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Feeling Great: How to Create a Life of Optimism, Enthusiasm and Contentment

HJ: What you choose to believe creates your reality and so why not choose optimism?  Why expect negativity and destruction and hardship?  You’re certainly entitled to create that if you’d like and yes many…


How to Shift Your Reality by Shifting Yourself

HJ: We do not see life as it is — we see life as we are.  And yet most people assume we see the world objectively.  And therein lies a great source of…


How to Expand Your Awareness into the Realms of Enlightenment

HJ: Few things are as misunderstood in our society as enlightenment.  Mysterious, nebulous, difficult to attain or comprehend, just to name a few of the ideas commonly associated with it.  In this article by…


How to Transcend Time and the Ego in Advanced States of Consciousness

HJ: Since you create your perception of time, you can change it and even transcend it.  Brilliant researcher and professor Steve Taylor dives into the various ways to achieve this by working with…


The 7 Keys to Interpreting Your Dreams

HJ: In every sense, your dreams are just as real as your waking reality.  However, dreams take place on a higher plane — the astral plane, where the normal laws and rules of…


How to Access and Strengthen Your Connection to Your Higher Self

HJ: Your higher self will always lead you down the path of your highest success, expansion, fulfillment and growth.  It is like your compass for navigating life in a way that always leads…


The 4 Keys to Understanding How Your Mind Works

HJ: When you really begin to understand how your mind works, you start to become the architect of your reality.  In this interesting and insightful article and video, Brendon Burchard shares 4 meta…


How to Master the Art of Manifesting From a Higher Level of Consciousness

HJ: You are constantly manifesting whether you are aware of it or not.  However, by becoming consciously aware of that fact and the mechanics behind it, you can begin to take control of…


How to Free Yourself From All Limitation and Struggle

HJ: Everything in the universe is in perfect balance and harmony at all times.  It can be no other way.  And therein lies the key to true freedom from all limitation and struggle….


How to Heal Your Mind, Body and Spirit Using Light and Sound

HJ: We live in a vibrational universe in which everything is affected by and interacts with light and sound.  Therefore we can reverse engineer this and begin to use light and sound for healing…

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