Understanding How Energy Flows in the Body: Meridians, Microlines and Temporal Flows

HJ: The idea of the meridians are one of the few concepts that Western and Eastern medicine see eye to eye on.  In Western terms, meridians are referred to as the nervous system,…


Breaking Free of the Illusion of Time: How to Access Your Multidimensional Potential

HJ: Today, we’re going to talk about advanced metaphysical concepts.  Time, how we typically perceive it, is an illusion in the sense that is not linear, meaning that events do not happen sequentially,…


A Comprehensive List of Practices to Stimulate Kundalini Awakening

HJ: Kundalini awakening is typically a spontaneous occurrence that can be facilitated by a wide variety of methods and practices, many of which are listed below. There is no one definitive way to awaken this…


Cultivating a Wakeful Consciousness: The Key to Higher Awareness and Spiritual Evolution

HJ: Wakefulness is a quality that everyone on the path of spiritual awakening develops at some point and the degree to which we can maintain it is a major factor in how fast…


The Basics of Quantum Healing: Understanding the True Nature of the Human Body, Mind and Spirit

HJ: If you are at all interested in understanding how reality operates and specifically how the human body, mind and spirit fit into this framework, then read on.  Deepak Chopra demonstrates here why…


Powerful Ancient Yogic Breathing Technique for Awakening Your Kundalini Energy

HJ: I would like to offer these insights to those interested in awakening the kundalini energies in their body, as I have observed that there is much confusion and misunderstanding around this topic….


Biophoton Research Proves That the Human Body is Actually Made of Light

HJ: This is truly a case of science catching up with spirituality.  Spiritual masters throughout the ages have long been alluding to the fact that the body is made of light and the…


The Energetics of the June 2013 Solstice: Gateway to the Aquarian Age

HJ: The longest day of the year in the Northern hemisphere (and shortest in the Southern) is a window of time in which great advances in awareness and consciousness can be made by…


How to See Into Your Past Lives Using Multi-Level Awareness

HJ: Seeing into your past lives is not an ability that is limited to psychics, clairvoyants and other mystics.  It is actually a skill that you possess which simply needs to be developed…


How to Expand And Evolve Your Intuition

HJ: Just like riding a bike, intuition is a learned skill which requires a bit of honing and practice.  There are various levels of competency and ability that one can achieve.  Unlike riding…

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