How to Tap Into and Unleash Your Brilliant Authentic Self

HJ: You have greatness and brilliance within you waiting to get out and be shared with the world. – Truth How to Be Your Real Self and What’s Been Stopping You By Britt…


How to Navigate The Three Stages of Spiritual Awakening

HJ: Life is a never ending journey of awakening and growth.  The sooner you realize this and begin embracing it, the more fun and flowing it becomes.  This is because you are aligning…

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How to Infuse Your Life With Greater Contentment and Peace

HJ: Imagine your life only better — more peaceful, with greater contentment and flow in everything you do.  Today’s article is all about helping you get there and making the process itself mellow,…


Heart Consciousness: What You Need to Know About the Brain in Your Heart

HJ: After you read this article on heart consciousness, the old saying ‘Follow your heart…’ will start to seem less like a platitude and more like the profound wisdom that it really is….

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4 Keys to a Calmer, Confident More Creative and Capable You

HJ: By simply making little shifts in how you approach your life, you can see big results in how much confidence, peace and creativity you experience in your everyday life.  This is a great…


A Complete Guide to Healing and Nourishing Your Brain With Whole Foods

HJ: There is nothing more misunderstood than food.  And yet, therein lies one of the keys to radiant health and wellness.  Our health is a combination of the beliefs we have about ourselves,…


How to Control Your Body and Immune System With Your Breath

HJ: Mind over matter.  We have all heard the phrase but few understand it’s true power.  With enough wherewithal, you can literally do anything you set your mind to, as Wim Hof is…


How to Transform Your Wounds and Struggles Into Wisdom and Strength

HJ: Life gives you whatever experience is most helpful for the growth and expansion of your consciousness.  That’s a two way street.  Some experiences are pleasurable, others are painful.  But even the painful…


How to Tune Into Your Inner Truth

HJ: Your truth is uniquely you and it is your gift to the world (and yourself).  In every sense, our only task in this life is to live it fully and wholeheartedly with joy…


How to Align Your Life With Divine Timing

HJ: There are four primary states of consciousness — believing that life happens: to me, by me, through me and as me.  Each one one rung higher on the ladder of spiritual awareness….

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