Mark Husson: 2013 Sun Sign Forecasts, Important Dates and Energetic Reading

HJ: Astrology is truly an ‘artful’ science in every sense of the word.  It is all about interpretation and finding an astrologer who resonates with your sensibility.  That being said, Mark Husson has done a fantastic job (in my eyes) of elucidating the celestial influences that are on the horizon for 2013.  He starts this overview with the advice: ‘Get ready to take more action.”  For the majority of humanity, this is timeless wisdom, especially in 2013.  This coming year is absolutely brimming with raw potential and to access it, all one needs to do is take concerted action in a positive direction.  Simple, profound, truth.  This technically has always been the case, however, now you will find that this process unfolds with much greater ease and grace instead of the upward struggle it once was.  That does not mean that there will be no struggle.  Indeed if your spiritual path calls for struggle in order for you to learn the lessons you need to learn, then most certainly you will experience struggle, however, you will also simultaneously have more support that ever before and so these struggles will be easier to overcome than they previously have been.

I am witnessing this in action all around me.  Family, friends, acquaintances… you name it — all are being offered divine grace at this moment.  As soon as they open to their higher selves and embark on their journey of healing and spiritual advancement, opportunities and miracles (yes, miracles) begin to manifest into their lives.  All they needed to do was say ‘Yes’ to the universe and take action, in many cases just baby steps, and suddenly they were being offered incredible support like I have never seen before.

The key to accessing all this is a shift in perspective (if needed) and concerted action.  The rest will unfold in divine time and serendipity.  Simple, no?  It always has been!  However, we have a tendency to complicate things by not trusting ourselves and getting caught up in the illusion of external reality, which is a powerful and hypnotic beast.

More than anything else, I hope Mark’s forecast for 2013 gives you great hope and inspiration, so much so that you you take decisive action towards realizing your dreams and goals at this time.  To a great year!

– Truth

What’s in the Stars for 2013?

Your Horoscopes for the New Year.  December 29, 2012

By Mark Husson | Heal Your Life

Get ready to take more action.

I’M HONORED to be one of your tour guides into 2013 as I think there is a big shift occurring for all of us and the planets do concur. It is my intention to offer you a gentle overview of your 2013 year ahead but I would be remiss if I did not remind you that I can only give you the general energies, the trends that are apparent. Any specifics to your life can only be general and I would not make big, life-changing decisions based upon what I say for your sign. Take what supports you and toss anything else away. You are the captain of your destiny and I’m the little stowaway who has stared at the stars for so long they gave me a job on your ship to write about it.

Bon Voyage 2012!

Before we dive into the future, let’s take a quick review of 2012.

2012 had many great shifts, astrologically speaking. Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune all found new homes (signs) to live in, giving us a new perspective.

You may remember that Mars started off the year going backwards. It was traversing through Virgo back in November of 2011 and then in January reversed course back through the entire Virgo sign right up until May. So the entire first 6 months of 2012 were spent adapting, clearing and cleaning up!

Suffice it to say, that kind of grand change in one year takes some getting used to and although many of us made amazing achievements in 2012, they  usually required an extraordinary amount of due diligence.

Important Dates in 2013

If we are anything, we are primed and ready to take action in 2013! The summary of the year is in a word, “Remarkable!”  Filled with supportive alignments and 5 eclipses, 2013 looks like it has the makings of one of those years we’ll be referencing for a long time.

The following dates are notable because they are shifts that affect us all. In addition to your horoscopes, take a look at these cycles and apply them as you feel it is appropriate.

Mercury Retrograde:  These are cycles of enormous value because they bring us closer to our subconscious mind (A.K.A. the smarter mind).  If you take the time during these cycles to listen, you can take any action you want. If you hear people around you saying scary stuff about the retrogrades, remember this, “Apple released the iPad under a retrograde and more than 50% of the Fortune Five Hundred companies were founded under a Mercury retrograde cycle including Microsoft.

Here are the Mercury Retrograde dates

February 23 – March 17 – Pisces

June 26 – July 20 – Cancer

October 21 – November 10 – Scorpio

It should be noted each of the Water Signs host a Mercury retrograde.  In combination with what the other planets are doing, I think it suggests a banner year for people with these signs prominent in their charts (having a rising, moon or Sun in Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio).

Eclipses:  There are 5 Eclipses in 2013. Eclipses are new or full Moons that are in exact alignment so the shadow of the Moon or Earth is seen. Eclipses are “Marker events” or events that mark a change or shift in attitude or circumstance so as per usual, “keep an eye on their sign placement.”

