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How to Access and Strengthen Your Connection to Your Higher Self

HJ: Your higher self will always lead you down the path of your highest success, expansion, fulfillment and growth.  It is like your compass for navigating life in a way that always leads…


The 4 Keys to Understanding How Your Mind Works

HJ: When you really begin to understand how your mind works, you start to become the architect of your reality.  In this interesting and insightful article and video, Brendon Burchard shares 4 meta…


How to Master the Art of Manifesting From a Higher Level of Consciousness

HJ: You are constantly manifesting whether you are aware of it or not.  However, by becoming consciously aware of that fact and the mechanics behind it, you can begin to take control of…


How to Free Yourself From All Limitation and Struggle

HJ: Everything in the universe is in perfect balance and harmony at all times.  It can be no other way.  And therein lies the key to true freedom from all limitation and struggle….


How to Heal Your Mind, Body and Spirit Using Light and Sound

HJ: We live in a vibrational universe in which everything is affected by and interacts with light and sound.  Therefore we can reverse engineer this and begin to use light and sound for healing…


A Highly Unconventional Meditation For Deep Inspiration, Healing and Vision

HJ: Meditation can be so much more than simply sitting with your eyes closed and watching your breath.  While that absolutely is meditation, there are many different styles and forms each with their…


How to Accelerate Your Trip Down the Path Towards Enlightenment

HJ: Enlightenment is an esoteric thing — not well defined and a vague concept for most people.  This article aims to clear up a lot of unnecessary confusion and give you some solid,…


How to Tune Into Messages From Your Higher Self

HJ: Your higher self is your most direct connection to source — to the creator — to the universe… whatever you want to call it.  In every moment it makes available to you…


The 3 Stages of Advanced Conscious Awakening

HJ: On the never-ending journey towards enlightenment and beyond are stages of consciousness.  In this article, esoteric writer and teacher Montalk, describes the 3 stages of conscious awakening.  There are however even more,…


How to Active Your DNA With Sunlight

HJ: The sun is the source of all life and all energy on planet earth and your body is designed to assimilate it’s energy directly.  In fact, sunlight, as author Joshua Eagle describes…

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