Cosmic Awareness: Questions and Answers on Ascension

These Questions and Answers are based on this profound transmission from Cosmic Awareness about what exactly will be happening during the Ascension on December 21st, 2012.  Read the original message here: 

Cosmic Awareness: This is What Will Happen At The Moment of Ascension

HJ: Cosmic Awareness answers questions regarding the specifics of what will be happening during the Ascension tomorrow.  This is definitely a must read for all who wish to be as prepared as possible for this momentous event.

– Truth

Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghoff | Cosmic Awareness

We welcome you tonight, Cosmic Awareness, for this question and answer session.

This Awareness is indeed available at this time, and is prepared to answer the questions that you have of It at this moment and in this moment. Please proceed with your first question.

The first question is, is it the physical body that is stored or is it the Light Body template that is stored and taken with us our Ascension experience?

That strictly speaking, the physical body is not that which is stored, that which is dematerialized to be stored in that which this Awareness has called a “buffer zone”. It is rather the Light Body template that is in that which this Awareness is calling the “buffer zone”. It is the Light Body template that holds the outline of the body itself, that can duplicate the body, restore it back into a physical state. Thus it is that when the Ascension process does happen, that those who have ascended into the energies, the raised energies of planet A, who have stepped into their 5thdimensional consciousness with full awareness and full intent, will have as their capacity to regenerate their physical bodies once again from that which is the specific signature Light Body template for the particular body that was inhabited before Ascension. The Light Body will be able to restore the body, the physical body, not only at the last point before the Ascension process happened, but will be able to restore it in perfect health and perfect unity to the higher forces and higher energies that the ascended soul, the ascended consciousness, will have.

Thus, as this Awareness has spoken previously, the Light Body will restore the physical and correct any and all problems that the physical body may have had before Ascension. Thus it is that if there were existing conditions, whatever they may have been, can be restored, can be reintegrated back into conditions of health that existed before those conditions. Even those genetic predispositions, those genetic conditions that may have existed, will not be any longer when that which is the physical body is restored. Organs can be replaced, limbs as well. Vision that may have been lost due to genetic factors and other illnesses that are genetic in nature will no longer be the case.

The Light Body is the perfect template that contains perfect health and perfect well-being. Not only on the physical level, but on the mental and emotional levels as well. Therefore ultimately, even though the physical body may be dematerialized at that point of Ascension, the hologram that was the physical body can be created by the Light Body, will allow it to restore the physical.

Thus in final answer to this question, it is indeed the Light Body of that physical body that will be stored in the buffer zone and that would be capable of restoring the actual physical holographic representation of the body that can be reanimated by the consciousness of those who have ascended. Is this clear?

Yes. Thank you, Awareness. That is very clear. And, going on from that question, we understand that our present physical body is also housing the reptilian brain. What happens to the reptilian brain?

As a new plan for that which this Awareness calls the new balanced, harmonized planet A/B, will no longer be at the effect of the governing agent that is the reptilian brain, that which creates negative thought, negative reaction, that which puts the body to sleep, that which sabotages the plans that beings have towards their Ascension or even towards clearer thinking, questioning of all premises that have controlled and dominated, that would lead one away from being dominated and manipulated by the reptilian consciousness, the reptilian agenda. Because it is not in the plan of the new planet A/B, that which is the reptilian brain for those choosing to reincarnate and continue their physical dualistic lives, their physical journeys, it will be neutralized. It will still remain as part of the structure of the brain itself, but that capacity to house a reptilian consciousness that undermines all controls and governs all, will be neutralized. It is as if it simply will not work anymore as it was designed to work. Thus the control and power once held by the reptilian consciousness in the individual’s life and in society and humanity, will no longer be able to dictate the way of things, will no longer distract, will no longer put to sleep as entirely as it once was able to. The human psyche, the human will too move forward to spiritually evolve. Thus that which this Awareness has called the balanced condition, where that which is the Light and dark work together, that which has been out of balance for so long due to that which is the reptilian consciousness, housed in the reptilian brain, will be made null and void.

Those who ascend, those who choose to re-animate their physical bodies again, through that which is the Light Body template, will not reactivate their reptilian consciousness, for they have exceeded it. They have stepped beyond it. That this is how it will be.

