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5 Questions to Help You Only Focus on The Things Essential to Your Health, Wealth and Happiness

HJ: Your focus is everything — what you focus on, you get more of.  It is one of the simplest laws of consciousness.  And therefore, the art of maintaining your focus on only…


9 Powerful Ways to Tap Into Your Spiritual Abundance

HJ: Abundance is your birthright.  It is the natural state of the cosmos and life as we know it.  Look around you, abundance is everywhere — trees, flowers, food, air, water continually renew…


How to Train Your Brain to Create Wealth and Abundance on Autopilot

HJ: Wealth and abundance are the result of your mindset and approach to life. Each decision we make either keeps us where we are, takes us one step back or (ideally) one step…


How to Stop Worrying About Money and Start Attracting It

HJ: The biggest thing keeping you from attracting money into your life is worrying about it in the first place.  Why is this, you ask? Because worrying about money affirms your lack of it…


The 5 Spiritual Keys to Wealth and Prosperity

HJ: Wealth and prosperity are like flowers in a garden — they only grow under the right conditions. Those conditions are created through looking inward and seeing where we may still be blocking ourselves…


How to Create True Prosperity in Your Life No Matter What The Economy is Doing

HJ: First and foremost, prosperity is a mindset.  The biggest stumbling block for most people is continually searching outside themselves for prosperity.  In this situation, one is constantly at the behest of external…


The Metaphysics of Money: How Your Mind and Spirit Control the Flow of Wealth in Your Life

HJ: Money is one of the big three — the other two being sex and religion — which engender the fiercest and most distorted reactions out of any subjects in the realm of human experience….


3 Keys To Cultivating Wealth and Abundance in Your Life

HJ: Contrary to popular belief, you can be wealthy and still retain a high degree of spirituality.  Wealth simply magnifies the qualities already present in an individual.  If that person is struggling with…


Creating Your Ideal Life With the Law of Attraction

HJ: Any discussion of the Law of Attraction that does not also touch on the nature of belief is inherently incomplete, in that belief is at the root of our ability to attract…


Cosmic Awareness: Manifesting Wealth Through Dismantling Unconscious Beliefs

August 2011 http://www.cosmicawareness.org QUESTIONER: We have a question from ZoeyZen concerning unconscious beliefs.  She writes: “How exactly might one dismantle unconscious beliefs of assuming that having wealth and prosperity will automatically make one ruthless…

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