North Korea Calls For An End to Cold War With South Korea

HJ: Well this is certainly an interesting start to 2013.  This is a major event  although it remains to be seen how it will unfold.  North Korea, perhaps the most aggressive and cryptic country on the planet, is offering an olive branch to South Korea.  I’m pretty speechless, furthermore, this is coming from the mainstream news as well, which many things, but specifically that it did indeed happen and is not some wildly speculative internet rumor.  I am surprised on one hand, but on another, I totally expect situations like this to become the norm from this point forward.  The fact is, the old paradigm of secret control by a collusion of bankers, reptilians and secret orders is over and it is just a matter of (rather short) time until their fleeting power evaporates to be replaced by a new, higher dimensional model of society.  It’s anyone’s guess as to how fast these changes roll out, but my intuition tells me we will see significant changes in the next few years, and perhaps even massive change this year.

The energies last night on New Years Eve were powerful and palpable.  I was nearly euphoric as I tried to drift off to sleep.  This has been going on since early November, but ratcheting up in intensity day by day, and shows no signs of stopping.  Even my friends who are not as ‘spiritually awake’ as some of us are showing a massive shift in attitude, openness and general outlook.  They too are being infected and uplifted by the incoming energies although they may not consciously be aware of it.

The theme for this year screams raw potential to me, over and over again.  We are about to enter a period of incredible transformation that is only limited by your ability to imagine and create the life you have always dreamed for yourself.  The barriers of the old world order and consciousness are dropping.  Will you be waiting to race out of the gates or stuck clinging to the comforts of the past?  We are entering a brave new world…

– Truth

North Korean Leader, in Rare Address, Seeks End to Confrontation with South

By Jack Kim | Reuters

(Reuters) – North Korean leader Kim Jong-un called for an end to confrontation between the two Koreas, technically still at war in the absence of a peace treaty to end their 1950-53 conflict, in a surprise New Year speech broadcast on state media.

The address by Kim, who took over power in the reclusive state after his father, Kim Jong-il, died in 2011, appeared to take the place of the policy-setting New Year editorial published in leading state newspapers.

Impoverished North Korea raised tensions in the region by launching a long-range rocket in December that it said was aimed at putting a scientific satellite in orbit, drawing international condemnation.

North Korea, which considers North and South as one country, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, is banned from testing missile or nuclear technology under U.N. sanctions imposed after its 2006 and 2009 nuclear weapons tests.

“An important issue in putting an end to the division of the country and achieving its reunification is to remove confrontation between the north and the south,” Kim said, in the address that appeared to be pre-recorded and was made at an undisclosed location.

“The past records of inter-Korean relations show that confrontation between fellow countrymen leads to nothing but war.”

The New Year address was the first in 19 years by a North Korean leader after the death of Kim Il-sung, Kim Jong-un’s grandfather. Kim Jong-il rarely spoke in public and disclosed his national policy agenda in editorials in state newspapers.

The two Koreas have seen tensions rise to the highest level in decades after the North bombed a Southern island in 2010 killing two civilians and two soldiers.

Read the rest of the article here: Reuters

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  1. – oh my gosh, Eddie!!!!!!!!!! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE evtryehing about this e-session and you did such an AMAZING job~~~!!! Such an adorable couple and you captured them so perfectly! I’ll be sure to visit your blog often! 🙂

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