Those who have that which is the reptilian entity within themselves, that which is the expression of the reptilian consciousness, will see that they are different somehow. Such negativity, such pessimism, such opposition to all things spiritual, will have disappeared. It will also be an opportunity, as this Awareness alluded to in yesterday’s reading, for the reptilian portion of that consciousness to itself ask if it wishes to ascend to a different level of consciousness, one where it gives up its need for control, where it gives up the power it holds. This would in itself neutralize and separate that portion of reptilian consciousness that has been immersed in each and every human being and within the fabric of humanity itself.

Those who would refuse would simply dissipate, rejoining that which is the collective consciousness of the reptilian mind.

Those who have indeed begun to understand and have been intrigued and drawn towards Light consciousness, may indeed choose themselves to leave that negative, controlling consciousness that they have been part of for so long, and begin their own, its own, individual journey back towards the Godhead.

Does this answer your question?

Yes. Thank you very much, Awareness. That would be a relief to most of us, I would imagine.

This Awareness reminds all who have read previous channelings of this Awareness, that It did say when It spoke of the reptilian mind recently, that it was that dark consciousness within. This has often been depicted, even in animated cartoons, as the devil on one shoulder, the angel on the other. But there is a time when even that which is the devil must understand and recognize that it is avoiding the Light. It is avoiding that which is a Divine consciousness that is welcoming it back home, that always stands ready to receive the prodigal son once again as it returns back into the Godhead. Therefore when this Awareness suggested that one needs to embrace that which is their negative and dark energies, their negative and dark thoughts, their consciousness that is governed by that aspect of a contrived conscious force that has genetically been engineered and attached to the mammalian brain and to the human consciousness, that It indeed meant that it is time now to honor and recognize that all humans have the dark and the Light.

But, that in the experiment of that which is the present A/B, that which is the force that is governed by the Orion/reptilian need to be in charge, to sabotage the natural evolutionary process of humanity as it strives to return back into full integration with its Divine nature, has come to a point where each and every being has the opportunity and chance now to see themselves as whole and full beings that include both a Light and a dark portion. With this greater awareness, it will be possible in the new game of planet A/B to not allow the dominance of the dark side, but rather hold it in check. To realize there are certain aspects that when allowed to be expressed in natural form, counterbalance and indeed sometimes even enhance that which could be too obsessed with doing things in a certain way because it is the right way.

The right way is simply that which is too much of a controlling mechanism of behavior and thought. Because there will be proper balance, those who would work from the darkness will not be allowed to get away with what has been so in the past. In this case, it will be that there will be culpability. Those who would work from this level will be exposed, they will not work in secret or shadow any longer. They will have to comply, for such are the new rules and laws of that new reality that it is this way and only this way. It may take time some time in terms of years for this balance to become fully integrated and fully in effect, but even from the beginning there will be changes. Those who had been the corrupters, those who had been in charge, will either have been removed from the new planet A/B, or those who might have chosen to come back and try again, who would start to fall into old patterns, would simply not be allowed to do so and would be held to task for such efforts.

This is all part of that which would be very much the neutralization of the reptilian consciousness, from a driving force in humanity and in each individual and become instead a new vehicle, where even the reptilian consciousness that had such control once upon a time, will have started a journey back to the Godhead and will find the balance and integrity that is required on the new planet A/B.

Is this clear?


Yes. Thank you very much, Awareness, for that clarification. This next question is about the date of the cosmic wave, the cosmic wave is said to come on the 21st of December. But what about the time zones on the planet?

The first thing this Awareness would say is that exact moment of the corridor to the central sun, Alcyone, is a time that can be figured out, that can be substantiated. It is the time when all the planets are in conjunction and in alignment; there are astrological emphemerises, astrological information, astronomic information, astronomy information, that can point to when this occurs.

But this Awareness says it is not so much that exact moment that is the most important fact here. It is that the day itself, whether it is at the eastern edge where the sun first comes up and the new day begins and then sweeps westward throughout the day, finally completing the 24-hour circuit. The whole day is sacred and one needs simply to understand that at some point, somewhere in that day, when this alignment of the planets and the sun and even Nibiru occurs, that it does not matter if it is at 2:00 a.m. in the East or 5:00 p.m. in the West, but rather that the whole day will have resonance and potentiality.

