Archangel Metatron: The Integrity of Prayer Questing & The Mechanics of Sedona Star-Gates

HJ: There is nothing like an Archangel Metatron (via James Tyberonn) message to keep motivation high and help one shift to a deeper understanding of exactly what is occuring in the collective and planetary consciousness at this time.  Those who are not ready for this level of awareness and knowledge will cast their stones and quickly judge, claiming this is further ‘new-age’, unproven speculation.  However, those who are indeed ready will find themselves validated and highly activated by this incredible, profound information.  It will instigate a remembrance of various aspects of themselves, leading them to an even greater understanding of the universe and their place in it.  As always, let your intuition guide you, for it will never lead you astray.

If one was indeed curious as to the exact metaphysical mechanics of what is now unfolding on the planet, across the cosmos and throughout the individual and collective consciousness, here is your answer.  2013 is unfolding with ease and grace, if one is so inclined and has done the requisite work.  Even for those who haven’t, it will now be easier that ever for those with sincere intent.

– Truth

Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn | Earth-Keeper

Greetings Beloved! I am Metatron, Lord of Light. I embrace you and surround you in a unique vector and resonance of Unconditional Love.

Dear Human Now, as your Earth adjust to the Ascension, geo magnetic changes are occurring at both the magnetic poles. The rate of spin about the axis will lessen somewhat, and this will affect the cyclic ratio of Earth’s inner crystalline core to the mantle. This is occurring now and is experienced by many as the ‘quickening’ of time. You see, the ratio of the earth rotation to the rotation of the inner core determines the pulse of the space-time continuum.


2013 is Year One of the New Earth and it will be a more gentle energy in many aspects than what you have experienced in the often tumultuous up shifting occurring the past three years. 2013 is however, a very special, very powerful time. It is particularly suited for the Pilgrimage, the Quest and recalibration.  It is a time in which powernodes, infinity points, which termed sacred sites are projecting a new frequency through the designed injection of Solar Radiation. It is time for co creation of the New Earth. It begins with re-calibration of humanity. 


A Year for Pilgrimage, Questing & Re-Calibration


And so we begin by saying the experience of the vision quest, the fasting, and shamanic journey is of great benefit. Exploration of consciousness is requisite, and these offer a lens that is truly necessary. We encourage all to find time in Year One for this activity. The new energies will absolutely amplify greater access to higher aspect.   


It has always been a habit of the wise soul to seek solitude for self examination, for clearing and release, for the lifting into higher states of consciousness. It is the groundwork, and mark of the serious seeker. It has always been so. It is the initiation and offers the opportunity for cleansing, for removal of obstacles and ego imbalance. All in duality are faced with such challenges and the need to create a space for review in order to face the self and stay on track. Metaphysics and Spirituality are no exception, and are susceptible to, and indeed subject to the same challenges, errors and obstructions that occur in all walks of life.

There are many in metaphysics who seek leadership without doing the requisite groundwork. Many who take the teachings of others, and claim them as their own.  There are those who claim credentials that are not earned, whether in the guise of a walk-in, reincarnate master or academic.  Reading books is a beginning, but not an end. It is the true seeker who recognizes that there are no short cuts, and that each sojourn is a path of rediscovery, humility and discipline.  The experiences of the prayer fast, vision quest and shamanic journey are lens of learning and recalibration that are of great benefit.  It takes courage and effort, for in the vision quest and the shamanic journey one faces the self, with no place to hide. All in duality will fall in and out of integrity at times.

The point is to take time to re-evaluate and calibrate.  Indeed those of wisdom and learning realize it is a disciplined journey, and one of leadership must avoid the ever present pitfalls of self aggrandizement and ego imbalance.  The intent to be a better person is requisite, yet in the balance of standing in truth. It is not about wearing rose colored glasses nor pointing fingers. Sin is defined as knowledge not utilized. There is grace for all who make honest mistakes, and there is rectification for those who make errors in judgement and choose the wrong path even while knowing it is wrong. Every error can become a stepping stone.  We encourage all on the path, all in leadership, all seeking wisdom, to examine self, in solitude.

Such an undertaking in that termed a powernode, infinity point or sacred site is extremely valuable. The fast in the infinity point offers the ability to go beyond the ego. In truth one faces and experiences what will occur in ‘death’. A review of life….yet with the ability to remain in physicality and make the adjustments needed for betterment. It is difficult to do this in the comforts of one’s home. The ancients knew this.