The Eclipse Dates:

April 25th:  Scorpio (Lunar/Full)

May 9: Taurus (Solar/New)

May 24 -May 25 (look in your area):  Sagittarius (Lunar/Full)

October 18: Aries (Lunar/Full)

November 3: Scorpio (Total Solar/New)

Do you see your Sun, Moon or Rising Sign up there?  Make note of your emotions and how you feel. Often these moons help us see what we are lacking so we can aim for correction.

How to Work the Horoscopes

Read the horoscope for your Rising Sign if you know it. If you don’t, read the horoscope for your Sun Sign and remember, if it doesn’t fit, don’t wear it.

I know 2013 will serve you impeccably, just as 2012 did. We’re better today than yesterday, not half as good as we will be tomorrow.

Here’s to a year of remarkable reminders.



“Tenderness and kindness are not signs of weakness and despair but manifestations of strength and resolution” – Kahlil Gibran

You have been in the “proper” flow with the universal energies, if not one step ahead. For example, when the planets “want” us to rest, you’ve already been thinking about slowing down. When the season urges us to work, the thought about work came to you weeks prior. This kind of quick awareness, when accurate, has likely been one of the main causes of your impatience.

In 2013 you and the cycles are in sync, and that’s a good thing; but too much of that kind of ease tends to activate the warrior in you, and the warrior doesn’t always like things to be too easy.

2013 will find you bursting with information and you are on the forefront. No matter what the topic around you, there is a great chance you’ll have something relevant to say about it. It has something to do with Uranus in Aries. It opens up your mind (or what some would call the Crown Chakra) and you have instant access to things you didn’t even know you knew.

Since all this wisdom is trickling in at an alarming rate, you’ll be itching to be on the move in order to share it (no Aries can pass up the chance to inspire someone). By mid March or April the dam will break. You’ll find the energy you’ve been looking for and you can finally use it to clean up those tax issues or other mundane bummers that keep you looking in the other direction.

Much of the spring will be about setting up security for your future which includes an authority issue you will have to confront. With a little introspection, you may discover the edgy nervous-like behavior you carry is simply a tiny fear that you’re being judged as “not good enough.” That’s part of your mythological archetype. The Aries (Jason, of Jason and the Argonauts in this case) is sent on a perilous mission to “prove” their worth. Once you look directly at this fear, you can watch it transform and with all this new wisdom you’re gaining from Uranus, it’ll be fast and painless.

By summer, you’ll have the clarity you desire to know what you need and want to do. It makes things a lot easier.

In fall, the Full Moon in Aries comes as a Lunar Eclipse and imprints you with the strength and clarity every warrior dreams of. If you have been responsible and focused, you will feel the shackles have finally been unlocked and a direction is given. If you have wanted to move, this is the year it will likely happen. If moving isn’t part of your plan, then you could be simply remodeling or perhaps expanding the number of people that live with you. It is also suggesting a better than average probability that you will be working on your own during this cycle, or investigating those possibilities with more fervor than ever. This looks like a crazy good year for travel and romance; a year that allows you to feel you have accomplished something that means something to YOU.

Affirmation for the year: I follow my heart – it leads me perfectly.


“Only passions, great passions, can elevate the soul to great things.” – Denis Diderot

In 2012 you had the blessing of Jupiter around you and it’s likely that you made some needed changes to your life. When Saturn entered Scorpio (October) things may have gotten more serious, causing you to focus on a solid plan to insure your security.  Creating from desire is a skill you were forced to hone last year and the rewards in 2013 will prove worthy of any sacrifice you were asked to make.

Up to now, you may have been vacillating about your life, wondering what you were going to do, going on random acts of shopping binges hoping to find external security! The important part of that sentence is “up to now.” In 2013 gifts will come because you are clear enough to make a decision.

In 1999 when Saturn was in your home sign of Taurus, you began to get serious about your life. You wanted to make a change and you had both the desire and willpower to start taking some steps to implement your plan. Seven years later, your decision was tested and you likely made serious refinements to your life. With Saturn’s move into Scorpio in October 2012 the cycle is exactly half-way complete. Now, 14 years later, you, along with Saturn, will assess your progress. This halfway point is critical because it requires flexibility (AKA compromise) but it does NOT mean submitting.  In 2013 you will discover your  plan to get what you want with minimal sacrifice. (We know how you hate sacrifice). Most of this restructuring happens in the first 3 months of the year.

The last part of April and all of May prove to be filled with support. Your ruling planet Venus and her counterpart, Mars, will both be in the sign of Taurus suggesting your desires will be extraordinarily powerful – and we already know that you get what you desire. You will be in a high cycle of external acceptance (meaning people will like you) and you will likely gain a great advantage stemming from this nice psychological position. The month of May also offers you support in the form of a new Moon Eclipse that is sure to add fuel to your remarkable powers of manifestation!