Those who are so inclined can indeed look up the information that will show the exact moment of this event. This Awareness is not that bothered by the exact moment. It wishes all to understand that holding the day special, even though one may be doing normal activities, is what is important. Understanding that the energy and vibration of the day holds potential the whole day long, whether in Australia, whether in Budapest, whether in Nairobi, San Diego, Los Angeles, Vancouver or Honolulu. When one is in the zone, if one wishes to call it this, one can experience the moment no matter when that moment occurs.

It will be by extension an event that lasts more than the day. Those energies will carry forward into the next day, the 22nd, and there will still be resonance on the 23rd. But the primary energies, the moment this Awareness has so long spoken of, will be mostly centered on the 21st, wherever one is in the world. Thus this Awareness recommends that the whole day be held as sacred. Those who are inclined towards meditation can indeed meditate, they can fast, they can hold the day special the way they wish. But those who are not so inclined will still also experience the event, even if they are in the middle of the most mundane act, even if they are carrying out their normal daily duties. That which is again the most important here is to hold that the day itself is sacred. If one knows the precise moment of the alignment, that this would be a situation that suits them to know this. And if one does not know it, they will not be deprived of that moment, for it will occur nonetheless. It is simply one’s choice how one wishes to proceed in the day. But that which this Awareness most recommends is that all hold it as a special day, a sacred day, a day of great cosmic importance and potential.

Does this answer your question?

Yes. Thank you, Awareness. And it is indeed a special day for me because it is my birthday.

This Awareness knows this and you will see that on this special birthday that you will be given gifts beyond imagination and you will find that the birthday is truly a new start, a new beginning, a new birth into the new reality of your being.

Thank you. It is an auspicious day. My next question is about portals. Do people have to access a portal in order to ascend?

They do not need to access a portal, but for those who are able to sense them, to see them, to feel them, to know them, the portal will be a direct point of entry into God consciousness. This Awareness has often talked about such portals but has never fully explained their significance. They are the gateways into that which will be the Divine consciousness, where they will experience, as this Awareness spoke of last night, a review of their life, of their purpose, of their plan, and will see and understand completely and clearly, all that is known by the soul, all that is held within their being.

Those who choose to use the portals, for it is still seen that on the day there will be such high energy that many portals will open up, and those who choose to use them are indeed by intent indicating their fullest desire to step into the space of the Divine and to go through the process that will lead them to their Ascension. Generally speaking, it is only those who have reached a high enough frequency or vibration where they can deliberately step through the gateways that will open all over the planet, and find themselves exactly where they need to be. It is as if this direct link will put them in a situation where they will not be befuddled or confused by the event that just happened, as the wave sweeps over the planet. Many will be in a state of confusion over what is happening when this wave occurs. Those who choose to go through the portals will avoid this disarray, this confusion, for they have chosen deliberately and with knowledge to enter into the energies of the portals, the energies of the vortexes, which will be their passageway into the God consciousness and their passageway home again to Spirit.

Does this answer this question sufficiently or are there more queries?

I have no other queries regarding the portals, unless Awareness has further to add?

There is no more information at this point, other than those who choose to use portals are encouraged to do so. But it will still be a case that all will face this moment of revelation and realization, this moment of review, this moment of truth. Those who have developed their capacity and indeed increased their frequency, their vibration, will have the opportunity, if they so desire, to use the portals that will appear throughout the world.

Thank you, Awareness. This question is related to this situation also. People are wondering how they can explain the belongings of other people left behind, if they don’t ascend with them.

Is there a specific question related to this query?

Someone has asked, “How do I explain my husband’s clothes in the closet, if he doesn’t ascend with me?”

The first part would be, who would this individual be explaining the clothing to in the first place? For all of those who would have ascended will understand exactly why the clothing is there.

But that there is another element to this question that is of importance. What this individual is identifying is that there may be evidence that is left behind by this question’s nature that would need to be explained. In truth, that would not be the case. Those who wish to return back onto planet A/B but have others, even husbands or children or parents or any others that choose not to return back to planet A/B, who do not ascend, that the period is that called “the three days of darkness” will also be a period when there is an adjustment to the physical evidence of a once more populous planet. Thus, it would be that those extra shirts or the extra cars or the extra houses and buildings that once housed many more people will no longer be in existence.

