24 Signs That You May Be an Indigo Child (or Adult)

HJ: While many indigos are indeed still children, quite a large number of you have now progressed onto adulthood..  I think this is an important distinction because it may keep some people from identifying themselves as such due to a more advanced age.  One thing to always remember when talking about indigos and their arrival is that everyone is speaking in general terms.  There are no hard and fast rules as to when these souls started arriving and it woud be a disservice to many to claim they are not indigos based on their birthdate.  If you find yourself identifying with many of the traits listed below, I would say that is enough to identify you as a card carrying Indigo.  You know at the soul level if it is true or not — if you truly resonate with these descriptions, then honor that intuitive impulse.

- Truth

Indigos: The Bringers of the Dawn

By Kate Mitchell | Aura Shop

Indigo children are the Bridgers from the Old World of win/loose to the New World of win/win. They ensure that we close the doors to war, poverty, discrimination and separation. They usher in the world of peace, abundance and oneness.

Indigos began entering Earth around 45 years ago. They are born into every race and social structure in existence. They hold an innate energy vibrational frequency of Love. Indigos come into our world through the Third Eye Chakra which is the center of intuition, spiritual will, connecting ideas and developing a ‘picture’ of the world. They tend to be very strong willed, ultra sensitive, and quite “rebellious.” They don’t like authority or to be boxed in. “Thinking out of the box” is a trendy phrase we use today with its foundation in the Indigo energy.

Indigos are born with a tremendous sense of integrity and act like royalty; kings and queens. A lot of their rebellious behavior against authority stems from the fact that they know that there is a lack of justice in our present world and an unfair treatment of humanity.

The life mission of an Indigo is to take responsibility for every action, word, feeling and thought.They have a tremendous desire to be of service to mankind. Therefore, one of their biggest challenges is to honor and love themselves, to have boundaries and to learn to say, “no.” Their biggest asset may be their psychic/intuitive abilities. They are the alchemists, priests/priestesses, wizards and magicians of the planet.

When they are in their power, Indigos can easily create through the power of intention. Their warrior like energy and their peace-making attitude has enabled them to truly create an energetic bridge from the old beliefs of manipulation and control to the new value structure of win-win and cooperation. When Indigos are grounded and feel like they belong, they can fulfill their true-life purpose becoming significant and meaningful contributors to our world. Thus, they will fulfill that powerful desire to make a difference.

Many children of the Indigos are Crystals. These children, toddlers and infants around 15 years old and under are truly the New World Children. Whereas, many parents of the Indigos may not have fully understood who their children were, many parents of the Crystals (who are indeed Indigos) know how special these children are and that they require special care and schools in order for them to truly flourish.

Crystals are also very sensitive, intuitive and extremely bright. They seem very “present.” These children have amazing round ‘soul filled’ eyes and they love crystals and rocks. They are a lot more easy going and don’t have the “edge” that the Indigos exhibit. Crystals are able to live more in their joy. They are born healers. They truly are paving the way to the New Earth.

Indigos and Crystals are the Bringers of the Dawn … and what is this dawn? It’s the dawning of the New Age, the Golden Age of Peace. It is now time to honor these precious souls who have come to usher in a new frequency of Love. With them, they bring the Light of Oneness. It is indeed an exciting time on Planet Earth during this amazing transition.

We are truly blessed to be a witness to these incredible souls. Those of us who are chosen to raise Indigos and Crystals have a tremendous responsibility to set an example o­f truth and love, allowing our children to be who they camehere to be.

What is an indigo Child?

  •    They are extremely sensitive and very intuitive.
  •    They are “peace warriors” and can be very “edgy.”
  •    They have a tremendous desire to be of service to mankind.
  •    They come into the world with a feeling of royalty (and often act like it)
  •    They have a feeling of “deserving to be here,” and are surprised when others don’t share that.
  •    Self-worth is not a big issue with those in their power. They often tell the parents “who they are.”
  •    They have difficulty with absolute authority (authority without explanation or choice).
  •    They simply will not do certain things; for example, waiting in line is difficult for them.
  •    They get frustrated with systems that are ritually oriented, outdated and don’t require creative thought.
  •    They often see better ways of doing things, both at home, work and in school, which makes them seem like “system busters” (nonconforming to old systems).
  •    They seem antisocial unless they are with their own kind. If there are no others of like consciousness around them, they often turn inward, feeling like no other human understands them. The old school system may be extremely  difficult for them socially.
  •    They will not respond to “guilt” discipline (“Wait till your father gets home and finds out what you did”).
  •    They are not shy in letting you know what they need.
  •    They are often diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia and other learning challenges.
  •    Most are creative or intellectual geniuses.

