How the Universe Responds to Your Energetic Vibration, Explained

HJ: The universe is not static — it is dynamically responding to your every thought and emotion, the combination of which is known as your energetic vibration.  Despite what mainstream science might have you believe,…


The IQ of Your Soul: How to Determine Your Wisdom Quotient (WQ)

HJ: In our society, we typically place a great deal of importance on someones intelligence, but we often lack in the area of wisdom.  Intelligence has brought us some incredible marvels of technology…


The Spiritual Secrets of Success: How to Tap Into Your Natural Abundance

HJ: You are absolutely, undeniably destined to be successful in life.  The only caveat is that you must believe it yourself.  This is one of the primary spiritual secrets of success.  Without this…


How to Harness the Full Power of Your Vibrational Frequency

HJ:  Your vibrational frequency is a direct mirror of your overall emotional and mental state and interacts with the fundamental energetic structure of the universe.  From a metaphysical perspective, the universe responds directly…


Quantum Physics Explains How Your Thoughts Create Reality

HJ: Quantum physics is beginning to understand how our thoughts create and influence reality through a curious phenomenon known as the ‘observer effect’.  What most do not realize is that the physical world…


Are You Misinterpreting Synchronicities and Signs From the Universe? How to Tell What is Important

HJ:  As a lifelong surfer, one of the quotes that always seemed to stay with me was one by the famous surfing pioneer, Duke Kahanamoku.  He once said ‘You no go find wave…


How to Get Through Your Dark Night of the Soul

HJ: The most important thing that those having a dark night of the soul experience must understand is that it can only be overcome by looking within.  As long as someone in the…


How to Use Your Mind to Move Energy — The Simple Way

HJ: Mind energy is like any skill — use it or lose it.  Since most of us do not consciously use our minds to move energy, we have lost touch with the ability…


How Solar Activity and Changes in Earth’s Magnetic Field Affect Human Consciousness and Health

HJ: Have you ever noticed that some days everyone just seems to feel more on edge than normal? Perhaps everyone is reporting not sleeping well or feeling agitated?  Or maybe it’s just you….


The Metaphysics of Choice: How Major Decisions Affect The Path Our Lives Take

HJ: Have you ever wondered what would happen if you made a different choice than the one that you did in a given situation? Well, from a quantum/metaphysical perspective, any possible outcome of a…

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