Sacred sites are teachers, and they teach in the third language, the unspoken resonance of light. The Native Americans understood this and always made an offering and asked permission before entering a holy place. When a pilgrim enters a sacred site in reverence, an energy envelopes the humans auric field, and one’s entire being is shifted. One learns through stillness, through quieting the inner narrator and by allowing the wisdom to flow inward. The wisdom of ‘Universal Knowledge’ is activated within ones higher self and within your very cellular DNA. Certain types of sacred sites, primarily those that emit light through an octahedral geometric overlay, purify you. They literally force one to face imperfections and parts of your life-pattern habits that are in conflict with your higher selves. The seeker becomes purged through the crucible of deep self-examination.


Sedona – The Crucible


Sedona is such a vector. It is an energy that bubbles up all that does not serve you. It can be said that Sedona was truly never meant to be an area of habitude, rather a place of vision and introspection. It projects a telluric energy prone to intense ‘electrical’ spikes, not always conducive to emotional tranquility or agreement. That is why many who reside within the core center of this energy are susceptible to entitlement, erratic and extreme emotional highs and lows and eccentric behavior.   Yet it is and remains a perfect energy for questing. And indeed, despite what some may feel, it has not lost that quality…quite the contrary.


Sedona is quite beautiful in its red rock environ, indeed many are captivated by its visual allure. It is an extremely high energy, and while some are capable of adjusting to its highly charged voltage, others find that living outside the eclectic vortex is far more tranquil. It is indeed an energy of inspirational amplification, but not sustainable for all.


The channel suggests that the vortexial parameters of Sedona vary. We will verify this observation. Depending on astrological and telluric measures, the circular diameter can be approximated from 18 miles to 75 miles. Yet the pattern can also shift from circular to ovalesque.


Sedona now has a semi permanent anionic plasmic pool circulating within its counterclockwise rotational field. This is a result of natural magnetic attraction from the massive energy injection of the solar radiation. This is increasing the potency of the vortexial fountains. The plasma fluctuates as far north as Lake Powell and as far south as Scottsdale.  


Not every point within the greater vortex of Sedona is what may be termed an infinity point.  Not every person who quests or meditates in the stargate of an infinity point will be able to raise their frequency sufficiently to have the visionary experience. You see access to travel within the energy of the portal points fluctuates according to Cosmic and astrological forces. Access also varies, with the specific vector of space-time continuum, how these powernodes, infinity points will define themselves. Where one stands based upon space and time. Does one stand upon the past, the future, the present, from which dimensional vector does one approach it? All of these influences change the physics & geometry with each variance of view, you see.


Accordingly, verification of how an individual perceives an infinity point will vary. A third dimensional human will perceive and interpret based upon their light quotient, their awareness and integrity. One may see the portal here or the transference of energy there, and they will interpret it differently, individually.


If you would approach the same portal from a coherent standpoint, it will define itself differently, and each place that you would stand, each varied stance, would offer to you a different perception and a different definition. Ones purpose for questing, the attitude projected must harmonize into harmonic coherency with that termed the ‘Spirit of Place’.


There are those, however well intended, that  speak of visiting ‘power points’ for the purpose of activating them, aligning them and anchoring them. In truth it is the power point that activates, aligns and anchors the human. And each human will receive this in a way tailored and defined by their light quotient, attitude and system of belief.


Infinity points, sacred sites, if you will, involve all that you would term the crystalline codes (of the platonic solids) …  and more as well that are not revealed. They are not revealed, because humanity is not yet sufficiently perceptive.


The conscious mind attempts to make logic out of it, you see. When an expansive paradigm is encountered, the logical mind attempts to fit it into what it already knows and into the frame confirmed by the ingrained main stream science; so the mathematics, the logarithms, the algorithms, all would attempt to locate how to fit the new concept. And of course it would not fit because it is based upon a crystalline essence, and so it would be misunderstood or dismissed. And so the better understanding of the cosmic matrix and the interplay on and with the infinity points on your Earth are waiting for the human group mind to expand a bit more into comprehension of that greater reality.