The Taurus weakness is failing to tame their “Bull of Desire.” In other words, if you want something bad enough, you will stop at nothing to have it, even if the acquisition is not good for you. Be sure to check in with yourself and lovingly ask if what you’re wanting makes sense. If it does then light your fire!

Pluto provides powerful support and puts wind under the wings of your goals. Your finances are stabilizing though you may be getting a request from family members (a sibling) for help. It’s always nice to err on the side of generosity.

Autumn brings a wonderful soothing breeze to your life. Your dreams and psychic premonitions are activated causing you to take another look at your journey. Making the right choices will insure your security and the right choice is always the choice that resonates with your belly within.

November brings the promise of a New Moon of Power, an eclipse that ignites a profound clarity within you; change, good change, can result. Give the forces of your life some credit for knowing what’s good for you in 2013 and they will support you with remarkable fulfillment. Stay flexible.


“Scared and sacred are spelled with the same letters. Awful proceeds from the same root word as awesome. Terrify and terrific. Every negative experience holds the seed of transformation.” – Alan Cohen

Work has always been a challenge for you, Gemini. It’s not because you have a weakness; on the contrary, it’s your love of learning and your cat-like curiosity that keeps your eye on the ever moving “possibilities.” However, seeing the constant array of opportunities doesn’t tend to support you in the fine discipline of living in the moment. Boredom is as repugnant to you as patience is to Aries, or the phrase “Don’t buy that now” is to a Taurus.

Thankfully, you’ll have no trouble staying blissfully stimulated in 2013 thanks to Jupiter, Mars and a cool eclipse.

I see the main focus for you this year is not just about making money, but how you make your money. With Saturn in your house of service, it has begun to matter to you – this “making a difference” thing. You have certainly mastered your abilities and have gone from a Jack/Jill of all trades to Master of a few. You have diligently refined your skills over the last two years and you are now ready to decide how best to use them.

Neptune entered Pisces in February 2012 and is starting to influence your career house. This pitch forked titan is introducing you to a magical creativity that allows you to expand your visionary eye to all areas of your life. When you’re focused on your career, there is a renewed awareness of the infinite possibilities waiting for you. The only negative to this new vision is that it can create a desire for “recreational escapism.”

Having a drink after a hard day is one thing, but if you notice you can’t get into your groove without medicating, then it’s time for a morning walk or stress reducing workout. By the way, Neptune the master of imagination and illusion reminds you to check all facts before you believe them.

Much of the beginning of the year will be about gaining new territory in your work sphere. You will be driven with a natural desire and doors magically appear to open for you. You notice this beginning in February. Since Jupiter is moving forward in Gemini, February through May, you will seem to soar at sonic speeds. It is indeed a “lucky” time for you but you may not feel lucky if you try to direct the flow by thinking you know what’s best. It’s okay to have a goal in mind but leave the driving to your higher self.

Mars is in Gemini this summer and though it can inspire you, you’ll still want to watch out for outbursts of impatience. If you’re on a roll, you’ll perceive any demands on you as unnecessary interference. You may want to warn the people close to you: if you looked focused – you are. If maneuvered consciously, you’ll have made some significant progress before autumn.

From October on, try to notice the changes that are taking place with your life and even in the lives of those around you as they will act as metaphors to the changes coming your way. If a recurring theme seems to emerge, you are probably getting a glimpse into the effects of the November eclipse – the final icing to be placed on your 2013 cupcake.

Be sure to make note of the Mercury Retrogrades that I’ve posted at the beginning of the article. As your signed is ruled by Mercury, it’s particularly important for you to be aware to avoid inappropriate or thoughtless actions during these cycles.

In summary, 2013 catapults you to a new adventure that has been in the works for a long time. You’ll be adding travel and diversity to your list of enjoyments making this the year that you might just fall in love again with what you do.


2013 is a good year to be a Cancer (Cancer Rising, Sun or Moon). Jupiter makes its way to your sign this summer and brings expanding opportunities (yes, that expansion includes waistlines if you aren’t careful). Since you are ruled by the Moon, it’s important to keep an eye on all Lunar activity, which includes eclipses. 2013 will bring 5 new Eclipses, targeting your Career, your Friends and your Creativity! Yes, Cancer there are lots of celestial indicators this may be the year of the new/expanded profession!

Thanks to Saturn being in your complimentary sign of Scorpio, you can now feel the support that often eludes you. Saturn may activate a desire in you to deepen a relationship so you can feel safe enough to take risks with your creative side. It’s not that you can’t create without relationships; it’s that you can’t create without a feeling of security and the right person tends to give you that. You may find that children play an important role in your life this year, giving you the chance to teach them how to identify and responsibly use their innate gifts. If you don’t have children, then replace the word with your “inner child.”

