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The 7 Keys to a Healthy, Happy, Spiritually Evolved Relationship

HJ: Relationships can rapidly accelerate spiritual evolution when we approach them with consciousness and awareness of deeper metaphysical principles.  They have a tendency to bring up in us that which is not yet…

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How to Expand Your Consciousness

HJ: Expanding your consciousness is not so much about trying as it is about opening up to what’s already there.  All the answers you seek are within should you know how to look….


40 Powerful Insights to Help You Think and Stay Positive at All Times

HJ: You must not only think positive — you must also feel positive. Because if your heart and your mind are not in sync, you will not create what you intended.  Your emotional…


Advanced Healing Technique For Cleansing and Balancing Your Aura

HJ: Auric health is just as important as your physical, mental and emotional health and, in fact, is a reflection of it on a certain level. Learn a powerful technique for cleansing and…


How to Connect With the Spirits of Plants: A Step-by-Step Guide

HJ: Plants are conscious, sentient beings and therefore we are able to connect with them on a meaningful level and experience their essence.  This is a powerful, ancient semi-shamanic practice that has largely…


A Powerful Meditation Technique to Expand Your Psychic Awareness

HJ: Meditation can be a powerful means for connecting to your higher self and expanding your psychic awareness and abilities.  This powerful technique from Stephen Barrett at the Chios healing institute is a…


5 Highly Effective Techniques For Strengthening Your Intuition and Creativity

HJ: Intuition and it’s byproduct, creativity, are priceless skills to have at your disposal.  They apply to any situation, to any experience in every moment and always, always make your life better.  This…


3 Techniques to Help You Read Other People and Connect With Them More Deeply

HJ: Great article… – Truth Three Techniques to Read People The art of reading people to ignite your super-senses By Judith Orloff M.D. | Psychology Today – As a psychiatrist my job is to…


How to Stop Worrying About What Everyone Thinks of You

HJ: When you stop fearing the world and move into a space of peace with who you are in this moment, you are free to be yourself in boundless joy and love.  And…


Exploring Advanced States of Consciousness: Intuition and Beyond

HJ: Most people only ever use a small fraction of their conscious abilities — of the truly incredible things that they are actually capable of. Brendan D. Murphy bursts the door wide open…

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