The Metaphysics of Choice: How Major Decisions Affect The Path Our Lives Take

HJ: Have you ever wondered what would happen if you made a different choice than the one that you did in a given situation? Well, from a quantum/metaphysical perspective, any possible outcome of a given choice made at any of the myriad crossroads which occur in daily life exist in their own realities, which are accessible when one can begin to grasp the framework of their existence outside the confines of a linear view of time.  Time is not linear how we often perceive it, but truly multidimensional in nature, meaning that the potentials of other choices that were not taken exist energetically to be accessed at will from the conscious mind.  In this way, we can accomplish many things, such as getting ourselves back on track after falling off the wagon in terms of health or motivation, for example.

If this seems abstract or confusing to you, then read on for the article below attempts to elucidate these concepts into simpler terms that will help you both understand and work with these metaphysical aspects of yourself on a practical level.

– Truth

‘Crossroads Moments’ Offer Glimpses into your Parallel Universes of Self 

By DL Zeta | Celestial Vision

We have many parallel universes of self – that is, alternate selves existing along timelines that run parallel to our present life track. These alternate selves exist in realities spun out of the energetic template of the hologram for our present lifetime.

‘Crossroads Moments’ Offer Glimpses of Alternate Timelines

An examination of ‘crossroads moments’ from the past will help you learn to recognize alternate timelines you encounter in your present moment. To gain insight into alternate reality threads from your past, bring your mind to the “roads not taken” throughout your life. Any point where you chose one potential over another, you can pinpoint an alternate timeline.

Crossroads moments are those times when we find ourselves gazing in two different directions and choosing one course over another. The “road not taken” does not cease to exist but rather, continues along its own timeline. It remains a future potential life track. All you need to do in order to activate it is bring your focus and attention to it and begin “tuning it in” as you would a radio or to broadcast. Over time, harmonizing with an alternate timeline allows it to merge with our present timeline. Sounds good in theory but how does this look up close and personal?

Let’s say a person is on a life track of super health and fitness. Their diet consists of raw and super foods and they’re exercising and doing yoga. They feel good and exist in a space of health and clarity. Then, the same person goes through a time of emotional upheaval and lapses into habits of eating a poor diet and exercising infrequently. They begin to lose clarity and feel their health slipping; their once-clear mind is now in a bit of a fog. They want to “get back” to a place of good health but find it very difficult to travel back in time and pick up with their former healthy timeline.

We can’t Change or Travel Back to Past Timelines

We can merge our present moment with a timeline of super health and fitness similar to one from our past but there will be differences to our past timeline.

We can never really travel back along a past timeline. Since time does not exist, our movement through time is based on experience. Experience transforms us in ways we can’t undo. Perhaps it’s more accurate to say change makes it impossible for us to experience a past timeline in the same way. (Though we can still observe the past timeline and interact with it). There’s no reason for anyone to seek to return to a past timeline. We can choose to re-energize our positive choices from the past and begin moving along a new timeline that is strongly aligned with – and perhaps influenced and informed by – timelines from our past..

Bleed throughs and Points of Resonance between Past and Present Timelines 

In the case of the past health and fitness timeline, for example, the person’s experiences along other timelines have brought them to a different place in consciousness. They are no longer fully in resonance with their old timeline. However, as they energize a new health and fitness timeline, they may find many similarities between their past and present health and fitness timelines. At times these may seem to merge through timeline bleedthroughs and other points of resonance.

Distilling the Highest and Best of your Timeline Experiences

You can probably call to mind past timelines it seems you can’t re-energize. For example, in all likelihood you can’t re-energize your relationship with your childhood sweetheart who is now married with five children. However, you can re-energize the positive aspects of your “self” of that timeframe. You can also re-energize the loving feeling you had for your long-ago love and share those feelings with a new person. When you long to relive the experiences of a past timeline, it’s helpful to consider exactly what it is from your past that you wish to re-experience. If you keep distilling the highest and best of your timeline experiences, you will find moments of joy and love. This is what your soul seeks to create past, present and future. Let go of specifics and bring your focus to the essence of what once gave you love and joy and you will soon find yourself experiencing these along a new timeline.

Every Moment is a Crossroads to Alternate Realities

Every moment brings us to a crossroads where we choose one idea over another. Sometimes these crossroads moments are very subtle – almost imperceptible – while at other times they are more obvious and dramatic. Every moment within every day represents a crossroads where the tide of our alternate selves washes up on the shore of our conscious awareness, allowing us to choose the timelines we energize. We don’t always consciously choose timelines. Sometimes we’re too absorbed in physical reality to notice alternate life tracks when they appear before us. In this case, we choose a new timeline by default and it may or may not be one of our choosing.

When we pay close attention to our present, we gain awareness of the crossroads we encounter within every moment. Our alternate selves dance around the corners of our imagination in both nightly and waking dreams. We are free to choose from among these alternate life tracks, creating subtle shifts moment by moment that over time transport us to very different timelines within our life hologram. Each shift we make brings us into proximity with a different set of adjacent timelines and alternate selves. This is how we weave the tapestry of our destiny.

In our next segment we will discuss how nightly and waking dreams offer insights into alternate life tracks.

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