The planet itself will dematerialize for a period of time, reforming itself. And in this reformation, those factors that were once evidence of a more populous planet will simply disappear and be readjusted. What will also be readjusted by consent are the memories that would have been around one’s loved ones and others who no longer are there. Recently a question came through or a comment was made on the Rainbow-Phoenix website, that the individual felt this would be an intrusion, this would not be appropriate. She did not wish her mind to be messed with in this manner. But the truth is there will be no messing of minds. This will be an agreement that is made with the Divine, to alter the memories so that the individuals who do not wish to have a traumatic experience, a great mystery that would greatly upset them, will be able to adjust their own memories of these matters. Those who would not return will be perceived in the memories of those individuals who do choose to return as that they simply departed the planet by natural means at an earlier date, and all of their memories will corroborate this piece. Thus a husband who chose not to return to the planet, who did not ascend, would simply be the husband who died three years previously, and the grieving will have already been accomplished and there will not be trauma involved. This will all be by agreement. There will be no manipulation of the mind against the will of the individual and if they cannot accept this as the way of things, that they need to remember it, then they will have a timeline on the new planet A/B, where they might remember this information and why it occurred and still be okay with it, knowing that in that time of revelation and review, that an understanding was also given to them that would allow them, even though they knew many may have departed.

This would be still acceptable to whatever degree the agreement allows. But there would still have to be agreement. Those who would choose to remember certain events are taking this memory with them back into the newly-formed reality so that they can grow and progress, so that they can evolve towards their spiritual understanding. But the majority will choose those timelines, as already expressed, where the memories will be altered by agreement, not because the Divine is messing with them.

Thank you very much for clarification on that, Awareness. The next question concerns the Orion system of planets. A reader wrote in to say that they had found some of the channeling that came through from the Orion system very helpful and they are wondering if there are degrees of Light and darkness within the Orion system. Can you explain that for us?

There are indeed degrees of Light and darkness amongst the Orions. There was once a schism where the Orions, who were once part of the Galactic Federation, had that which one could call a civil war. There were many who had been corrupted, who had turned to the dark side of life. They had determined that they would split away from those of the Orions who held a more spiritual and integrated perspective. This allegorically is that which is often referred to as the Fallen Angels and the battle that occurred in the heavens as those angels who wished to become creator beings themselves, chose to deviate from that which was the Light force of God.

However, in the ultimate plan of things, the fallen angels were asked by God, through Lucifer, to create a new reality where such dark ones would be in control and the negative energies in charge. Thus, even within the Orion empire at that time, there were many who stayed within spiritual awareness and consciousness, who retained their Light. But due to the nature of the events, many of their brothers and sisters left this union with God, this balanced state of spiritual understanding and awareness. They were the ones who migrated outwards, went to the many galaxies and usurped the controls of those who had those planets. They formed alliances with the reptilians who by their nature were Archonian. This means that they were created as a by-plan of the Creator God by another aspect of God consciousness that was choosing to experiment, if you will. In this alliance these archons, which include the reptilians and those who would be the fallen Orions, those who had chosen to go into the darkness to have control and power, reached a pact whereby working with one another they would dominate many planets, ultimately destroying them, as they had lost the ability to be creator beings in the way that it was intended and could only take over those who were creator beings due to Divine plan, Divine reason, so that they could destroy them, destroy the planets. This has happened several times before. The planet known once as Marduk was one such planet that was destroyed when the powers of the Orion reptilians took complete and total control. For ultimately, as they are not creating in the Light and are only twisting and perverting that which is the Light consciousness, that which is in union with God, the ultimate result would be the destruction of a society and even sometimes the destruction of a planet, such as Marduk.

This has also happened on this planet in previous times. One most notable occasion is on the continent of Atlantis, where the Orion/reptilians were known and they, through a process of deception, finally infiltrated the higher levels of the government of that continent and took it to the brink and over. Those same ones who had discovered that they could bypass the process of return into God consciousness by hiding out in the 4th dimension, then carried on and became mostly the masters of the ancient world and the times in between, including the Middle Ages and including these modern times. Indeed it could be said they have reached again that point of power that they had achieved in Atlantis, where they brought that society down, and they are now on this present planet at this point again, where they are destroying humanity, they are destroying Mother Earth.

