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6 Ancient Hand Gestures (Mudras) to Unlock Higher States of Consciousness

HJ: Hand gestures, or Mudras as they are classically known, are simple formations of the fingers and hands which stimulate specific energetic meridians that can unlock higher levels of awareness and consciousness when…


Hand Gesture (Mudra) for Detoxification of the Body

HJ: It is possible to enhance and intensify a cleanse or fast through the use of the corresponding hand gestures (mudras), which initiate the elimination pathways in the body.  By stimulating the appropriate…


Ancient Hand Gesture (Mudra) for Receiving Answers to Spiritual Questions and Mysteries

HJ: Mudras are an ancient series of hand gestures that have metaphysical properties which influence our consciousness through a variety of means.  They are tools to help us reach a higher level of…

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