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15 Powerful Ways to Overcome Negative Thinking and Start Creating a Positive Reality

HJ: Whatever you believe the world will reflect back to you because our minds filter incoming sensory data based on our beliefs.  What does not fit our perceptual model of the world is…


How to Stay Centered and Happy Even When You’re Bombarded With Negativity All Day

HJ: Sometimes being around negativity is unavoidable… so how do you stay centered, happy and peaceful in these situations?  How do you maintain your power and positivity when you are around people lost…


How to Live Fully Centered in the Joy and Wisdom of the Present Moment

HJ: The past and the future are illusions. Everything exists in an ever-evolving, ever-shifting present moment and the more you can align your life and awareness with that fact, the better it will…


4 Powerful Mantras For Overcoming Fear and Anxiety

HJ: The opposite of fear is not love, but trust.  Trust that everything that is happening is intended to help you grow and evolve your consciousness.  Fear is just a feeling—a simple emotion…


How to Transform Adversity Into Opportunity and Growth

HJ: Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for your growth and personal evolution.  When seeing things in this context, it changes how we experience adversity and challenge.  Instead of lamenting…


9 Truths That Will Guide You to More Happiness, Success and Freedom in Your Life

HJ: So much of life is about simply remembering the TRUTH and not that which you were unconsciously programmed to believe by society.  Truth always leads you to more happiness, success, freedom and…


The Top 7 Habits of Emotionally Intelligent, Happy People

HJ: Happiness is a habit.  Emotional stability comes through mindful awareness and practice.  Which, quite frankly, is great news.  It means there is a systematic way to guarantee that you will be happy….


5 Biggest Regrets of the Dying (So You Can Avoid Making the Same Mistakes)

HJ: Dream as if you’ll live forever, Live as if you’ll die tomorrow. And so it is. – Truth 5 Most Common Regrets The Dying Have By Bonnie Ware | Prevent Disease —…


7 Ways to Become a Master of Time and Start Bending it to Your Will

HJ: The passage of time is directly controlled by your perception of it.  That is because, in fact, linear time as we know it does not exist.  There is only an ever present now…


How to Get Your Dreams, Goals and Big Ideas to Be Wildly Successful

HJ: The time is now.  Go for it.  Live big, dream big, take a leap of faith.  Often times simply going for it is all that is needed to be wildly successful.  To…

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