We would say to you that in 2013 there is even greater light that circles about your planet now, wishing to enter into your mass field of awareness. It is light of a sublime nature. It does not hold 3d logic, it is not confined to ocular vision, it is not the light of yesterday, and it is the light of coherent expansion.


And we will say to you that if you will allow this light to enter your sphere of influence, your field of awareness, you would find yourself lighter in spirit almost immediately, and this is only by intent. This subtle brilliance is available to humankind, to the individual by self-projection. You can apply and avail yourself of it, but YOU must call it forward, and become it. You must engage the light of the truth of wellness within yourself. Because in seeking greater knowledge, one does not always seek or choose to include wellness, self love, but they are synergistically required to do so in achieving the crystalline vibration. Self Love and wellness are complimentary, and each of you will benefit by it.


The Full Moon Eclipse of 2013


In 2013 there is a unique and powerful Triad of Eclipses that are incredibly charged. This is an opening in which the “Guardians of Earth’ will be present, particularly so on the Full Moon Solar Eclipse of May 25. It is termed the WESAK by Buddhist. From the apexial window of May 23 – May 28 the Sedona Vortex will be particularly embellished, and it is an incredibly potent time to pilgrimage to Sedona, for Gatherings in Prayer, in Ceremony and Meditation.


Wesak 2013 is a phase in which Coherency is increased, and can merge with the inner heart. Divine Light can be more easily received by induction and then be projected from within.  You see Divine dimensional light for each human is ultimately transmitted from within your own being.  It is based upon the energy of one’s own truth, the confirmations that are the Cosmos, and from that place they are aggregated.


They are expanded within you as only coherent light frequencies can be, and then vibrate themselves into the mind and heart where, by the magic of your intent, they are converted to wisdom. But it is important that you will know that it is energy that you send energy that you receive, energy that you speak and that you guide and that you call upon that reveals to you your true divine self. Points of light and infinity dot your planet, and they offer great acceleration, but the most important sacred site, you see, is within your heart, and you ever carry it with you.


The most potent energy of 2013 is not the equinox or solstice, rather the Full Moon Eclipse of Wesak.

Sedona: Sacred & Timeless


And so we speak of Sedona…


Sedona is a most sacred and ancient land and was recognized since the days of LeMuria. It has been, and remains, a powerful vortex system, with many energetic pools being generated from the Earth. Much is misunderstood at present regarding the mechanics and vitality of vortex systems. There are those that say this vortex or that system is in need of repair, or in need of alignment. There are some that say this one needs to be anchored. That too is somewhat misconstrued.


We tell you that the vortex of Sedona is a powerful complex and has always been so. It will continue to be so, you see, it is geo-physically triggered by the forces of the Earth herself.


Now, the channel has asked for the defining of what is termed a sacred site, or a point of power. We tell you quite simply that a power point is many things. It is that which is of relevant importance to both the Earth and to humanity, to within and to without the Earth, to the celestial heavens and to the celestial body itself. It is that which empowers, it is that which evolves, it is that which affects conscious evolution, and it is that which is destined to remain a part of humanity’s cellular existence.


A portal is that which allows one source of energy or ‘Beingness” to transfer its energy from one source to another, from one world to another, such as physical or non-physical. It allows that which is a transmission, a transition of energies for purpose, some portals through dimensions, some through space, some through time, and some through all of these. Some portals align to specific star groups, others to specific planets. Some are set to receive energetic feeds of light and of more complex higher dimensional energies. The adept can determine which ones are which types. Many of you who frequent powernodes, who take vision quests and pilgrimages, are well on your way to rediscovering that ability within yourselves.  Such knowledge has been understood in previous earthen experiences, and it is being re-activated by travels to and from, here and there across the continents.


Now, there are many forms of conscious energies that attach themselves to the structure of power sites. This is enabled by the energetic nature and multi dimensional overlay of such locations. When these living Cathedrals are so recognized, the very reverence that they attract from humankind is imbued upon them. The accumulation of such high vibratory emotions collates and forms the energies of what you call ‘guardian spirits.’ This is different from what is called the ‘Spirit of Place’ and differs from the energies of the angelic realm, devic and elemental kingdoms. And we tell you that all of these succinct energies and consciousness exist more tangibly in power points.