February through March finds Mars and Venus bringing Pisces to complete the water trilogy (There are three water signs and there is a planet in each of them this month. They are Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio). This smooth trio of connections suggests that what you put in motion during these two months has an extraordinary chance of success and can manifest at an accelerated rate. The only negative part of having all three water signs represented in the sky is that it could cause a lack of motivation. So if you can avoid inertia, you’ll find you can accomplish an extraordinary amount with ease.

April 24 is the first of three eclipses. This first one, a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio presents you with a new burst of passion. Because you are ruled by the Moon, you are very affected by the lunar cycles. Chances are you will feel like you are plugged in and unstoppable. Emotional expression is urgent and eager; so allow yourself to take a few minutes out to cry, laugh, or whatever is in your heart.

In late June, Jupiter introduces itself to you the way it did in July of 2001. Like a new partner, Jupiter represents the hope of the future and the promise of endless possibilities; but that isn’t always a guarantee of what’s to come. You have to be ready and willing to embrace new possibilities. The problem is, Cancers tend to feel safe and find the idea of change too scary. You will find your natural rhythm eventually so don’t put yourself in any uncomfortable situations.

Just as the Summer presents you with new faces, Autumn will allow you to think more deeply about what you truly desire in a mate. If you are in a relationship, you may find yourself asking more significant questions than you had before as you attempt to find the clarity you need. Your restlessness combined with the security of Saturn may have you struggling to find the perfect fit for a partner and for work. It’s helpful to remember, if you don’t try to mix them into one experience, you can easily enjoy both.

The year ends with a beautiful eclipse in Scorpio (November 3). Once again the universe is supporting you to touch the creative part of yourself. You will be very fertile during this time so if you are planning to have a child your chances are extraordinary. If children are not your desire or in your plans, then perhaps you’ll be giving birth to a new project. It will be exciting to see.

Whatever 2013 is for you, it will be one of the most memorable years to come to you in a while.


“When you fight yourself to discover the real you, there is only one winner.” – Stephen Richards

2013 confronts your need for autonomy in a powerful way. You’ve tried it “their” way, but now, with Saturn in your house of the personal internal collective, you have a strong desire to create what you need to make you happy. This may mean you have to rearrange components of your life to help accommodate you but you will be uncompromising and clear.

The year starts out with issues about your new routine, diet, ritual and anything that you’ve relied on to give you a sense of purpose and power. It’s important you stay in your ritual, even if it is perceived as mundane because eventually, as we move toward spring, something in you ignites and you’ll be glad you built up your inner and outer strength. Within this whirlwind of energy you may notice desires emerging. Perhaps they appear in the form of wanderlust or maybe you are struck with the desire to go back to school or travel.  Whatever it is, it will hit you intensely and if you stay your course, you could find yourself in a completely new circumstance, filled with the “right” kind of support by summer!

The main issue I see for you this year, Leo, is in your expectations of others. It seems that as you ride your happy wave, you assume that everyone around you is also happy and riding the waves with you! This misconception may cause you to get some unexpected reactions. You see, it seems that you did that thing that you do every so often; when you’re in pain you spare no behavior that lets people know about your discomfort. But when things are good, you can just leap away, expecting everyone to celebrate your freedom from pain like it was never there. Those who were there for you, ready to wipe your brow, can end up feeling unappreciated. This wasn’t your intention or your meaning, but it can happen nevertheless. So before you leap off to do your happy dance, take some “Thank you” cards with you.

Oh and don’t forget, we’re all glad you’re happy because there are few things worse than an unhappy Leo!

Matters of a spiritual nature will find you in 2013. You might find you are opening yourself to new beliefs that feel more supportive. Prepare yourself for an increase of friends and like-minded folk as you continue to hold a tender space for your desires. The more you support your interests and passions, the more magic you bring your way – but do remember your “Thank you” notes.

Autumn (September/ October) are the months that seem to ground you a bit and allow you to take a good look at your current circumstances. This is a similar cycle to the one you went through in September, October and November 2011. However, that one may have been overshadowed by the retrograde of Mars. There is a lot this year that suggests you are being watched over. Regardless of your beliefs, you will likely feel the kind hand of unseen forces protecting and guiding you to the perfect choices. Next year, Jupiter will catch up to you allowing you to see why you were so driven to “get prepared.”

You should remember 2013 with a smile on your face, especially as you remember the people who cheered you on.

Tally Ho!


“The secret to creativity is learning how to hide your sources.” – Albert Einstein

It’s not always easy being a Virgo (Sun, Moon, or Rising). No matter how many projects you accept, no matter how tempting it is to take shortcuts, you maintain an inner compass that just won’t let you take the path of least resistance and often it’s to the benefit of everyone else! But your work is about to pay off in 2013.