How can we assist the Indigos to fulfill their mission?

It is very important and imperative to fully support the Indigos. Remember that this is the current generation that is seeding the positive wave of change to our planet and our interaction with it. It is extremely important to listen to these beings, and be open to hearing their ‘radical’ and innovative ideas, thoughts and perceptions. Providing encouraging support to the Indigos is an essential way to empower these special beings as you show that you recognize and acknowledge who they truly are. The ways of an Indigo may be different than what has been done before. However, they may indeed be better and more efficient, so let’s pay attention and explore their ways of doing things. Indigos have the ability to see things from a more sustainable win/win approach. Their gift is not perceiving life through old paradigm structures which have kept us in a disempowering matrix of enslavement. Every generation can teach us; but Indigos are the most significant teachers that have ever come to this planet. Let’s understand them, support them and learn from them. They truly are our teachers…

Kate Mitchell is an expert on the Science of Chakra & Color accumulating over twenty years of energy/color therapy experience. She believes that each soul has the right and ability to reclaim his or her power to bring peace, harmony and abundance to each one of us and our beloved planet. Kate is the founder and owner of AURA SHOP, a resource center for self-awareness & self-empowerment. She is a published author of metaphysical short stories and co-founder and CEO of ECO EDEN, a sustainable community, currently in development. Visit her website: www.aurashop.com This article is copyrighted, but you have permission to share it through any medium as long as it is not altered and the proper credit line is included. ©2012 Kate Mitchell / AURA SHOP aurashop.com

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  1. I am what I am, energy. It has been a long hard pull, Hugz all of the world,
    as we are all connected. I do however miss my home. Any one can increase there energy vibration. It is simple help another on planet earth. Your energy increases.

  2. Is there anywhere an older, exhausted, spiritually injured indigo adult can go? My ‘working life’ as an indigo has been to confront, battle, undermine or interfere with evil in whatever form found. It has been a completely solo journey and now I am worn out and unable to maintain my own life. If there was a hermitage for ‘veteran’ indigos, I would like to find it.

    • Try Santa Fe, NM, OR Bisbee, AZ

    • hi my name is jules i understand what u mean. u r not alone janet.dont know of any retreat only when i am alone i go 2 the woods and talk 2 nature. take care x

    • This is the first time I have seen your site and as I was looking at the comments I saw Janet asking if there was help for worn out older indigos and it could have been me asking that question. I was brought up as a Jehovah’s Witness by my Mother so for 47 years of my life, I am now 58 I lived in fear of doing wrong and always feeling alone, I see this comment by Janet was last year but I would love to know which advice helped Janet and to know that there is someone else like me and if possible how many others. Any help would be appreciated immensely as I have only discovered true spirituality in the last 5 years. Thank you

    • Janet, Linda, Dave and others. I am what I’d call an “Indigo Adult”. To me that means I didn’t check into this world with Indigo energies but earned them while here.

      Please see my comments (plural) on this article:

  3. Janet, I hear your pain. Life here can be painful enough without powerful forces sowing confusion in order to enslave us. Do not be addicted to results, as loving intention will produce healing, but not always in the form/shape/vector we expect. The expression of loving intentions into action is its own reward, and we must learn to give/love/heal freely without expectations, regardless of the apparent outcome. It is easy to drain yourself if you believe there is a force for evil that needs for you to fight it. “Evil” is a mental construct. The universe is made of love, only within the mind is there dualism. There is no such “thing” as darkness; it is not real, but only a shadow. All the “darkness” in the universe cannot dim the light of a single candle. We want to learn to counter confusion, not fight evil. If we could eliminate confusion within the minds around us, all of what is called “evil” would disappear. If anyone should feel alone and unloved, this is a deadly confusion. Remember that you are part of a system of love, and it is illusory to think of yourself as separate. All separation is illusory. THAT is the divine illusion: we think that we are somehow separate from the Source, and thus from everything outside our skins. Only because we perceive though limited physical brains does this appear to be true and real to us… just as time and space seem real to our brains. I am sure I am not the only person who is happy to use his home as a place for someone to come to heal herself if that is needed. You will surely manifest this if it is necessary for you to do so in order to continue on your path of Selfhood. Much healing love to you. Remember that you are the best YOU there is; no one can be YOU better than yourself, this is your special gift to the world. <3

    • Dave I agree with you… in part or perhaps it might even be better to say that I’d like to add additional clarity to things you say.

