HJ: It has been my personal experience that having a framework for working with higher spiritual concepts is immensely helpful.  It can help one transcend the initial resistance experienced when trying to find a solid footing, if you will, on the path of personal transformation.  The Zen nature of many higher spiritual concepts can be a bit abstract, esoteric and challenging to the seeker, so much so that it can become a stumbling block on the path.  Sometimes a bit of a challenge is necessary in order to help one learn a lesson or cultivate the necessary will, discipline, focus and fortitude necessary for consistent progress on the path.  That being said, there is no reason to reinvent the wheel, unless one feels compelled to do so.  Having a framework to work from gives us a chance to truly understand the concepts we are learning at a deeper level before moving on to further expansiveness, at which point we may choose to modify the original framework with our added insights.

And so Awareness presents us with a framework for greater self realization and understanding through working with the ‘virtues of the heart’.  These profound tools can help those who are ready to break through the illusion that they are anything less than perfect.  What a beautiful, priceless gift.

– Truth

Cosmic Awarness via Will Berlinghoff | Cosmic Awareness

The awakening at this time as you know through the messages
from this Awareness of recent times where It has stated  that it
is a very early preliminary stage of a nine-month period as the
fetus growing is the example given, so are you, the young
embryonic spirit who is now rebirthing itself, it is time to realize
that the inner work that you have now to do is to stand in your
own power, to acknowledge yourself, to recognize the deeper
layers of your being and even the deeper layers of your humanity,
and as you see more the truth of yourself, not as a disempowered
insignificant human being, but rather as a powerful woman who
has intent and desire, who has spiritual alignment and spiritual
motivation, you can start to live your life in this way, and in living
it you create the reality around you that reinforces this, you become
a  living symbol to others, not because you put yourself on the pedestal,
not because you try to teach others, but simply because you have
accepted yourself, because you learn and are learning  for yourself.

At this time, this Awareness wishes to give to you some information
that will be of great benefit to you in the journey ahead.  This is based
on that which is the Wingmaker material, and in the Wingmaker
material the man who is most responsible for the information that
comes out, James, states there are that which are known as the six
heart virtues.  This Awareness wishes to present these six heart virtues
to you at this time so you can begin to use them to dismantle the walls
of repression that have been built around you in your life, that you
have co-built yourself and in the tearing down of the walls, being able
then to see that which lies beyond the walls that have been the blockade
for your knowing and vision of yourself for so long.  The six heart
virtues follow:

Number 1:     Appreciation
Number 2:     Compassion
Number 3:     Forgiveness
Number 4:     Humility
Number 5:     Understanding
Number 6:     Valor

That in these six heart virtues, as you use them for yourself and for
others, you will begin to go past the ego, you will begin to truly open
up your own acceptance of self and recognition of self.  If, for
example, one used the six virtues on the earlier matter of false
humility, one would start in appreciation that you are a unique being.
Indeed, even with flaws and restrictions. In this appreciation, there is
also acceptance that you are perfect as you are with your flaws and
your strengths and that you are moving forward.  This would lead


you into compassion toward yourself and your alleged shortcomings,
those faults that you emphasize and magnify to exceed that which are
your virtues or strengths.  And in being compassionate with yourself,
again there is even an allowance for even the flaws, this moves you
into the forgiveness virtue where you can then start to forgive yourself
for your flaws and your mistakes. You do not have to justify them, you
simply forgive them and forgive yourself. As you do this it moves you
into true humility that can recognize that each and every human being
is perfect in their being as flawed individuals who use this to learn from,
to grow from. You do not have to beat your own drum, blow your own
horn. You simply are humbled to the truth of who you really are, and
how you are part of the Godhead, how you are part of the Divine Spirit.
This moves you into understanding, and in the understanding of yourself,
there again  is that level of acceptance of self, things become clear, you
understand how you set things up, why you set things up, and  in the
understanding, there is acceptance and movement forward into valor.
Valor being courage, the valor to live your life even with the shortcomings
and even with the strengths and the Light of your being, you are then
courageous in the choices you make and you will even find you have the
valor to live your own life as you choose to live it in accordance to your
own guidance from within, trusting this before you trust that which are the
statements of others based on their conceptions or misconceptions.

That these six heart virtues of course can also be used for others to help
understand where another is coming from and even come to that place
of forgiveness of others and  allowance of others.
This Awareness suggests for example that you apply these six heart
virtues to the life you lived with your husband and to him in a personal
way and you will understand that from the soul level, this man agreed
with you to present to you the life lessons that you needed as he went
through the life lessons he needed.  It will give you a new freedom from
this level of repression that still exists in you from that lifetime. This is
only a suggestion of course, but you will see how beneficial it will be to
use the six heart virtues in this way, and on yourself for yourself as well.

Thank you.

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