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Healing Vibrations: The Power of Spiritual Music

The Power of Music: healing, relaxation and cultural unity By Michael Kenton | Sacredmusicradio.org — Music is a significant part of almost everyone’s lives. It can uplift us, help us to relax; it can…

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10 Simple, But Powerful Ways to Increase Your Spiritual Awareness

HJ: These 10 principles or rules for living will easily, simply and powerfully expand your spiritual awareness. – Truth The 10 Step Spiritual Diet Start loving your body today. By Brad Lamm —…


How To Heal Feelings of Guilt And Shame

HJ: You are an aspect of the divine and the divine can never transgress.  Therefore to feel guilt and shame is only a misperception of what is.  Even our darkest moments hold great…


The 12 Laws of Gratitude: Keys to Living a Wildly Prosperous, Happy Life

HJ: Gratitude and appreciate connect you with your innate ability to create happiness and prosperity in your life.  They shift you into a perceptual frame where you see the beauty, good and abundance…


The 7 Keys to a Healthy, Happy, Spiritually Evolved Relationship

HJ: Relationships can rapidly accelerate spiritual evolution when we approach them with consciousness and awareness of deeper metaphysical principles.  They have a tendency to bring up in us that which is not yet…


The Spiritual Keys to Profound Change and Transformation

HJ: All true change begins from within and is spiritual in nature.  Rearranging external objects or circumstances does little, if anything, without a corresponding internal shift.  Therefore focus your time and energy within,…


10 Keys to Effortless Change and Transformation

HJ: Change is the universe self-correcting through you towards balance, harmony and joy.  Life is constantly nudging you towards your highest fulfillment and self expression.  And when you remember this truth, even though change…

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How to Create Spiritually Aligned Abundance and Wealth in Your Life

HJ: True abundance comes from within — it is a reflection of your own consciousness, healing and service.  The always wise and well spoken Sangeeta Bhagwat of Serene Reflections, does a brilliant job of…


9 Steps to Conquer Fear With Spiritual Awareness

HJ: Understanding fear is one of the primary keys to conquering and transforming it.  And by bringing a high level of spiritual awareness to any situation that causes fear you can quite easily transcend the…


How to Free Yourself From All Limitation and Struggle

HJ: Everything in the universe is in perfect balance and harmony at all times.  It can be no other way.  And therein lies the key to true freedom from all limitation and struggle….

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