      There is no darkness? You said you wanted to end confusion. You’re talking about shining light into dark places. One definition of light is information. One definition of darkness is ignorance. Many people have been conditioned to be very disempowered. When they wake up to that fact, they become enlightened.

      Concerning Janet’s comments about fighting. Here are a couple of old school light working phrases:

      “What we resist persists.”
      “Energy flows where attention goes.”

      Fighting something is still putting energy into it, still feeding it. IF one wants change, it is not done by fighting someone else’s creation (and technically they have every right to create what they God-blessed well please).

      Instead, you create anew. Instead of fighting or resisting what you don’t want, you create what you do want.

      And you just quit participating in the old paradigm. If everyone did this all at once, it would shift almost immediately. It CAN shift very quickly for you personally.

      But Janet, I know where you’re coming from. Some use terms like “light warrior” or “peace warrior”. I am not fond of these terms and yet, yep, I understand. I’m sure many folk who use such terms would apply them to me if they knew what I’ve been on helping this planetary ASCENSION.

      We are diligent and uncompromising. We are fair though. We’ll call a spade a spade – calling one on the carpet when necessary and also giving credit where due. But yep, we’re here to get a job done. And we definitely have that “git ‘er done” kind of attitude. We don’t mess around. We start with ourselves, by doing whatever it takes to heal ourselves, by making an honest self-assessment all along, which enables us to then serve others.

      But we don’t mollycoddle. We don’t “enable people’s dysfunction” by stroking their ego or allowing them to think that their dysfunctional subconscious associations or disempowered programming are “healthy” just because it’s all they’ve known while being here. They p*ss and moan about wanting things different and we give them that different option they cry for.

      We don’t walk on eggshells for anyone as we know that their buttons / triggers provide very valuable feedback. Their question should not be to anyone, “Why do you keep pushing my buttons?” (whether that’s an intentional pushing of buttons or purely incidental) but their question should be to themselves, “Why do I HAVE this button?” It’s their button, their issue and is providing them with info on what to work on. Such things won’t even bother the next person who doesn’t have that button.

      Dave, on your comments on Duality, I can’t really argue, but will also say this. Duality and judging “right” from “wrong” has its place. We have something to learn from our time in duality. Also, in a dualistic realm – which is what you are in here… until you aren’t – there is condition and consequence. Now, as you keep acknowledging your SELF Unity – which must come before unity with others, by becoming healed, whole and integrated unto yourself and connect with your Divine Self – its easier and easier to let go of the whole duality gig.

      But might I advise you – don’t let go of what it taught you.

      For the bulk of the last 2 years, myself and a fellow ascension forerunner have been doing the bulk of our work for Earth’s ascension ABOVE the veil. What I mean by that is, well, not only can one think of it as “as above, so below” but also “as below, so above.” I’m telling you that there is much b.s. that went on by entities living above the 3D veil, in higher dimensions. Ya know, those same entities that preach love and light through a myriad of channelers. The b.s. up there had just been amplified down here to where it’s a little tougher to miss (although some still don’t quite see it here).

      Well, “upstairs” they needed to realize that their “anything goes” attitude (ya know, because there is no “right” and “wrong”), is really not the way to be. They were doing some pretty crappy stuff up there that was interfering with our ascension down here. They were sucking off of humans, treating humans like lab rats and not sending the proper message of HEALING and ASCENSION that they were supposed to be doing, which held many back. And when I say this, I’m NOT talking about cabal allies or Archons or whatever other malevolent ET types there may be. I’m talking Galactic Federation / supposed benevolent ET types. With friends like these, who needs enemies.

      But, that’s all taken care of. They’ve learned too.

      But, don’t underestimate what a duality realm can teach you.

      We’ve put a stop to all that nonsense so Gaia’s ascension can now move forward and all those who have prepared themselves for ascension now will be going with Gaia. And for anyone else who is not ready yet, just get ready. You can now ascend any time you have done your inner work, your healing.

      Sure, as far as just sheer experiences goes, there are no “right” or “wrong” choices. Adolf Hitler and Mother Teresa and everyone between and beyond these two are ALL having valid experiences. But, IF (there’s the condition) you want to achieve a goal, you must put your thoughts, words and deeds in line with that goal.