The opening that takes place in your career near the end of January is rather extraordinary; especially when you consider that partners, children and creativity are all fighting for your time.

You see, Pluto in the sky is rolling through your 5th house and is prompting you to look at things in a different way. You may even find yourself asking this question more than once, “Why haven’t I ever seen this before?” Some part of Virgo (and we know which part) needs to fit all the pieces of the puzzle together before taking the plunge into anything. So if you’re seeing things in a different light, the first thing you’ll do is check to make sure that the light bulbs are working properly. It’s a great practice and it’s why you rarely make mistakes of any consequence (…of any consequence to the rest of us, that is. I suspect all mistakes bear the same level of disappointment in you.).

But this year, 2013, you’ll start to find things just have a way of working out and sometimes even BETTER when your mind isn’t helping!! That’s a rare treat for you!

2013 brings all sorts of changes to your world and I’m having a hard time finding one you won’t like. There is the issue of how to set up the perfect environment that’s conducive to your creative process when so many others rely on you to subjugate your needs for them; after all, you trained them – but more on that at another time.

This spring launches the wonderful push of Mars into Taurus, connecting you to all the earth planets. (Pluto in Capricorn, Your Virgo Rising, Sun or Moon and Mars in Taurus). The stage is being set for your liberation from your internal and external obligations.  People that have relied on you may seem to have a greater capacity to fend for themselves, although you will likely never completely break ties, it will be a significant time saver for you. Saturn is giving you a renewed urge to erect stronger and more resilient boundaries so that you can focus on that book or project that has been sitting on your back burner!

October is the starting line to a lovely new beginning and we may find you (get ready – take a breath – wait for it) BREAKING THE RULES and allowing the solutions to be created FOR YOU (with your guidance of course). This is a big change of pace, a Virgo delegating and trusting others to assist! This is the result of realizing not only the enormous possibilities ahead of you but also recognizing the amount of time you’ve wasted on worrying. I’m not saying you’re not going to work hard, you always do and 2013 is no exception but you can expect results and that is a good feeling.

2013 brings a Mercury Retrograde in each of the water signs (Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio) suggesting deeper dialogues for you in the areas relating to writing, partnership and friendship. Make note of the dates at the beginning of the article. Mercury retrogrades are particularly important for you because Mercury is the ruler of Virgo. So use those times to sort out and refine any unclear issues and to hone your psychic skills.

November offers one last Eclipse that will solidify your 2013 experience and place emphasis on your communications. Whether it’s a book or website, you will be heard and for the rest of us, that’s a good thing.


“We can see the Divine in each speck of dust, but that doesn’t stop us from wiping it away with a wet sponge. The Divine doesn’t disappear; it’s transformed into the clean surface.”  – Paulo Coelho

I know what you’re thinking Libra, too many years with Saturn in your sign has made you feel entitled to a little lightening up. And I do think 2013 is going to give you your wish, but (and you knew there’d be a “but”) you may not be able to rely too heavily on the people you have become used to relying on. That won’t be a problem for you; you aren’t the “rely on type” but after the last couple of years you may have let your independence allow for a shoulder or two.

Early in January and February, Mars will forge the third leg of the Air triangle of which Libra is connected. (In other words, Libra will be joined by some very supportive allies). This will activate your desire to understand or deepen an existing situation or relationship or to create a relationship of more significant meaning.

With the help of “commitment phobic” Uranus, you might find yourself avoiding being boxed in with questions like “Are we monogamous?” or “Where are you going?” It’s not that you are running from anything, you just need to feel the sense of unbounded freedom, especially since Saturn has recently released you from its boot camp.

Chances are you won’t be very clear where you stand with anything until April when your ruler, Venus, is firmly into Aries and gives you the balance and understanding you’ll need to make those choices (a word you cringe over) you’ve been putting off. Regardless of your circumstance, relationships will be your focus through summer when there is a serious shift towards your career!

Speaking of relationships, the entire way you have been thinking about them will continue to undergo great change. For many of you 2013 will mean new freedom and a chance to try new relational frontiers. If you’ve been relationship free for a while, this year may be the one that puts you back on track with a new and “unusual” love!  Much of the action will start in the summer once Jupiter opens your mind with new studies or perhaps new travel.

If you teach, you may find that you have so much more to share and if you’re a student, you will finally be learning something that has direct relevance to you.

Although much about the first 6 months of 2013 is personal and involves issues you prefer to sort out alone, the latter part of the year finds you more willing to come forth and show us what you’re made of. There is great support for your embrace of a public life and you’ll likely find you need to have a security base that will push you to work harder and possibly take employment that previously you would have never considered, but eventually will come to love.