So we will say that within Sedona exist all of these. What can be termed as a collective consciousness of ‘spirit guardianship’ is currently drawn primarily from the imbued reverence of the Indigenous peoples who honored this area for millennia. Such was their recognition and understanding that the major vortexes of Sedona were ceremonially utilized and inhabited only for that purpose. And while the energetic signature shifted somewhat when the area became inhabited, the vortexial portal is absolutely still vibrant, and in place. So even though homes, roads and buildings of commerce eventuated in this century; the energy emanated from timeless telluric and cosmic sources still is present.


Primary Mechanics Are In Place


While some of the areas within the ‘Sedona’ vortex have shifted, the primary mechanics have not. Vortex-portal points are timeless, and as such, all that has or will occur in space-time continuum do so in the eternal NOW cumulative resonance of such powernodes.  The eons of reverence within Sedona coexist with what you term the present and future. The vortexial energies are above linear time, above the third dimension. Yet even in linear time Sedona is the mass accumulation of all time since its formation millions of years ago. Accordingly what humanity has done in the past century is but a micro-fraction of the total mass absorption of energies received there for millions and millions of linear years. Do you understand? 


 You see, such areas reflect and absorb the harmonic of those within its structure, but not just of the present. Such powernodes are an amalgamation in ‘ Eternal NOW’ time essence, of past, present and future. They are timeless in aspect. 


There has been, nonetheless, a significant drawing of reverent seekers to this area in current times, and these are devoted to the sacred guardianship and preservation of the vortex harmonic. The ceremonies of sacred ceremonial dance and spiritual understanding have been re-energized and continue to seek the balance. These activities are so appropriate, and, you see, the Earth, the Energies of Place do indeed respond tenfold. 

Question to Metatron: You have previously mentioned Sedona as one of the areas in which Hollow Earth Beings can sometimes surface. Can you expand on the Inner Earth Beings in this region?


Metatron Response:

Indeed, certain the areas of Arizona, including Sedona contain specific  points in which caverns exist that lead to Inner Earth Civilizations. But rarely do these beings surface.


Beneath parts of Sedona and the especially volcanic area and caldera of the San Francisco Peaks (near Flagstaff ) are a network of tunnels and inhabited subterranean chasms of ‘Hollow Earth’. Such apertures  also occur in the area of the Grand Canyon. These are inhabited by what would be considered fourth dimensional beings. Those that were third dimensional of LeMurian descent but have not claimed a fifth dimensional reception. They are those of an in-between nature, quite accustomed to being in the Earth, not yet wanting to allow a body to dissipate, not yet called to the fifth dimensional state. The realms of the fourth dimension can experience the tangibility of the first three dimensions. It is as if a third dimension plus, you see all three plus the fourth, not just the fourth…although the  fourth dimensional state is primarily non-physical, in your terms. And yes, the true fifth dimensional state is also non-physical, an enlightened translucent state, but that does not mean it cannot be sought and realized from a base of physicality. The third dimensional state, then, is the density of the physical state. A ‘third dimensional plus’ energy would be a little of all of the above, which is why they find themselves within the Earth,but not completely capable of surfacing, not completely capable of becoming fifth dimensional beings. It is an alternate choice, a parallel reality choice. One selected when the beings of LeMuria chose to leave the surface world at the time of the deluge of Mu, some 30 thousand years ago in your time.


There are other such subterranean colonies throughout the Earth. Others of kind in Arkansas, Arizona, California, Central & South America, Chile, Easter Island, Brazil, Argentina , Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia.


Question to Metatron: You have spoken of the energies of the Sedona Vortex as being intense, and somewhat difficult for residential life. Are the energies there in imbalance?


Metatron Response: We will say that the energies are unbalanced in certain aspects, but in one important sense, it can be said that they are ‘designed’ to be so.  The ionic ratio in Sedona is electro-magnetically in imbalance, but it is that one-sided accumulation of anionic charge that defines the vortex, and allows for visioning to be more accessible. The ‘veil’ is very thin in this region, in great part specifically  because of these ‘ionic differentials. It  is why many metaphysicians, writers, artist and such  are drawn to Sedona. Inspirational states are more easily accessed. The other side of the same coin is that delusional ungrounding also occurs more frequently.


