Benjamin Fulford: Signs of Cabal Defeat Are Proliferating

HJ: As the higher dimensional energies continue to pour in, we are simultaneously receiving reports from the trenches that the power network of the cabal is slowly but surely collapsing.  Indeed there have been many news reports from mainstream sources over the past few weeks confirming many of the things Ben and other sources have been speaking about.  For those who are aware, it is obvious that something is definitely afoot, although the exact details of what is transforming remain slightly hazy.  When looked at in the grand scheme of things, the Cabal’s days are numbered on this plane, the question is simply, how long will it take to manifest.  While a year or two or ten is nothing when looking at events unfolding in cosmic cycles, in our current linear experience of reality, this is still a long time.

We do have the ability to shift into vertical time, however, that is not the subject of this article.  For more information on vertical timeline shifting, see the DL Zeta article: Shifting Into Vertical Time

– Truth

By Benjamin Fulford | Benjamin Fulford

Signs that the Satanic cabal is headed for a decisive defeat are proliferating. One clear indication is that even corporate media has begun to report on Satanic paedophiliac ceremonies presided over by the likes of UK media star Jimmy Savile.

Furthermore, 311 tsunami and nuclear terrorist attack accomplice Senator J. Rockefeller announced he was not running for re-election. This is a sign the Rockefellers are joining the Bush clan in being ousted from secret power. In France, meanwhile, another cabal leader, former President Nicholas Sarkozy is facing criminal prosecution on charges of accepting bribes from foreign leaders. Then we have a mysterious visit by Obama to the Pentagon for a “personal fitness boot camp,” on January 12th.

Secret negotiations, meanwhile, continue to remove the US dollar from Federal Reserve Board control and into the hands of the 180 nation BRICS coalition. Despite attempts by cabalists to derail these talks, they are proceeding smoothly.

Also, the situation in the Middle East has taken a dramatic turn as control of Iraqi oilfields is being handed over to prominent Kurdish families as a part of the process of creating a Sunni super-state encompassing Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Libya. Three prominent Kurdish activists were killed last week to help facilitate this process, according to MI5 sources. The Turkish government is being offered Kurdish oil money in exchange for allowing limited autonomy for Kurds. The killed activists were taking a more hardline stance than Mr. Ocalan, the jailed Kurdish leader who is negotiating with the Turks on this issue. If you ever saw the movie Midnight Express, about a Western male prisoner repeatedly raped in a Turkish jail, you might wonder if a Kurdish leader in a Turkish jail is the best person to be put in charge of the negotiations. One of the killed activists was Ocalan’s girlfriend.

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  1. I’ll believe the Cabal will be totally defeated when gun violence will stop in the States. Otherwise forget it.

  2. The cabal WILL never disappear because the 3D duality Earth is still functional and
    this cabal act as the negative to the positive……

    Namaste !

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