Be smart with your money since you’ll be in flux for a part of the year. You will be getting stronger and more focused and others may see this as a doorway for gaining your support. Fortunately, Saturn’s visit over the last couple of years has given you a secret passage to the word, “NO.” You may have to use it a few times.

Overall, your cycle of change has arrived and 2013 will help you make the next step toward realizing your true desires and using that change for your highest good.


“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined. As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler.”  – Henry David Thoreau


Scorpio, nothing you do is halfway; from creating joy to wrestling with problems you take what is in front of you, dive in, and experience it with all that you are. It’s part of the beauty of your nature and it is also the part of you that is responsible for the reputation you carry that “Nothing is grey, when done the Scorpio way.”

2013 holds the promise of true transformation, not just change, but true transformation from the inside out and all you have to do is what is natural to you, experience it head on!

In 2012 you had to confront some very specific issues involving your home and work.  Some of those issues are still hovering around but 2013 carries an energy with it that will help you bring much desired closure and provide you with a solid foundation, something you may have felt missing from your life.

Early this year we find the planets pointing your attention to personal matters like home and creative space. Siblings may figure prominently for a bit. As we progress into the year you will feel stronger financially and you may even find a yearning to add more to your already very busy life and schedule. Your eyes may be bigger than your plate so choose new projects according to their value and how they will serve you. It’s probably best not to take on something new based on a passionate whim in the moment.

If you are old enough to remember 1982/83 then you will remember experiencing this same urge in different form. Chances are the desire was to do SOMETHING/ANYTHING with your life that had meaning rather than have the feeling you aren’t making a difference. If you really let your mind and imagination go back to those earlier days, you’ll find that although you may have been clueless as to what to do, you did it and it worked out better than you imagined.

Thankfully, Saturn has a way of emphasizing the parts of our life that are unfulfilled (taking the guess work out of it for us). If you have been plowing forward like a robot, you’ll be brought to Saturn’s “court” to evaluate where you are out of balance and you will be given the tools that allow you to shift into the passion that you really seek. Stepping fully into this passion may require a different kind of discipline, but you will know exactly what to do. And when you do, the newfound direction is yours.

The first eclipse of the year (April 25) is in Scorpio and the last one (November 3) is in Scorpio as well! There is no getting around the idea you are being nudged into your heart where the passion lives allowing you to remove any hurts or obstacles.

You would do well to make April an internal time. Sure, the rest of the world will be seeking to emerge from winter’s sleep, but self-reflection is will be important for your strength in the latter parts of the year. I’m not suggesting that you be a recluse; you will have plenty of opportunities for social activities so take them. Just keep a finger on the pulse of your inner heart so you don’t get distracted by lesser issues.

Jupiter, the planet of expansion enters Cancer this summer and begins to lend a big hand of support. It’s the kind of affirming energy you will welcome and use to your benefit. You may find that teaching, learning or travel is in store for you. Each has a gift for you so it doesn’t matter which one you end up doing; though I suspect they’re somehow intertwined.

Autumn of 2013 is when you begin to take strong action with more clarity than you have had in a while. Saturn and Pluto will be gaining strength to help you focus that unwavering fortitude. You’ll definitely feel more energy and more willingness to extend your energy outwardly. You’ll have a good reserve thanks to your internal focus from spring.

The crescendo for the year is the New Moon Eclipse in your sign. As if mirroring your life, this eclipse is called a ‘Hybrid’, one that changes from partial to total and back again. It seems fitting to have it be in the sign of Scorpio because it is giving you a fuel injection, an affirmation your direction is true and your efforts are paying off.

Reality checks are wonderful tools to help keep your foundations secure.
Keep it real, Scorpio and 2013 will be the best friend you’ve met in a while!


“Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. Be the living expression of God’s kindness: kindness in your face, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smile.” – Mother Teresa

The world is full of change for you Sagittarius, and if that were not true, we would count on you to create it.

January 2013 starts off with a quiet spark of hope. It’s quiet because your ruler (Jupiter) is moving inward, (aka backwards or retrograde). You may get zapped by the initial excitement of what lies ahead. Sitting in your home and fantasizing about your possible futures is a favorite Sagittarian pastime and it’s quite a useful tool to inspire and motivate you. Use January for this process and always remember the phrase, “If you miss the boat, your ship will simply arrive a little later!”

By February you can feel the fire igniting within you. You may begin to evaluate your current position, look at your strong and weak areas, then plot your course; a courageous mission to enhance all of us.

You have an inherent understanding of the importance of hard work, and you don’t mind as long as you know it leads to your personal goal, whatever it is you have dreamed of. More important, if you are staying true to your Sagittarius nature, hard work will never feel like hard work because you’re doing what you love and doing what you love is called, living passionately.


