Speaking the Language of the Body: How to Understand What Your Body is Trying to Tell You

HJ: The body speaks to us just as loudly as our thoughts, but we must learn to first interpret and understand what it is trying to say.  Typically, the language of the body…


Health Secrets From Around the World: What You Can Learn From the World’s Healthiest Cultures

HJ: If your goal is to be healthy, then it makes sense to study the world’s healthiest people and cultures, right?  Clearly they must be doing something right… But I would like to take…


Creating Health: How to Tap Into The Incredible Healing Power of Your Mind

HJ: Health begins in the mind, not in the body.  After all, your subconscious mind is in complete control of the body and its trillions of cells, controlling every process like an intricate…


5 Unexpected Side Effects of Kindness and Helping Others

HJ: What we do for others, we also do for ourselves.  Kindness, therefore, helps both the giver and the receiver.  This is because our brains are wired to positively respond to positive acts….


10 Powerful Medicinal Herbs for Rejuvenating and Healing the Body and Mind

There is great wisdom in illness and disease.  When we leave behind the simplistic mainstream medical notion that our bodies are highly vulnerable to germs, bacteria and viruses and begin to understand that…


How to Stop Absorbing Other People’s Energy Without Realizing It

HJ: We humans are like emotional sponges (especially if you are empathic) and we absorb the energy of other people, often without realizing it.  This is definitely something to become aware of, however, the…


8 Powerful Herbs and Nutrients That Boost Your Vital Energy and Eliminate Stress

HJ: Let’s face it, life can be stressful at times and the body can get thrown out of balance.  But nature has provided us with many powerful herbs and nutrients that can quickly…


New Study Reveals How to Upgrade Your Genetic Code

HJ: Your genetic code is not set in stone at birth.  Researchers are now discovering that it responds dynamically to your thoughts and beliefs.  Therefore, it is absolutely possible to upgrade your genetic…


How to Heal and Release Negative Emotions With Ease and Grace

HJ: Until we heal and release negative emotions, they remain in our minds and hearts, forcing us to re-experience them endlessly.  However, there are sound, proven techniques for dealing with and healing negative emotions…


How to Safely and Effectively Flush Your Liver of Harmful Toxins

HJ: To be safely removed from your body, toxins must first pass through your liver to be ‘disarmed’ into harmless forms that can safely be excreted.  Simple enough, yes, but what if your…

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