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3 Powerful Practices for Expanding Your Consciousness and Deepening Your Spiritual Awareness

HJ: To live consciously is to see yourself and your reality as they truly are.  And the measure of your level of consciousness is the degree to which you are able to experience…


7 Powerful Ways to Unlock Your Full Potential and Live an Amazing Life

HJ: We all have the potential to create whatever kind of life we want for ourselves, however, in order to do that we must first get out of our own way.  This, in…


How to Slip into the Flow and Get Life to Finally Start Going Your Way

HJ: Until we learn better, I think we all have this tendency to kind of resist the parts of life that we don’t like, and yet, it is this very tendency that keeps…


A Surefire Method to Experience More Joy and Compassion in Your Life

A Surefire Method to Experience Joy in Your Life By Srikumar Rao, Ph.D. | Psychology Today | Srikumar S Rao – Galileo got it wrong. The earth does not revolve around the sun. It revolves around you…

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4 Ways to Deepen Your Gratitude and Open Yourself Up to More Happiness and Abundance

HJ: Happiness, abundance, peace of mind, appreciation and joy are just a few of the benefits of an authentic gratitude practice.  And this is quite enticing, but it is important to always practice…


How to Deal With Family and Friends Who Are Not At Your Level of Consciousness

HJ: Relationships are created and maintained through shared values and worldview.  When you shifts those things, people who don’t shift with you will typically fall away.  This is totally normal and natural but the unenlightened…

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19 Transformational Questions That Will Help You Find Greater Happiness, Fulfillment and Passion in Life

HJ: He who looks within awakens, he who looks without, dreams.  By asking yourself highly specific, probing questions, you can discover your souls deepest desires and unlock the inner workings of your mind….


5 Steps to Help You Live in the Present Moment

HJ: Life happens in the present moment and the present moment is where you will find peace, happiness, joy and contentment.  Living in the past or the future creates frustration, regret and unhappiness…

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How to Grow Your Gratitude Into a Powerful Force for Positivity in Your Life

HJ: Gratitude is one of the most powerful keys to happiness and abundance in your life.  Those who master the practice with authenticity and feeling often discover transformation beyond their wildest dreams.  Combined…


2 Simple But Powerful Meditation Exercises for Reclaiming Peace of Mind

HJ: All the money in the world can’t buy you peace of mind. But that’s also the beauty of it.  Peace of mind is accessible to anyone at anytime no matter how poor…

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