But at this time finally, the Divine consciousness has said, “enough, it is time to bring this to an end”. Their period of dominance has indeed been terminated and this experiment that this Awareness often speaks of that is planet A/B is being brought to a conclusion. It marks also the conclusion of the dark Orions as they had marched through the galaxies, dominating so many, destroying so many along the way. They will be given the shell of Mother Earth once the spirit and consciousness of Mother Earth herself has ascended. But it will be truly a quarantined planet. It will truly be a prison planet, for these ones are no longer allowed to move onwards in the galaxy, going yet to another planet, destroying another civilization. It is done and it is over.

As to the ones who are the Light Orions, that they too have been available and around. They have worked in conjunction with the Galactic Federation. Thus, there are those beings of the Orion empire that have also sought to restore humanity, that have battled their brothers and sisters against their plans to conquer and destroy. They are few in number but they have always retained their link to the Godhead, to the Divine. They are also available at this time through a select few who have interpreted their messages and it is these ones this individual is referring to. Soon it will be seen that they are also available. They are also part of this Galactic Federation, although in some ways, due to their low numbers, they did not represent a planet or planetary system, but they are an integral part of the Galactic Federation.

Is this clear?

Thank you, Awareness. Can you tell us if there are other planetary systems that have had these same schisms, or does it only apply to the Orion system?

There are other planets. At this point this Awareness wishes to speak of that series of movies that are so popular on the planet at this time. This series of movies being the “Star War” series, starting with the original trilogy and adding the three prequels at a later date. That which is the empire was indeed the dark Orions, who perverted and changed the course of history for many, many planets, until they themselves were defeated in quadrants of the galaxy that are far and distant. This occurred in that which one would call extremely ancient times, even before the rise of human civilization at this modern time, even during the Atlantean times. There were those of the Galactic Federation who opposed them. They almost were indeed wiped out at one point, but they have been building their forces and are powerful now to the point that they can truly oppose those of the dark Orion/reptilian faction. These planets were known once and are still known in the Akashic records and in the records of the Galactic Federation. They will be revealed once again, but at this time this Awareness is complete in Its answer.

Thank you, Cosmic Awareness. Those are all the questions I have tonight. Do you have anything further to add?

That which this Awareness would add is that in this time, with but a few days remaining, that those who would hear these words, those who would read these words, remember that this event has long been promised. It has always been held in the very psyche of humanity and many individuals who have endured so long on this planet, who have come to be of service to assist the Ascension process, both for Mother Earth and for humanity, will now finally realize why they have chosen to be present, why they have volunteered to come into this present situation on planet A/B. It was not simply to suffer. It was not simply to endure. It was to hold the space and to help humanity at this darkest time, if you will, to remember itself. As each individual remembers him or herself, they hold open that possibility that the tipping point may be reached, that the hundredth monkey will be achieved and that all of humanity will begin to awaken. They have been successful, the tipping point has been reached, and now the events that have so long been awaited are ready to occur.

This is due to their supreme efforts and supreme sacrifice, and to each who hears these words, who individually responds and feels the import and impact of the words of this Awareness, that it will resonate within them. The knowing will reverberate, the awakening will truly begin.

At this time there are events that are occurring. Many wonder why the major events have not yet taken place, such as the New Madrid fault line ripping apart or other earth disasters and catastrophes. This Awareness says it is not for the lack of trying from those who are the dominant ones, the cabal of darkness that has so long existed. They have used their HAARP technology and Tesla technology to try to provoke this situation. They have tried to disarray the tectonic plates, the earth plates, to cause great upheaval. The efforts have indeed been there by these ones. But there has been that which is the Galactic Federation that has been opposing them, that has been holding the tectonic plates together, not allowing them to come apart too violently. Thus many of the predicted events have simply not occurred. But this does not mean that on other timelines they have not occurred. What this Awareness wishes now to state is those who have not seen the evidence of these events happening have indeed created for themselves or placed themselves in timelines where they simply chose not to go through this wild chaos and upheaval. The plan of the reptilian Orions was to create such fear, such panic amongst the people, that at this time they simply would not be able to hold a space of calmness and tranquility as they face this most monumental event that is approaching. It was hoped that they would achieve greater destruction than they have achieved. Indeed on some timelines this has occurred and this has been a success in that they have managed to disrupt the tranquility, the calmness of the masses.

