Ascended Masters: Cosmic Reflections on the Dawn of 2013

HJ: I first became aware of Judith K. Moore through the Sedona Journal, which I highly recommend to all readers of the Healers Journal.  It is by far, the best source for channeled information (outside of this site, of course : ).  Published monthly, it only contains vetted, accurate sources of higher dimensional information.  I know many you of will feel an instant connection with it and wonder where it has been your whole life.  Definitely a game changer.
Anyways, it is message like these that offer great food for thought for those seeking to understand the higher dimensional nature of life in this universe.  What one must understand when reading material like this, is that just as different races and cultural groups of people on Earth have different descriptions and metaphors for the same concepts, so do they higher dimensional races and cultures.  So it is that there are different terms that describe universally constant ideas and truths.  What is important to recognize is the overarching concepts that are being described within these messages, not getting lost in the semantics of how they are described and named.  I find this to be a stumbling point for many who claim there are wild contradictions within all the different messages.  Yes, there are sometimes minor contradictions, but I find that these almost never contradict the larger spiritual messages and themes being presented in these works.  Do not miss the forest for the trees.
Although predictions made by changelings are interesting, that is not really the point of their messages (at least the reputable ones anyway).  The point of changelings, in my opinion, is to provide us with greater understanding of advanced spiritual concepts and to help us understand the bigger picture of what it means to exist in this Universe.  After all, advancing on the spiritual is what it is all about, everything else is just par for the course.  When one begins to understand this and work with it, external events, again, while interesting, take on less and less significance as the seekers gaze turns inward.
– Truth
Ascended Masters via Judith K. Moore |

The Cosmic Moon Illuminates Waves of Radiance Through the Ascended Master Plane Seeding Great Wisdom

J: I’m in Denver. I awoke with a lot of very intense brain sensations this morning bringing in high frequencies, and I kept identifying with the power of the moon right now, and feeling a very strong presence of the Ascended Masters.

I open to the Source of Infinite Wisdom and the Cosmic Oneness.

The source of all life is given the power to illuminate a desire within the human spirit. This desire inspires humanity to attain higher ideals and reach for the Light. The Ascended Masters have always been the guardians of the sources of Light that carries the inspiration of Light, the inspiration of life and the power to communicate with humanity and awaken the higher ideals within the human mind that creates an ability for the human to aspire to great things, great creativity, and to co-create with the forces of Creation on the level of manifestation that only humans can perform.

As the mind and the soul aligns with Creation, the highest potential for human existence now opens the light that illuminates the power of the life force. The waves and the energies generated from this, the Cosmic Moon, triggers something within the Creation Codes of humanity as it awakens this light that is spoken of, of the Ascended Masters plane, the Light of Illuminance. The radiance of this light triggers that very element within the human psyche that aspires to co-create with Creation.

As was spoken, the Ascended Masters have always been guardians of the higher planes of consciousness that are comprised of this Light of Creation, this Illuminant light. The Aquarian Doorways of Light now in the power of the 1 and the 13 align with the Cosmic forces of the Ascended Master plane, and each Ascended Master prepares to bring yet a new wisdom to humanity. Each Ascended Master focuses their energies into this force to trigger this great creative aspiration in the human psyche.

It is by light and the power of One that this life force energy that co-creates with Creation is activated and triggered. The lunar/solar/stellar frequencies are accelerated with the alignment to cosmic source through the galactic center now. Just as the waves of the ocean and the birth waters are moved by the power of the lunar force, 28 being the lunar cycle, today 12/28/12, the radiance of the lunar forces illuminate the Ascended Masters’ frequencies, the frequencies from the ascension planes triggering a bioenergetic response in the human psyche that births this aspiration of light, this great inspiration, and it is through this inspiration the challenges and problems of the world will be resolved. It is through this inspiration the great Universities of Light will evolve, inspiring the Souls of Light that have come onto the earth for this purpose to build new paradigm systems, to create Libraries of great knowledge, and to raise, truly raise the intelligence of the species.

Intelligence is referred to as the capacity to problem solve, to resolve, and to co-create with Creation itself. The intelligence of the cellular mind now receives this powerful illumination from the Ascension Planes through the solar/stellar/lunar Doorways of Light by the force, by the force and the power of this, the Cosmic Moon.