It’s a known fact you like yourself, Sagittarius, and this year, the world will like you too (at least more than you believed it was true last year). Perhaps it’s because you are more open to them and less worried about their reception of you. Whatever it is, it is certainly reassuring and can add to your desire to shoot your arrow high and follow it to spread your wisdom. You, with the help of our expansive ruler Jupiter, realize the importance of reaching out, of seeing others, because that is how you offer your hope. Nothing inspires you more than watching people light up because of something you said or did!

April is an inspired month for you, if not an ambitiously creative one. It is a month that will find you buckled down and focused on something you are passionate about. It could be a person or a project, but boy will you have the unrestrained energy to go after it! The surprise comes at the end of May when the Full Moon Eclipse lands in Sagittarius, giving you a new inspired hope and a bounty of harvest that was sown late last year.

Neptune may make you a bit gullible in 2013 and it also makes you very creative. Be sure to double check any facts that seem too good to be true. Relationships could be a source of great support or a source of trouble. Lots of new people are emerging and it would serve you well to remember there are different levels of friendships. So do your best to honor the boundaries and propriety of the categories.

Money follows your mood; it becomes abundant when you feel expansive and restricted when you feel limited. So it makes sense to advise you to do what you can to keep your spirits up.

The next big change for you is in July. Your ruler, Jupiter finds its way into the nurturing sign of Cancer and if you’ve stayed true to your process, you may feel safe enough to take a more intimate journey towards your relationships (yes that was made plural).  You may also begin yearning for an impromptu project that involves children. Whatever springs from this energy will do well and will help you create and propagate other projects in your life.

October reinforces your desire to have fun and to be a part of exciting and enjoyable projects. All that is asked of you is to be aware of the feelings of people close to you. These bursts of energy could reinforce any project of which you are a part. Enjoy the freedom you’ve been given.

Since this is a year of high energy, it would be wise to take care of your body. Massage, alternative energy work, anything that gets you to slow down and process any new and old wounds will bring you great advantage.


“It is not only the most difficult thing to know oneself, but the most inconvenient one, too.” – H.W. Shaw

You are survivors. You face each year, month and day with the titan-like strength of Saturn. It’s not that you don’t have your ups and downs, but you were born prepared to deal with whatever life brings. Problems arise when you forget to use your heart to help make decisions. 2013 presents you with a chance to explore an entirely different world than you’re used to.

The Winter months around your birthday are making it perfectly clear (if not to you then at least to those around you) that you are seeking serious answers to many of your internal questions. Up to now, Capricorn, your life was built on believing you can get through by toughing it out. You applied this principle to everyone in your life, making you often appear somewhat cold to the problems that others were facing. Now that Pluto, the planet of true transformation is in Capricorn you are more able to question some of the issues you’ve simply “toughed out.” And with your ruling planet Saturn in Scorpio, you are able to go deeper into a more compassionate space, not only with yourself but with others as well.

Now you’ll be able to look seriously at the questions you never used to ask: “Should I take this job I’m familiar with or should I try something different?”  “Am I being irresponsible or does this count as fun?” There will be other questions that force you to look at your beliefs and determine if they are useful. It will be hard for you to ignore your inner desires in 2013.  In fact, doing what you love will be a continuing theme but you will need to balance doing what you love with the demands placed on you by close family and friends.

If you are old enough to remember 1982, then the issues presented to you this year (2013) will seem familiar, although the circumstances may have changed.

February introduces us to a Saturn Retrograde and right off the bat you’ll be given a chance to correct any misdirected choices you may have made. You also start the year inwardly, with less social interaction as part of your new mission of self-discovery.

There may be restlessness in your home this spring and you could get the bug to move. Chances are you won’t see much happening here until mid July but that gives you enough time to get the ball rolling. By August the gates open to allow others in and you could find yourself getting unexpected support – it certainly appears safe to accept it.

More home transformations are likely in the autumn and it appears travel is in store for the holidays. Let the mysteries that present themselves to you unravel at their own pace. Avoid using that Capricorn rugged individualistic nature to overcome obstacles, but rather learn how to go through them. You are being given a great chance to transform what you thought was true.


“No man has the right to dictate what other men should perceive, create or produce, but all should be encouraged to reveal themselves, their perceptions and emotions, and to build confidence in the creative spirit.”  – Ansel Adams

2012 was a grand year of surprises and change for you, Aquarius. It was a year that embodied the essence of you, someone who doesn’t like the ordinary.

As you roll into 2013, aggressive Mars will be there to greet you and give you a feeling of urgency that isn’t that unfamiliar to you. It seems you spent the last part of 2012 in an internal process of some kind and likely felt unable to fully express what you were feeling. Mars’ presence is assuring you will pop through and begin moving forward with just a hint of irritability (enough to warn any by-standers who may be foolish enough to sidetrack you).