      Neale Donald Walsch’s “Conversations With God” books (the first 3 original books) discuss this. Basically, it’s not true that ALL roads lead to Rome.

      If your goal is one way, but your energy goes in another direction, you won’t get to your goal. The road to Town A will not be reached if you take the road to Town B. Nothing “wrong” with going to Town B, but that wasn’t your goal.

      If you want to be healed and healthy, you can’t keep doing unhealthy, disempowering, limiting things.

      And sometimes the Divine wants you to serve in ways that does not mean living in luxury. You don’t get all you “desire”, at least not yet, because you are to serve. Don’t even kid yourself that you get a say in this. Sometimes you don’t. You do get a say in how you deal with it. Regardless, keep your faith and follow Divine guidance.

      Liberate yourself by healing.
      Put in your service work to others as God and your Divine Self dictate.

      Then you will get the “all else” part of this line”:

      “Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven and all else will be added unto you.”

      Just make sure you do the first part first.

  4. Try Santa Fe, NM or Bisbee, AZ

    • Oops

  5. I believe i am an indigo. reading the signs and doing research scares me. what am i supposed to do.

    • hi please dont be scared feel blessed we r what we r and we rise above others that do not understand us. take care x

  6. We grew up in this kind of a family.
    Yes, there were the ups and downs
    and a few disfunctions.
    We were taught to see goodness
    and love in all. My Mom took in
    all ages races and types. This
    began in the 50′s. She was all
    for social justice, compassion,
    empathy and giving genuine love.
    She was a remarkable woman.
    We indeed are all ONE in this
    great love story called life.

  7. I am an indigo and have Dyslexia and ADHD i often could describe things to my mother whom i was close to growing up she was a great mother and I remember when i told her things as I was young she would look at me in awe . My mother is an indigo but she does not know it…she and I both are so alike. We are both the type to serve others to be humble and we get mad and angry when the world around us is unfair and cruel to others who do not deserve it. Our tempers are short fused when others around us do not understand are high levels of compassion. I get along great with others like me…i can get close to those like me in fact those like me are like part of my family i feel as though I have known them my entire life i could say that I get along great with those unlike me but I never have been able to get close to them and I have a deep social barrier that I put up like I can not trust them I think they will not understand me and they just pretend to be nice to me……I am out of my element when I am in a room of unknown people or people who I can not feel they have a sense of the same level of empathy and compassion as I do so I can not trust them so I am sometimes not part of the group even though I could say I am truly a great friend to have.

  8. im an 13 year old indigo/and have adhd

  9. im an indigo,i like to draw/i have adhd and i have trouble focusing in school,im 13

  10. i have a few friends that are indigos,my little sister is an rainbow child.i get no sleep,and i have telepathy,telekinesis,empathy,clairvoyance,and ive been learning teleportation,my aura is actualy purple

  11. hi there everyone. there a few of you talking about being worn out and tired spiritually and mentally. i have been taking for the past couple of weeks mono-atomic elements mainly gold as gold is the key one for spirituality. i feel like a new person even in such a short time and i would recommend it to anyone even if there is nothing wrong with you. mono-atomic gold was given to the ancient gods if you can call them that it covers your health in every way. it had been lost for hundreds of years however a guy called david hudson rediscoverd it in the 80′s. i used to be extreamley drained and i could sleep for hours. now i get more out of 5 hours sleep than i could ever get out of 10.

  12. Hi, A small spelling lesson:

    Lose rhymes with choose. But it only has one “o”. It has a “z” sound where the “s” is.

    Loose is some thing that is not tight. It has an “s” sound where the “s” is.

    I appreciate this site and thought it was worth pointing this out.

  13. im soul searching and I stumbled on Indigo children a few months back and I am more then sure I am an Indigo adult . I’m so lost right now its overwhelming!!! I’d like someone to talk to if anyone doesn’t mind!

    • Shelsea,

      It doesn’t seem right that you wouldn’t have someone to talk to. How would you think this would work, here in cyberspace?

  14. I’ve been reading about Indigo children/adults a lot lately and I think I am one too.. At the moment I am really depressed and can’t find my ‘destination’. I have trouble connecting to people who don’t think the same as I do (never actually found someone that thinks alike) and have problems with the conventional school system and my study in neuroscience.. science’s way to look at things just doesn’t seem to matter anymore.
    Does anyone know a book or whatever for helping indigo adults?

