HJ: Manifestation is an artform and one that requires the lens of perception to turn inward rather than outward.  A true manifestation happens in perfect divine timing, meaning that the demands and constraints we put on it have little meaning.  This is a major sticking point for many who are learning how to manifest — thinking that because their manifestation did not happen in their desired timeframe, that it will never happen, or in some way did not work.  This often leads to negativity and doubt regarding the process and the specific manifestation, which further inhibits its fruition.  It is truly a vicious cycle.  The fact is that successfully manifesting takes great trust, belief and patience in oneself and the laws which govern the universe. Manifestations can happen instantly, if that is the timing that is divine in that given situation, but it may also take hours, days, weeks, months, or years, especially for larger manifestations involving more than one individual.

Typically manifestation unfolds as a natural byproduct of higher consciousness.  Pursuing the ability to manifest in isolation is a sort of fallacy, as in order to truly manifest, one must change their whole approach to life and consciousness  — they must heal and transform their perception and any misaligned mental/spiritual patterns and beliefs.  This is a complete spiritual overhaul — the essence of higher consciousness, awareness and self-inquiry — not simply the path to manifestation.  The ability to manifest comes naturally to those on the spiritual path, who are doing the necessary inner work.  Have patience and discipline and you will achieve what you set out to create.

We are all manifesting constantly, there can be no other way.  However, most are not consciously aware of the process for a number of reasons.  The first being that they are unaware of their thoughts.  The second being the unawareness of the manifestation process.  With these two ignorances alone, one would be totally unaware of the process, but it is compounded further by the fact that people often hold severe limiting beliefs about themselves which can negate any positive manifestations they try to create.  This in turn may bring increased negativity, difficulties and challenges into their life, which may be painful to take responsibility for, although this is a requisite step on the path to higher consciousness.  These all create doubt around the manifestation process, causing disbelief and distrust, which only further envelops one in ignorance.  The solution to this is, as always, higher spiritual awareness and consciousness.

The message below from Cosmic Awareness should help answer many questions are surely floating around the minds of those in the process of understanding and learning to manifest.

– Truth

Manifesting in the 3rd Dimension: It Takes Baby Steps Before One Can Make Miracles

Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghoff | Cosmic Awareness


The Law of Love and the Law of Light have been invoked. Is there an opening message or any event you wish to discuss, Awareness?


This Awareness does have an opening message today. It says to all that it is now over four months since the event that was the Mass Ascension in consciousness that occurred on December 21, 2012. By now many are seeing subtle changes in their lives, are experiencing energies different to what once was but not yet in full completion to what will be. Many are still suffering aches and pains, are still quite exhausted often, and feel that the energies around them are often chaotic and unsettled, but this is simply a reflection of the underlying shifts that are occurring.

The aches and pains and physical ailments that many are feeling are part of the structural changes in the body at the subatomic levels as well as the basic levels of the human constitution. The DNA is changing, and that which is often referred to as crystalline structure is being implemented but all at levels that are deep within the physicality of one’s being and are not necessarily recordable or noticeable in physical tests and procedures. Yet these changes themselves evoke the need for much rest, as well as the aches and pains that are experienced by many. This Awareness has spoken of these aches and pains, these miasms in the past, and it is still part of the ongoing process as the new body and the new consciousness are being developed.

This Awareness has spoken of that which is a 9-month period of time for the major shifts to occur within the developing body of those who are at the higher levels of consciousness. This is not a situation that marks one as better than anyone else, it is simply that those who are of a higher spiritual nature have elected to be here at this time, but are still going through the actual physical ramifications that are present as they journey through this developmental stage.

The soul has always known what lay ahead. It was reviewed on December 21st and those who were still committed to being part of the new developmental process in consciousness did elect to re-enter physicality and its physical laws and its physical form and structure. Part of the physical still is that which is the time delay that is experienced in physicality. Thus it is that while many are going through a developmental process, while many are starting to awaken to their deeper spiritual natures and it is becoming for them more obvious, still there is that time delay that occurs that is part of the paradigm of existence of the physical, dualistic dimensional reality, 3rd dimensional reality that must be endured.

Thus it is that many are still not seeing instantaneous changes in their lives, but rather seem to be dragging themselves through the quagmire of physicality that they are immersed in. This quagmire is the density of 3rd dimensionality, and for those of a higher spiritual inclination or awareness, it is often a very frustrating experience to have a realization of one’s higher nature and yet still not see the evidence around them of it being so. Yet, as this Awareness has spoken, more and more are starting to see evidence beginning to present itself now. More often than not this evidence will still present itself at the mundane level. By this it is indicated or meant that for many it is not grand manifestation that is being experienced instantaneously, but small-scale manifestation happening within the 3rd dimensional structure that is the reality of this dualistic, physical plane of existence.

Thus it is that sometimes the manifestations seem somewhat trite and obvious and not at all seem to be manifesting from the inner plane. The Interpreter and his wife recently went through a move where they relocated into a new and larger house. This house manifested itself very quickly in terms of being available. It manifested itself in 24 hours, within even 24 hours of their first being aware that a move may be imminent. This was explained to them by another who herself is a highly spiritually aware, available being, and in her discussion with the Interpreter and his wife Callista it was mentioned that the couple would need to be ready for a move that might come quickly.

The house became available the next day and they were able to procure the house for their move, but it did still take six weeks before the house was freed up from the original tenants, who needed that time to find new accommodations. Thus even though they manifested the house within 24 hours as that which would be available for them, in the physical it did still take six weeks before they moved to the house. Further to this, once they occupied the house, indeed even before they moved to the house, they started to acquire the extra furniture that would be needed. Often it would present itself again within 24 hours of their determining what was needed and then would be available.