The transit of Mars combined with the forward motion of Jupiter will take your creative juices to a new level in February. Whether you use what you do creatively to make a living or not, you will be investing your career with a pretty serious attitude thanks to Saturn’s stoic transit to your solar 10th house. If you can remember 1982/83, you’ll know what I’m referencing with regards to this transition.

Neptune seems to be helping you in this creative unraveling as it enhances your dreams and sense of spirituality. You will be able to use this heightened experience as a way to navigate through 2013, which will likely be filled with dramatic changes. It will do you well to cultivate the artistic side of yourself with music, dance, acting or video. Nurture your intuitive side and make sure it gets plenty of proper exercise. Using your intuition and imagination will also help distract you from any mundane tasks you may be required to fulfill.

Pressures to change things up at home may surface in May. It could be time to expand or remodel an area to make it more functional. Also in May you might be putting that expanded creative muscle to work thanks to the handy work of the May 24th eclipse. Romance is in the mix as well.

As the summer approaches you may find the desire to pull back a bit along with your ruling planet Uranus. You are used to the six month on and then six month off kind of energy that comes from being the sign that’s ahead of its time. By September you’ll feel your batteries recharging and will likely be ready to take a relationship somewhere (and if you don’t have one, you’ll be ready to manifest one).

The Lunar Eclipse in October could create some new energy around a book or written project. You will love the electricity this cycle brings and the openness of mind you feel. It’s wonderful to have clarity and drive occur simultaneously.

The year ends with your career issues being accentuated. I use the word issues here to simply address whatever has emerged regarding work for better or worse. One thing I can say for sure, if you stay focused on the task in front of you (regarding work), Saturn will surely reward you. All in all, it’s clear your income will not come from just one place.

In 2013 Aquarius, you’ll redefine what you do and as a result add more color to the definition of who you are. It will be a year filled with more energy than you have had in a while, and best of all, it’s unencumbered.


“It is the dim haze of mystery that adds enchantment to pursuit.” – Antoine Rivarol

2013 has very real opportunities for you, Pisces, thanks to very nice planetary alignments compliments of your ruling planet Neptune and Jupiter, the traditional ruler of Pisces. Neptune is currently in your sign and will be for the next 13 years. This gives you a specific edge as you are already good at maneuvering through Neptune’s watery world while the rest of us have to get our bearings. As a water sign you will find quite a bit of support this year as planets move through Pisces and the other two water signs. (Jupiter has plans for a Cancer excursion starting the end of June and Saturn has been diving in the waters of Scorpio since last October.)

January may start off a bit quiet as you make some readjustments from 2012, but starting in February you should find support and reinforcements begin to emerge as multiple planets align in your sign. Mercury in Pisces will likely make you feel you can finally be heard! With Mars in Pisces during February and Venus joining the party by the end of the month, it will be home court advantage Pisces!

I suspect you’ll be ready to move forward with great passion at some point in February, but take note. Mercury moves into a retrograde pattern in your sign late in the month and is simply making sure you have looked at your plans and figured things out before you take the plunge. I’m a big fan of the Mercury Retrograde but I also respect the cycle. If my inner radar says “All systems go” then I wait for more information. (Just want to make sure, are you saying if your inner radar doesn’t say “all systems go,” or if it does you still wait?) Sometimes we are asked to wait so that the proper circumstance can be brought forth.

In April the Lunar Eclipse points to education or travel or both and it will likely set in motion the first of two significant changes. (Make a note of what signs and signals appear in your consciousness this month and remember them because there will be a “part two” in November.)

Expansion in your home is definitely on the agenda. Are you moving? Maybe you’ll wait until Jupiter enters Cancer in July but it is very likely your home space is up for change or renovation and because it’s a Jupiter change, you will enjoy the ride.

This is a good year for you to consider being open to a new venture or additional way to make an income based on what you love. Spirituality is starting to play a very important role in your life and you will be given a chance to experience your life without a burden someone else has placed on you.

Use the 2013 cycle to affirm your freedom from hurt and pain and then empower the vision of your emergence. You’ll be using some of your newfound skills to create and by the New Moon Eclipse on November 3, you could very easily morph into your new life.

In general, 2013 will add a few remarkable talents to your repertoire and all you have to do is water them. The only obvious cautions are to watch your gullibility factor. If someone wants to sell you the perfect property in Florida at an unbelievable price, do your homework!

Mark S. Husson is a man with a lifelong interest in the inner workings of the mind. Mark’s astrological classes and workshops enabled psychotherapists, psychiatrists, psychologists, and lay persons to become aware of astrology’s ability to empower themselves and their clients.

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