Now, the vortex of Sedona is currently seeking the balance of what is termed the male and female energies. It is the equal balance that is desired, and at present this area of the Americas is in imbalance. The influx of the softer, more subtle feminine energy is being received via the portal and disseminated via the vortex engine. And we add that the anionic aspect of plasma can be considered in broad terms the carrier of what may be considered as frequencially feminine, in a manner of speaking. 


The very potency of geo magnetic and geo electric forces within the vortex system of Sedona are capable of creating an initial imbalance in those that visit there. You see, it amplifies that which is within in order to allow energetic observation for purification. The indigenous understood this, and accordingly only their teachers and adepts and certain ‘Medicine Elders’ resided full time within the vortex. The villages were largely outside the core of the vortex.


That is why some of the residents of Sedona may appear to be eccentric or imbalanced. The electromagnetic frequencial in power sites can in itself create what we will term an energetic pressure differential with the human CEF (Crysto-Electric Field) or auric field.


In the process and period of equalization, auric fissures can occur, until such time as the balance is recreated. As such, there are times when it is prudent for the human to not overstay in power sites, until their auric energy is better adjusted to the harmonic. Those who choose to live in such sites will in time either gain the equilibrium or experience imbalance.

Question to Metatron: You have previously mentioned Sedona being hemispherical in ‘pairing’ with Lake Titicaca. Can you speak on this?


Metatron Response: Sedona is indeed aligned with the vortex of Lake Titicaca. The two might be said to be hemispheric counterbalances, one in clockwise vector, the other in counterclockwise. The communication between the two is immense and is connected to the purpose of what the Hopi termed, ‘The Eagle and the Condor.’ Many are drawn to the two in contract with this energetic blending.


We will add that hemispheric pairings often occurs in major Vortexial-Portals between the southern and northern polarities. This also occurs with Mount Shasta and Easter Island, Banff and Patagonia, and with Arkansas and Brazil.


Now, in reference to Sedona and Titicaca, we will say that at this time the more potent, the more balanced, the more vital of these two vortexes is Lake Titicaca. You see, at this time, Lake Titicaca is providing an energetic assistance to Sedona, and in the past there were times when Sedona provided such assistance to the south. But now, on your Earth, it is the southern portal that provides energy to the northern, and as such, much of the feminine is so drawn.


Question to Metatron: You have spoken of extra terrestrial bases below Sedona. Please speak on this topic.


Metatron Response: Indeed, within Sedona there are also several extraterrestrial bases. Those of Sirius B and the Pleiades have at varies times involved themselves in the maintenance of the ley system and energetic matrix of the portal complex. Certain of the Pleiadeans and Sirians, called Starseed, have worked with the spiritual indigenous peoples in this area. One of the Elders of ‘First Nation’ spoke to you during your quest at Shaman’s Dome, of his childhood experiences with a Starseed ‘shape-shifter’ near there.  These were quite valid. Indeed you were contacted by projections of these energies in your experience in Shamans Cave. These were from an aspect of the Pleiades that was termed Star Nation.


 One of several primary Pleiadean-Sirian   Star-Gates in the Sedona area is focused at Shaman’s Cave, as the channel has correctly described in his journal. And while Shamans Cave is indeed a special and unique stargate, there are others in the area, and we will add that these points shift and fluctuate. They are not as permanent or continually fixed as one might believe.


There are also ‘extra-terrestrial highways’  in the area of Boynton Canyon and Airport Mesa that can be considered as dimensional junction manifolds, in which hyper-space can expand to allow for brief-temporal glimpses into other worlds and provide abbreviated flashing peeks of ‘interdimensional travelers’.   Is that not intriguing?




The geometry of Sedona is complex; consisting of the tetrahedron and hexahedron, and these two are enclosed within the octahedron. The tetrahedron represents the aspect of humankind, the hexahedron humanities search for understanding and knowledge, and the octahedron the connection to the ‘Celestial Beingness’. The octahedron is the I AM of  ‘as below- so above.’ It is the emergence.


It is not just academic knowledge, but the ‘experience’  of seeking higher knowledge that is required on the path of Mastery, for only through expereince does knowledge become wisdom.


From the sacred and hallowed Star-Gate of Sedona, one can go very high. One may fly into the heavens, so far  that the velveteen blue turns to luminous white…and from that place, looking downward, you will see that there is a reason for everything.


You are beloved!


… And so it is…

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