This was recently shared by the Interpreter in a personal message to the membership, and yet there were those who berated the Interpreter and were dismissive of this type of manifestation, for they thought it was not at a high quality or high level. Yet this Awareness is indeed presenting the thoughts here that are to help one and all recognize that you still exist in the 3rd dimensional physical reality, and while it is seen that the way forward will lead to a new epoch of consciousness, a new way of things and how they are brought into one’s life, how they are manifested through one’s creative powers and energies, it is still not yet the case that it is so.

You Have Always Created from the Inner Realms

In other words, as this developmental process proceeds one must be patient, for the old form is still in play. One always created from the inner realm and then it would go through the strata, the layers, and the levels of physicality until it was formulated in the physical. This would often take days, weeks, months and years, but it is how manifestation has always taken place in the physical.

All begins with the thought, the knowing, the image, the wish, and then will proceed through the physical rules for such manifestation to occur, until it finally manifests in the physical. This process is now quickening and is speeding up but it is still subject to the old rules that are in transition themselves. Thus at this time many will begin now to see they are bringing into their lives that which is their thought, their image, and their wish, but it may not appear instantly. It may not appear in a grand way. It will appear through the mundane channels that have so long been in effect but will now begin to quicken, and accelerate.

Thus as the Interpreter and his wife focused on what was needed, it was presented to them quickly enough, and this truly is the manifestation process, the coming from a higher spiritual conscious awareness of what is available, how it can be done and seeing it occur. This Awareness recommends to one and all that they truly look at their lives now and realize how they are manifesting, how they have always manifested from the inner state of consciousness, and to take greater responsibility for what they are manifesting, and what they are wishing for.

This Awareness has so often spoken of the need to look within oneself, to realize that all begins from within in connection to one’s higher spiritual nature and does not start from outside of oneself. One does not look to the outside evidence in order to substantiate the proof that they are spiritual beings, for as long as one holds any negativity, any objection to the powers that they hold within themselves, the power of being a creator being—if one is waiting for the evidence first, then one will not proceed with awareness or understanding to the true conceptualization and realization that they are creating all that they experience outside of themselves, even if it is still presenting itself in the mundane way or after a delay of time.

The energies are shifting and are moving toward that which will be instant manifestation but not until one has truly accepted this as their inner knowing, the knowing that it is so. At this time many have doubts still, many are waiting for that outside evidence, which is somewhat like putting the cart before the horse and expecting it to move. One must put the horse in front of the cart, one must attach it to the cart and then one can indeed use the horse and cart to move forward. This movement that is unfolding at this time towards this type of way of moving in unity with the higher, inner planes of consciousness, is underway.

To assume it is not is again to dwell in negativity and objectivity, objecting to that which should be so because they want it to be so. This is an important point because if one is not prepared to take responsibility for their own thoughts, their own imaging, their own wish process and one expects it to be given to them, one will not necessarily experience to the fullest degree a positive outlook or positive manifestation of what they think they want, but rather it will be influenced by their negativity.

As one grows more positive and more responsible to looking inwardly to see where they are, their own blocks and barriers, where their own negativity and lack of trust and lack of faith are impairing the process, and when one does something about this, then the shifts that will be noticed will be far more positive and sustaining. This Awareness does recommend at this time, halfway through that 9-month period, that all realize now that they truly are the creator beings and are creating still in the mundane world, which will continue on even after the 9-month period of self development and self-awareness is complete.

Dare to Believe You May Actually be the Initiator of Your Reality!

As one takes responsibility and dares to believe that they may actually be the initiators of their reality, the reality that surrounds them, one will begin to gain more and more evidence of this. One will start to see that what they are asking for is starting to manifest more and more. Furthermore, as one begins to understand that they are in alignment with their higher spiritual purpose, with their soul, with their High Self, with the Divine Consciousness, one will also begin to realize that it is only when that which is being sought is in accordance to their needs and demands in alignment with the higher consciousness, that the manifestation of that which is required will happen and will happen often quickly, as evidenced by the examples of the manifestation of a new home to live in and furniture for that home that the Interpreter and his wife experienced.

While these may seem to be petty and mundane to some, it is truly the principle of manifestation that is in operation here, and this applies to one and all, to understand that you are creator beings who are creating the reality around you. It is now your choice whether you wish to do so in the Light and in the positive stance of Spirit manifesting Itself in physicality, or if you would still prefer to be a dissenter, a naysayer and objector to that which is your divine nature.

It is Time to Come to a Deep Understanding of Who You Are and What You are Capable of Doing

This is the period of time where it is essential to come to a deep understanding of who you are, where you come from, what you are capable of doing and being. This Awareness does say to one and all that It recognizes you all as creator beings and asks now that you take responsibility for what you are creating. The energies of Divine Consciousness have descended down into 3rd dimensionality and are far more accessible than they have ever been before and will continue to build, but this is a very initial stage yet and patience is required. With patience and with the acceptance of one’s responsibility to initiate in their lives that which is their higher calling and their higher being, that one and all will truly see that the Ascension process is still underway, and was initiated on December 21, 2012 when there was the Ascension event that occurred at the higher level of consciousness outside the physicality of this dualistic third dimension. As one sees the evidence presenting itself it will become easier to trust that it is so and that life is not what it once was. This completes the opening message at this time.

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