Dr. Joshua David Stone: The 40 Golden Keys to Becoming Financially Wealthy (Part 3 of 3)

The 40 Golden Keys to Becoming Financially Wealthy (Part 3 of 3)

Law 32: The next law of prosperity is tithing. This is the law of giving 10% of your monthly income each month to a Spiritual or Godly cause. It may be the source of your Spiritual education, or someplace else if you prefer. The law states, “If you give 10% away, you will receive a ten-fold return!”

Law 33: The next law of prosperity is the law of seed money. This is different from tithing. The law of seed money states that you can give away any amount of money to a needy cause and you will receive a ten-fold return. So if you want to buy a $2,000 computer, the first thing you should do is give away $200. Sounds funny, but this is the way the law works. As the Universal Mind through Edgar Cayce said, “Every jot and tittle of the law will be fulfilled!” We are dealing with universal laws here, not a whimsical God. If you apply these laws they will work every time. God does have discretion in all things; however, if you fulfill the law S/He will fulfill His/Her Promises! So let it be written! So let it be done!

Law 34: The next law of prosperity deals with the importance of paying your bills, so you can begin your prosperity program with all debts paid!

Law 35: The next law of prosperity is to understand that prosperity is a state of mind, not how much money you have in your bank account or how many material possessions you have. A person with a billion dollars can be worrying about money and have poverty consciousness. A woman on welfare with ten kids, having faith in God and self, with no money, can have prosperity consciousness!

Law 36: The next law of prosperity is that everything in the infinite universe is made of the energy of God or of the energy of the Logos. So all Spiritual and material energy is divine substance or logoic energy or God energy. Since we are co-creators with God and are incarnations of God we have absolute control over this divine substance with the power of our mind, imagination, prayers and actions! So see the infinite universe as this divine substance when you do your manifestation work!

Law 37: The next law of prosperity is to be in integrity in everything you do around your business and money. Take the attitude that your customer or client is always right. Obviously never cheat or steal from a customer or take advantage of one. See every customer as an incarnation of God and treat them as such. Be in absolute integrity behind everything you do on every level in your business dealings.

Law 38: The next law of prosperity is to call on your Superconscious Mind, Oversoul, Mighty I AM Presence, the Holy Spirit, the Christ, God, the Archangels and Angels of money and finance, the Seven Mighty Elohim of manifestation and the Ascended Masters for help in your finances. Turn your financial affairs over to Spirit / the Christ within / the Buddha within / the Krishna within / the Moses within / the Mohammed within / the Mighty I Am Presence within / God within / Goddess within.

Law 39: The next law of prosperity is to see your life as God in action on every level, bringing money and business opportunities to you like a divine magnet. See the infinite universe working in prosperity in relationship to you!

Law 40: The next law of prosperity is to stay very focused in your attention when doing your prosperity and manifestation work. Sometimes the mind has a tendency to wander and this causes a lack of attunement. Be masterful and disciplined in your efforts, and work your program even three times a day every day until it manifests!

So Let It Be Written! So Let It Be Done!

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