But on this timeline that this Awareness is speaking through, that is represented by the timeline that the Interpreter and the energizer are experiencing, there have been no major earth events and that many who are reading these words, hearing these words, are also not experiencing these major events, for they have actually been successful in tuning into the timelines, placing themselves in the timelines, along with family and friends, where they have not witnessed the predicted events that so many have spoken of. This Awareness has always spoken of these events as possibilities and depending on how one believed in them or energized them, would also determine whether they fully experienced these events on timelines that supported them.


Largely, many have avoided this. Many have tuned into the timelines where the Galactic Federational forces have been extremely successful. Furthermore that those who are the Orion/reptilians, who hide out in the 4th dimensional levels, that they have been outside the time frames. What this means is that they have been able to view many timelines, have been able to see their efforts as successful on many of the timelines. But there has also been an event that they themselves have not understood or realized. That which is the Divine consciousness, that which is God Itself in all Its aspects, chose to not present all possibilities. Thus, in many of the timelines of these Orion/reptilians, they often came to a point where they could see no further. They could only see their actions leading to a certain point in time and they could not see beyond. This point in time is the point that is approaching, that which is dated the 21st of December, 2012.

Also, other false timelines were presented to these ones, so that they would believe that in a majority of timelines they were able to avert the Ascension process, keep humanity at a low enough level where the tipping point was not reached and the events of Ascension could not occur. But this, as this Awareness has just said, was false evidence that was presented to them, which they have bought into. Thus many of their efforts have been towards supporting those timelines where there will not be the result that they had anticipated. The truth of the matter is that God had decided enough was enough and it was decided at the highest levels that this would be the case, that the false scenarios would be presented to them so that they would misuse their power in a way that would make them impotent in their actions. Thus, even though they thought that many of their plans would manifest and take place, many simply have not occurred because they were not meant to occur, even with the many predictions.

Thus many factors are at play here. It is important to realize that many of those factors just referred to exceed human consciousness and understanding, for they have been played out at the higher realms of consciousness and been brought into effect to bring forward this most magnificent event of Ascension and transformation.

There is one final area that this Awareness wishes to talk about. It is a recent event in the United States of America, the killing of children. This was a planned event. The plans of the Orion/reptilians exceeds simply physical events. There is also the plan to divert human consciousness, to create situations that cause great stress and sadness in humanity. The killing of 20 children and several adults is indeed an event that many Americans and indeed many humans around the planet find as appalling. But more than that, they find it an event they simply cannot comprehend and it has created great fear and doubt in the minds of many, especially in America. They are unfocused, they are unbalanced by this event. Children are held in special esteem, for they are always considered pure and innocent, and somehow they have always represented for humanity that pure and innocent state of human consciousness. When children are killed, it is for many incomparable and incomprehensible. This means that this event which was planned, which was more than the action of one deranged individual who had a grudge against his mother and the children she taught, that it was much more than this.

The true purpose of this attack was, at this very crucial point, to distract many, to hit them with something so obscene, so appalling, that they would question their own country and believe even more that there is a need to give up weapons, to control guns. This Awareness is not necessarily an advocate for guns and weapons, but It does point out that even the fathers of America recognized the danger of allowing a government to come into power that would usurp the rights of the citizens and that it was written in the Constitution, in the Declaration of Independence, that all Americans had the right to bear arms. This has been long attacked and used and manipulated to create a situation where through such mass murders, which are a regular occurrence in the United States and in other parts of the world to a lesser degree, where many are now calling for the government to save them, to help them, to alter the situation, to enact legislation that will regulate gun use.

Of course, this would only take away the weapons from those who would defend their nation. This is part of the ploy, part of the manipulation of those who are mind control experts, who are using individuals who have long been on certain drugs so readily available, so readily prescribed in Western society at this time, that they use these events, such as the children being slaughtered recently, the participants in Aurora in the movie theater, where a masked gunman shot down many. All of those events are staged for the purpose of creating a situation where they could legislate guns that could be used to defend the nation against the very oppressors that they think are holding the guns, not seeing that the true oppressors are those who are in government and in positions of power.

But, even beyond this, this Awareness states this event was also staged to distract humanity and the American people in particular. It is one of the events that was meant to cause a state of fear, of anger, of rage, of unbalance at this most crucial time when it is imperative that one and all stay focused, stay balanced, stay clear; that they are not drawn into events of such a nature. This does not mean that they cannot feel great sympathy for those families who have lost their precious children, their mothers, their fathers, their brothers who were the teachers. But it does say that while one can send out compassion and love, one must also stay in focus and in balance at this time, for to be distracted so will pull individuals away from that clarity of mind and intention that is required at this time, that would be of great assistance at this time, when a far greater event is approaching all of humanity.

