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4 Powerful Shamanic Exercises For Awakening Your Consciousness

HJ: Before modern medicine, modern psychology, there was the shaman.  The shaman was the healer and for thousands of years they have developed powerful practices for raising consciousness.  In fact, many would say…


Living From Your Heart: 22 Keys to Intuitive Living

HJ: Living intuitively is transcending the limits of the mind and tuning into a higher level of awareness that can never lead you astray.  The rational mind is akin to a game of chess….


How to Rewire Your Emotions With Simple Mindfulness Techniques

HJ: Your brain and emotions are dynamic — constantly changing and shaped by your experiences, your thoughts and your environment. Mindfulness is a way to control, and ultimately rewire your reactions to all…


How to Shift Your Consciousness and Raise Your Spiritual Awareness

HJ: Life is a journey of evolving consciousness, of continual spiritual growth and development.  This happens through our experiences.  Each is an opportunity to evolve and grow, should we understand the lesson contained…


Mastering Your Emotions: How to Train Yourself to Stay in the Flow in Any Situation

HJ: Humans, by their very nature, are emotional beings and it is here where their power lies.  Those who can master their emotional states, have unlocked the key to lifelong happiness, joy, peace,…


6 Highly Effective Ways to Stop Anxious Thoughts and Feelings in their Tracks

HJ: By making a few simple tweaks to how you think and perceive events and circumstances in your life, you can quite effectively stop anxious thoughts and feelings in their tracks.  After all, they…


How to Create Heart-Centered Prosperity and Abundance in Your Life

HJ: True abundance and prosperity comes from aligning yourself with the urges of your heart.  Many who are financially rich are love and spirit poor, to be clear. Abundance is the natural state…


How to Heal Traumatic Memories and Experiences Stored in Your Subconscious Mind and Let Your Natural Joy Shine Through

HJ: Our subconscious mind is like a tape recorder, indiscriminately transcribing our life experiences — the good, bad and everything in between.  However, the only thing that gives those memories power over us…


How to Harness the Healing Power of Love

HJ: Love is a potent healing force–so powerful, in fact, that it eclipses diet, nutrition, exercise and even genetics in its ability to create health in our bodies.  And this is not just conjecture…


How to Train Your Brain to Create Wealth and Abundance on Autopilot

HJ: Wealth and abundance are the result of your mindset and approach to life. Each decision we make either keeps us where we are, takes us one step back or (ideally) one step…

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