  15. Hi I just found out I am an Indigo child… What should I do I fit the description.

    • Juan: My advice is to proceed to live your life as fully and lovingly as you can. Strive to be YOU, the best YOU that you can be, for no one can do that BETTER than YOU. Appreciate each moment to express loving creative energy, from within the strange confines of this time/space continuum thingy we have created/are creating here. Love yourself and everything else.

  16. I think many posts relating to indigo beings missed the lack of care for the 3 main human interests :sex, cars and money

    Most men my age can spend hours staring at the same gif of a woman, indigos are more concerned with knowledge, progression and compassion

    I always knew i was different but that was recently confirmed via three new freckles on my forehead around my third eye, either that or i’m the anti-christ with the marks on both my right hand and forehead

    • I have tiny hair covering my third eye like a uni brow and there is really sensitive if some one passed their hand their it’s activated and i get really sensitive to every thing ,i become more observant.

  17. I have read up on indigos and it looks like i may be one.I don’t know if i could accept this though. I know that on my birth 1997 my great great grandfather died very close to my birth and he wanted to see me so.And not more than a month of my birth princess Diana died and i know i’m kinda psychic ( empath and aerokinetic) . Many time since i was small i would have thoughts of if my mum was really my mum which is weird for someone to have if they live with someone for so long.I even remember glimpse of my infancy like when i was three from dreams or memories that came on by looking at old photos. My mum said i was really quite when i was small always serious rarely smiled but peaceful(still am quite serious and i see life so differently literally)That how i stumbled on the whole indigo thing because of my vision i see sparks always have as a child and some other things.If anyone can give me some feed back any of you indigos out there please do. I don’t think there much like me where i live that have come to recognition.i see many people could have amazing ability but i don’t want to ruin their experience as enlightenment can only start within.

  18. Indigos and similar people need to ground themselves:

    1. Work on becoming financially independent – you may need to cover some financial learning, and
    2. Get some skills in critical thinking, analysis and logic.

    These really give you a good stable foundation in life.

  19. Do u knw y I wrote my name as undefined… See,this banal world that adulates to palpalpable shell as reality, nescient about the vast cauldron of mysticism recognise the individual with a name,but m no indiviual,m an energy so like this entire universe, m a phenomenon, the torch bearer, a messenger..name,body,history are tags,my career, my education -obligations bt thats not I,”I”is surreal n temporarycrecognition.. Wake up to truth..m nobody yet everybody is in me..m an indindigo,a medium to help u wake up..n for all indigo mates,follow ur mission..

  20. TO GAyle
    If the indigos would have been rooting to the system of this life- eat, live n reproduce..we wouldnt have gotten d timeless cyclones-the d meteors-they have a short life bt glow in thier fire of potentiality to the pinnacle , awe d world..guide d world. Be it Jesus, Budha or Vivekanada.. They had been indigos in thier childhood coz they dared to question d reality n shared it to d world

  21. I have always know and it has been frustrating to live in an area where these concepts are outlandish i don’t see myself as anything better than people that can’t comprehend that we as ever ascending souls have reached this point in history where it will be known that there are people destined to make a difference for everyone not just for them selves like we are raised to believe i see a world of brother’s and sister’s of equally standing no greed and violence just the shared love to live and share this existence where everyone is getting the love and fulfillment that as children of unconditional love and true knowing deserve. I never understood this but we haven’t met but I love you and remember I’m working just as hard to make this world come to it’s true glory.

  22. i thkni im a cristl ro nidigo dont nkow

  23. The description of Indigos does describe me

  24. Hello everyone. Wow by the signs I read it indicates I would be an Indigo adult. Never really thought about it. Ive heard about Indigo children and adults but never took much more thought about that before. I’ve never been one for labels or the limitations that can be brought about with them. I’ve spend most of my time alone sense I’m sensitive to others energies and I enjoy collecting rocks, I can sense there energies as well. I also have other gifts or talents of which I have learned to use to bring Love and Light to this world. As a child, I saw the Light that gives Life, the sky opened up and there I saw the Great White Light brighter than our sun and I received a heart of gold. It is Life, Love, and Light in Oneness of All. It has been an amazing journey and is about to become even grander. I have always been aware of my guides and aware that it is a choice I make to follow or not to follow. Sometime Ifeel so alone abandoned, but a few tears quickly changes all that for me. I send you
    All much Love, Light, Courage, and Strength.

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