The Universal Laws: The Law of Co-Creation

Commentary by Truth (The Healers Journal)

Law Interpreted by Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghoff

While the implications of this law are staggering and obvious, one can see how it can be used to either promote a benevolent, positive outcome, or in the case of the current/past world situation, a highly manipulated negative/fear-based outcome.  As with all the universal laws, they are inherently neutral.  It is up to the individual whether they choose to work within the constructs of the law in a positive or negative sense.

This law is foundational to the entire notion of the group meditations and visualizations that have recently gained prominence in the burgeoning lightworker community.  According to the law, there is an exponential rise in the creative power of a shared idea/image when it is held simultaneously by a group of two or more individuals.  By coming together in large groups to intentionally manifest desired outcomes, we can significantly change the course of humanity.  The question then becomes, why have we not forever changed the world for the better already?  Why is the cabal still in control?  Why is there still suffering across the planet?  The answer is simple.  While there are many people actively working together to manifest positive outcomes, there is a far greater number of people who are not aware that they have been heavily influenced by the cabal’s subtle programming and are hence unconsciously broadcasting negative images/patterning.

Unlike some of the more cryptic laws, the law of co-creations is simple and clear.  A group of people coming together physically or joining together in spirit with positive intentions will be the force that changes our shared reality for the better.  Enough said.

The Law of Co-Creation — The Law of Co-Creation states that two working in cocreative action have the power of four working individually; and three working in cocreative activity have the power of sixteen; and one-hundred and forty four working in harmony can change the world. When large groups of entities believe and agree on certain images as being real and being stable, this agreement does hold the power of many times that number of energies, if such energies were held by individuals working separately. When groups of entities agree upon certain images, these images do tend to manifest and hold their being in a magnified manner.

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