrients it needs, so it’s important you are able to decode what it is saying.  This brilliant article shows you how….


How A Simple Laser Pointer Can Heal You Faster And More Effectively Than Most Herbs and Medications

HJ: Lasers emit photon’s of light, which can catalyze powerful healing effects within the body.  In fact, even simple, store bought laser pointers can be effective healing tools with the proper use and…


High Vibrational Foods: How to Raise Your Consciousness With Your Diet

HJ: Everything you put into your body has effects on your vibration, state of mind, health and consciousness.  Therefore by choosing to only ingest those foods, medicines and substances of the highest vibration,…

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