And these light codes seed the human psyche with knowledge that is accountable to the bio-ecological systems of the earth, inspirations of great wisdom and ideologies that align mind/body/spirit with the Source of Infinite Oneness and the unified field.

The Ascended Masters are masters over this great opening, this great plan for human evolution. They have long mentored that which was brilliant in humanity, they have long awaited for this great opening, an opportunity to communicate with humanity in a way that is prolific, prosperous, and spreads the seeds of light throughout human existence. Many souls that receive these seeds now will incarnate in other worlds to bring their intelligence, creativity and power of wisdom to other worlds that are young, and will find their inspiration through the Ascended Master Plane from these Emissaries of Light that are here on this earth now specifically to receive these, the Cosmic Codes.

Today, 12/28/12 is encoded from the Gregorian calendar as a Master Key for this radiance, for this seeding of great potential, knowledge and wisdom. And all that is given of this light of great knowledge is given forth from the source of Infinite Oneness from the source of Love that is Creation. And that which is seeded upon the earth only is nurtured by love. It is only fertile through the integral aspirations of those who seek in service to resolve the dilemmas of the old paradigm to heal human suffering, to restore the ecosystem, and to open great Schools of Light that the children may know their higher creative potential, rather than be limited by old paradigm systems that created linear structures in their thought forms. And remember, remember what is spoken here.

There are souls on this planet now who will take this great gift to other worlds inspiring the inhabitants there with this great gift of the God Source now, that humanity is seeded with through the days of illumination, in the lunar force of the Cosmic Moon. Many of you of this ascension group, the 131313, have opened to a deeper relationship with the Ascended Masters. You know their frequencies and their unique attributes. They have prepared you well for this awakening force.

Open in meditation to the Ascended Masters now. They ready you to make fertile these Cosmic Seeds, to make prolific this great wisdom, for first it must be channeled as Light into the planet, and as Light into the world. First they must make that link with you, their human emissaries. Each Ascended Master has a divine design for the ascension of humanity. And now, now, their capacity to guide you has empowered their light. Their light, the light of the Ascended Masters is accelerated, and the vibration of the Ascended Masters’ plane is infusing the Emissaries of Light with the codes that are necessary to trigger this force in the psyche of humanity. For you are the key keepers for the ascension process of critical mass.

As you channel this energy, you channel it through your heart with only a desire for the goodness, for the highest good and for the fulfillment of the divine plan for human existence. This, beloved ones, is the reason you were initiated, awakened and prepared, for today is a great opening. And is there but one spot, one point of light? No. It is vast. Every zero point field is vast in the time of existence.

Imagine, you are ready to trigger the light that makes useful the cosmic frequencies. Your DNA is ready to receive these Codes of Light and translate it into frequencies that generate from your psyche, from your aura through the heart center. And like great speakers from the God Source, you will generate this light into the world. Like great crystals, you will radiate it.


From the day of 12/21/12, there are seven days to 12/28/12. This is Epiphany of Light from the forces of the 7 days of Creation. And this day, this day, Beloved Ones, the gift through the mathematical formulas of the Galactic Source, the gift is made ready to be used, to be channeled. And the power of this gift is magnificent. You the Emissaries of Light, you have come upon the earth to prepare well the days of the future, to prepare well the way of the world.

So open now, for each Ascended Master has a blessing for humanity. Through you this light is birthed in this day of the birthing in the full moon frequencies in the Lunar Time Spell of the full moon frequencies. As the moon brings birth now, the Cosmic Moon births the great illumination of humanity’s creative potential. And it will come forth in the hearts of man as inspiration, inspirations of Light.

Step by step, they will take hands with each other, forming great forces of unity upon this earth, and stand forth for righteousness and stand forth for truth and stand forth for love. You are invited to receive this message through the heart-spirit connection, for there are words beyond the words, and meanings beyond the meanings, and purpose beyond that which you can read or understand or listen to because it is Godly purpose. The guardians of all that is good and wise and beautiful in the illumination of humans’ highest potential guides you through the Ascended Master plane.

Blessed be, so be it and so it is.

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  1. Just…..absolutely…..beautiful. Thank you SO much for sharing this messege, this special day. It really moved me.

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