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How to Let Go of Negative Emotions and Feelings

HJ: Until we learn to let go, we end up holding negative emotions and feelings inside, which causes us to re-experience them anytime a thought, situation, person or event triggers them.  We end…


6 Powerful Ways to Sharpen Your Memory and Stimulate Rapid Learning

HJ: Memory is a skill and not ‘genetically encoded’ — meaning that you have the ability to enhance and improve it at any time.  By following some simple, but powerful practices which have…

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How to Become a Conscious Co-Creator of Your Reality

HJ: Whether or not you are aware of it, you are co-creating your reality.  The key is to make this process conscious and begin directing the course of your life with awareness.  The article…


3 Powerful Ancient Breathing Techniques for Eliminating Stress and Relaxing the Mind

HJ: The depth and rhythms of our breath are intimately tied to the regulation of our nervous system, which ultimately controls our stress levels and the alertness of the mind.  Ancient Indian seers,…


How to Stop Worrying About Money and Start Attracting It

HJ: The biggest thing keeping you from attracting money into your life is worrying about it in the first place.  Why is this, you ask? Because worrying about money affirms your lack of it…


12 Simple Ways to Find Real Happiness and Joy in Your Life Today

HJ: Finding joy in your life is as simple as knowing where to look.  The fact is, that joy exists all around us and it is up to you to recognize and embrace it….


The Two Biggest Blocks to Manifesting Your Dreams (And How to Overcome Them)

HJ: Manifestation works every time, without fail, unless you are standing in your own way — whether you realize it or not…  The fact is that most people use the correct techniques for…


How to Overcome The Limits of the Mind and Connect to the Wisdom of Your Soul

HJ:  The mind is inherently limited.  The soul is, by its very nature, unlimited.  When you integrate this realization and ease off trying to figure everything out, you instantly align yourself with the…


Love Yourself: 3 Simple Ways to Embrace the Power of Self-Compassion

HJ: The great irony is that we often find it easier to show compassion to others than to ourselves.  Why is this?  Why do we tend to struggle with self-compassion, when it should…


How to Install Empowering Beliefs into Your Subconscious Mind

HJ:  It is not your thoughts, but your subconscious beliefs, which create your reality.  Thoughts arise based on our belief structures and many people make the mistake of trying to change their thoughts,…

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