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How to Active Your DNA With Sunlight

HJ: The sun is the source of all life and all energy on planet earth and your body is designed to assimilate it’s energy directly.  In fact, sunlight, as author Joshua Eagle describes…


A Simple 2 Step Process For Discovering and Living Your Passions

HJ: When all is said and done, perhaps the most important thing we are here to do in this life is discover and live our passions with all our heart on every level.  This…


How to Navigate The Three Stages of Spiritual Awakening

HJ: Life is a never ending journey of awakening and growth.  The sooner you realize this and begin embracing it, the more fun and flowing it becomes.  This is because you are aligning…


How to Tune Into Your Inner Truth

HJ: Your truth is uniquely you and it is your gift to the world (and yourself).  In every sense, our only task in this life is to live it fully and wholeheartedly with joy…


How to Align Your Life With Divine Timing

HJ: There are four primary states of consciousness — believing that life happens: to me, by me, through me and as me.  Each one one rung higher on the ladder of spiritual awareness….


How to Nourish and Heal Your Energy Body

HJ: Science has now thoroughly proven the existence of an energy body and is beginning to understand what spiritual teachers and metaphysicists have long known — it is extremely important for your health…


15 Ways to Make 2015 the Best Year of Your Life

HJ: Everyday is a new chance to improve your life.  To learn something new.  To move in the direction of your dreams.  Or simply to bask in the beauty of how wonderful your…


How to Make Lasting, Meaningful Positive Changes in Your Life

HJ: Taking focused action is a big part of making positive changes in your life, but so is looking within to discover where you might be holding yourself back in ways you may…


How to Determine Your Fundamental Spiritual Personality Type

HJ: Like many wise systems of ancient medicine and healing understood, such as Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine, we all have predominant types that cover both or bodies and our personalities, with interplay…


6 Powerful Ways to Strengthen Your Intuition

HJ: Intuition is like a muscle — it gets stronger the more you use it.  And it also requires trust in oneself and the larger principles that govern intuition.  The fact is that…

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