The Powers That Be have used these types of events many times in the past and it is also part of their agenda. While they have been somewhat confined and constrained on initiating the earth events, such as the earthquakes and the eruptions, that they have also been working at the social level, creating a social situation which is unbalanced, which is untenable, which cannot go on. But it is indeed part of their plan to dislodge the human psyche to such a degree that when these events occur, that a reaction occurs and the balance is lost.

Therefore in such events, while one is indeed invited to send out love and support energetically to those who have suffered such great loss, this Awareness reminds one and all at this time in particular, to hold your space, to stay clear and present, to stay balanced. The attack of those who are the Powers That Be, the Orion/reptilians and their minions, is a very extensive one. On many levels, not only in that which is the physical, such as the earth changes and catastrophes, but also at the levels of the psyche and of the emotions and of the heart. It is meant to close down the heart. It is meant to create imbalance. It is creating indeed a situation where many are losing their compassion, their understanding, who are determining that their society is dangerous, that life is dangerous and that they live in fear. Many are contemplating not sending their children to school. Many are contemplating radical solutions in gun laws.

But ultimately this Awareness says stay focused, stay alert, stay aware. Know that this is all part of the deception of the Powers That Be. Do not fall for it. Do not give it energy. Simply hold your course through all of these types of events. The truth of the matter is that these ones are expecting this Ascension process not to occur. They are trying to trap people in their perceived timelines, which are false. It is necessary to realize this. While one can extend one’s heart, sympathy and energies to the victims and their families, one must stay focused on their own course at this time.

This Awareness has indeed sent much energy to the families of those who were murdered and assassinated, to those who have lost their beloved children. It asks that those who are so inclined do the same, but to stay the course, hold to that which is ahead, that which is the greater event in their own lives and in the future, the immediate future, of humanity.

Thank you very much, Awareness. I thank you on behalf of all the listeners and the readers. We look forward to spending time with you again soon.

This Awareness also looks forward to this and is still available in the few short days before the great Shift, before the introduction to the God consciousness that so many have so long awaited. The way home is now clear and it is immediate. It is present, it has begun. The journey is almost over and the new journey is almost about to begin.

It will be so. It is so.

This completes this session tonight. This Awareness sends Its Light, Its love and Its energies to one and all at this most precipitous of moments, this most amazing of points in the evolutionary process of humanity. It wishes one and all a good journey.

It is done in beauty and in beauty it is done.

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  1. Like the previous one, this resonates with me. What is a little unsettling is my perception of CA is just that – knows all. When I come across comments that simply are not true (like saying the murdered mother taught the murdered children) I doubt authenticity. In a comment on Nibiru there were inconsistencies as well albeit rather minor. Could this be an issue in the channeling itself?
    Also don’t understand how timelines are used here. Would a timeline be akin to a parallel universe? He said this timeline was one that did not have the major disasters that some did and we deliberately placed ourselves in this timeline. How and when did we do that? I think I may be one who will ascend and have the grace from our Father to return without the veil. Work for our brothers and sisters while remembering who I am and helping others & humanity remember as well.

  2. We meet again.

    And how are you doing Larry P.

    It appears you are sincere in your efforts to ‘gather facts and figures’ regarding this Grand Cosmic event.

    I will get right to the nitty gritty, as I have intuitively listened to your request and as it appears to be genuine, and, with intent to ascend….you will first need to open yourself to new ways of perceiving.

    As it appears that your mental structure or system is highly limited at the moment, this being, that you are perceiving the messages from the Divine ( or what many call Cosmic Awareness) through the ‘Lens’ of limited thinking, that being….the scientific mind, details, specifics, exactness, similar to what Police officers and Military personnel use.

    It is suggested that you offer yourself a new perspective or Lens in your understanding, and that, the lens of multidimensionality be used to replace the old, outdated Lens of Absoluteness and Duality.

    Also, as I look deeper into your consciousness, there appears to be an issue of ‘personal trust’, trust being defined as….not trusting that you WILL ascend.

    It is seen that….you WILL shift or rise in consciousness and that you will clearly locate your own personal “Portal” of ascension.

