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How to Silence Your Inner Critic and Free Yourself From Negative Self Talk

HJ: Your inner critic is the voice of your subconscious, which harbors all the limiting beliefs and emotional wounds you’ve picked up in a lifetime.  As you work through these, removing them and…


How to Transform Negative Thoughts into Fuel for Your Growth and Success

HJ: Nothing is inherently good or bad—it’s what you make of it that determines how it affects you. Succumbing to negative thoughts makes them negative, but using them to accelerate your growth makes…


10 Questions to Transform Problems Into Opportunities and Growth

HJ: Most problems can be solved and handled quite easily by simply shifting your perspective.  And one of the fastest and easiest ways to do that is through the asking of brilliant questions…

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3 Simple Shifts You Can Make That Transform Problems into Possibilities

HJ: Challenges are inevitable… it’s all about how you perceive and approach them that makes all the difference and allows you to transform them from problems into possibilities.  One of my personal favorite…


10 Ideas That Will Add More Happiness, Joy and Flow to the Way You Work

HJ: When you love your work it stops being work and starts becoming play.  Working, or rather, playing, is inevitable in this life.  We all must do it in one form or another….


3 Powerful Ways to Change Your Outlook on Life and Start Creating Deep Happiness and Fulfillment

HJ: What you perceive quickly becomes your reality.  Therefore changing how you see yourself and the world, changes everything.  It is the most fundamental key to creating whatever it is you want to…

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3 Powerful Techniques for Accessing Your Brilliance

HJ: You have an innate brilliance that you can access whenever you want simply by practicing certain ways of being, that counterintuitively are actually fun and relaxing.  That’s right, our brilliance tends to…

How to Stop Trying to Be Happy and Start Actually Being Really Happy All the Time

HJ: Trying to do anything, loving yourself included, is futile.  You can only BE.  If you don’t love yourself fully, then you need to get to the root of why and deal with…


7 Pieces of Spiritual Wisdom to Help You Live a More Deeply Fulfilling Life

HJ: These little reminders (that have a big impact) will help you remember what really matters in life so you can stay focused on what actually adds meaning and fulfillment and leave the…


10 Life-Changing TED Talks That Will Help Inspire You to New Levels of Growth and Happiness

HJ: The finest minds talking about some of the most important, powerful subjects in your personal evolution towards greater self-mastery, happiness and growth.  What more do we need to say? – Truth These…

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