High Vibrational Foods: How to Raise Your Consciousness With Your Diet

HJ: Everything you put into your body has effects on your vibration, state of mind, health and consciousness.  Therefore by choosing to only ingest those foods, medicines and substances of the highest vibration,…


5 Ways To Cleanse and Detoxify Your Lungs

HJ: You can live for a long time without food.  You can live for a few days or so without water.  But you can only live for a few minutes without breath.  And…


How to Heal and Rejuvenate Your Body’s Cells With Food and Herbs

HJ: Every day your body regenerates millions of cells.  This process can be supported and even increased in quality and efficiency by eating specific foods and herbs.  And furthermore, you can even target…


The 20 Healthiest Foods on the Planet

HJ: How much introduction does an article like this really need?  These are quite simply some of the healthiest, most healing and nutrient dense foods on the planet.  Eat more of them.  Period….


7 Surprising Things That Will Significantly Boost Your Health and Happiness

HJ: When we think of health, we typically think of what we eat, however our lifestyle habits are equally important in their own right.  We are now realizing collectively that health is about…


17 Little Known Medicinal Plants With Powerful Healing Properties

HJ: The beautiful thing about medicinal plants (vs drugs) is that they work to heal on every level — mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.  This brings about complete, holistic healing rather than merely elimination…


The 6 Keys to Rapid Self Healing

HJ: Self-healing is actually the only form of healing that exists.  Even when another ‘heals you’ they are only catalyzing innate healing responses within your own body and mind.  Your self-healing is truly…


How to Quickly Calm a Restless, Racing Mind

HJ: Sometimes it feels like our mind has a life and mind of its own and has no interest in calming down and playing by our rules despite out best intentions and efforts…


How to Tell if Your Chakras Are Out of Balance

HJ: Our mental, emotional and physical state all affect the health and balance of chakras (and vice versa).  And fixing one aspect will see a reflection in the other.  One of the greatest…


5 Sacred Tibetan Yoga Poses to Balance Your Mind and Body

HJ: This is a very interesting series of yoga poses designed to balance your mind and body based on ancient, sacred Tibetan teachings.  To those who regularly practice yoga it might seem a bit…

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