Ancient Hand Gesture (Mudra) for Receiving Answers to Spiritual Questions and Mysteries

HJ: Mudras are an ancient series of hand gestures that have metaphysical properties which influence our consciousness through a variety of means.  They are tools to help us reach a higher level of conscious awareness and better understand ourselves.  If you have the ability to tune into subtle energies and trust your intuition (both of these can be cultivated), it is easy to feel the energetic circuits these mudras create in the mind, body and spirit.   Therefore, one can discover their own mudras if they so desire.  In fact, a highly advanced kinesiologist friend of mine has done so with an amazing degree of accuracy.  Every time I talk to him it seems like he is discovering new ones.

I highly recommend combining these mudras with meditation, as this helps us lock in the effects they have on our energetic makeup.  By tuning into the energies they cultivate within us at a deeper level, we amplify them and ‘lock them in’ for lack of a better term.  For more mudra variations see the recent articles Taoist Hand Gesture (Mudra) to Unlock Intuitive Powers and Remedy Depression and Increasing Brain Function and Neural Activity With Powerful Ancient Hand Gestures

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Naga Mudra – mudra for unlocking mysteries and finding answers

Serpent throughout time and civilizations is associated with esoteric, mystery, death and rejuvenation. The depiction of serpent symbols at Egyptian pyramid sites, the coiled serpent as represented for dormant Kundalini Shakti, the all powerful Lord Shiva with cobra coiled around his neck are all symbolism of mysteries that are to be unfolded. Naga Mudra, in a way provides answers to your quest for ever eluding spiritual existence. It is said to unfold answers to everyday problems. It brings about strength and lightness to everyday existence.

Naga Mudra can be performed by crossing the hands in front of chest and crossing the thumbs over each other as depicted in the pictorial. Sit in meditative stance and visualize the fire inside. Feel its warmth and rising flames as you inhale. Ask your question. Exhale and let any tension or anxiety melt away. Sit silent. You can do this mudra for as needed for your spiritual quest.

Affirmation: I am accepting the answers that are provided to me by the mysterious force. The Divine rules my existence.

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