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5 Keys to Living With Compassion and an Open Heart In Your Everyday Life

HJ: How we treat ourselves is how we treat the world.  As within, so without, as the ancient axiom goes… The irony of the situation is that the world reflects back to us…


How to Create More Love, Happiness and Abundance in Your Life Than You Ever Thought Possible

HJ: With the rise of ‘spiritually oriented marketing’ these days, we hear big promises like these all the time and about 90% of them majorly fail to deliver.  It’s not because the people…


28 Ways to Bring Greater Harmony, Wisdom and Love Into Your Relationships

HJ: Harmony in relationships, like harmony in any area of our life, is all about balance.  We may be either overly intellectual or overly emotional and therefore struggle with being too distant or…


9 Ways to Begin Living From Your Heart

HJ: Living from the heart is an ability we all possess… sometimes we just need a gentle reminder to get out of our heads and reconnect with the wisdom at the core of our…


How to Unconditionally Love Yourself

HJ: Unconditional love is your birthright and is totally possible in this life, in this moment… as soon as right now.  But the challenge is to find this unconditional love within ourselves.  Many…


The 4 Stages of Love: Which Are You Operating From?

HJ: The four stages of love range from selfishness to selflessness and directly reflect your level of awareness/consciousness.  To clarify, one can be operating at more than one level simultaneously in different aspects…


Turning Problems Into Opportunities: How to See the Potential For Growth in Every Situation

HJ: One of the fundamental concepts that anyone on the spiritual path must understand is that you will see in the world, yourself and others whatever is that you choose to focus on….


Why Are We So Driven to Bond With Each Other? Bruce Lipton Weighs In

HJ: The drive to bond is a fundamental characteristic of human existence.  It is such an innate drive that it can be likened to those survival instincts that are essential to our daily…


How to Cultivate Unconditional Happiness in Your Life

HJ: Happiness, like most things in life, is a choice. Although many may be unconscious of this fact and be operating on autopilot in how they react to any given circumstance, event or…

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Archangel Michael: Your Destiny – June 2012 Message

Archangel Michael via Ronna Herman http://www.ronnastar.com/messages-aam/messages-aam/559-aam-06-2012.html Beloved masters, every sentient Soul must follow his/her own particular destiny, a specially designed path that leads to illumination and reintegration with his/her Divine Self.  The lessons…

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