    Firstly, I will attempt to help you clear up some of the confusion that you are experiencing, if I may, and then, offer personal suggestions for greater understanding.

    In regards to your questions above…you have mentioned inconsistencies.

    Clearly, you are perceiving things from a very limited perception, this being neither good nor bad, right nor wrong, it is simply where you are presently in your development and growth.

    You use the term “inconsistencies ” and appear not to think in terms of multidimensionality, which would assist you more effectively here, in this situation.

    When I first connected with Cosmic Awareness I too had a little problem / challenge managing the generalizations and expansiveness in those messages that Awareness expressed.

    My mind was used to perceiving reality through the Lens of….Duplicity, Absolutism and empirical science. And so, I was always attempting to understand those messages using highly limited principles.

    What is needed here, Larry, is for you to expand your understanding and learn new methods, principles and perspectives. As for the issue of “Timelines”, this again, is an area of perception where using the perspective of multidimensionality will be beneficial.

    You have asked:”Would a timeline be akin to a parallel universe”?

    I would suggest….yes.

    A good word or expression for the idea of ‘timelines’ could be expressed as….probabilities or reality bubbles or potentialities.

    Now, regarding your personal beliefs of limitation….it appears that overall you are ready to ascend and have very little that would hinder that process.

    The primary limiting energy patterns or beliefs that you hold appear as….Trust and personal Faith issues.

    Nothing else comes forward in your energies.

    Also, there appears to be a needed focus on ’emotionally preparing’ yourself for this grand event or shift in reality.

    One final offering of supportive advice is….that, as I listen and feel your energy patterns and mental focuses…you appear to have much desire or ego projections regarding this ascension event.

    It is seen that personal daily practice sessions (performed, either upon awakening or just before going to sleep) would benefit you greatly.

    In these daily sessions, the focus would be upon attaining inner calm, peace and learning how to relax, as your energy patterns contain a rather large amount of stress or tension, this appears to be caused mainly by your ego projections, and, will need to be balanced, so you can perceive from a stable position, understand?

    Practice focusing on WHERE & WHAT you wish to experience as you move into these higher levels of reality. Yes, this Ascension event IS happening whether or not one believes or accepts this to be true, but also, it is important to understand here that each entity, experiencing this “Perceptional Event” will experience it from their own unique personal perspective.

    Therefore, it is important to realize that you are not ‘waiting’ for some Angelic being or ascended master to fulfill your life…this is your responsibility, dear friend.

    You do have freewill Larry, as we all have, and this is the time to begin truly expressing this fact. As your energies / personal consciousness does appear to be ready and willing to ascend or evolve,

    Again, I would personally suggest that you gather as much info. on this subject as possible and remember to practice daily, those morning meditations for greater clarity, focus and movement into those higher planes of reality.

    I hope this has helped, in some way.

    I wish you the best Larry.

    With respect….


  3. Like many, I wish to ascend to the highest levels. My quest for God and for meaning has been going on for years. I feel a resonance with what CA has described as the Wanderer. I have a predilection for healing and teaching. I believe that I have a purpose for helping others not only in the Ascencion process, but afterwards as a Teacher. Today is the day. Again, like others, I have doubts about my worthiness, or vibration level, although I also believe that doubt is part of my Wanderer thought process, wondering why I’m on this planet where I seem to not fit in the way I see others fit in. Your comments are very welcome…

    • Hi Martin:

      I believe all of us have doubts about whether we’re good enough to ascend and these doubts run through our mind. It helps me to chat with my guides several times a day and to meditate at least twice a day. I may add that Dolores Cannon’s books, The Convoluted Universe 1-4, have helped me enormously to weed through the doubts I’ve had and may possibly help you to balance those with the energies around us. She also has some wonderful clips on youtube which deal with these questions and have been very helpful to many who feel the same way.

      I would recommend looking at her videos on *The Three Waves of Volunteers* (the title of one of her books as well)

      K Browne

  4. Dear Sirs:

    Thank you so much for all the valuable information you give us, we all appreciate the time and energy you put in to advising and teaching us. I do have a request, please. If you could please do a blog specifically on the animals and this process of moving into the higher realms. What happens to our beloved dogs, or pets, our animals who walk Mother Earth?

    So many of us love our pets and we would like to know exactly what they’re experiencing, whether they will be going with us to the New Earth energies and if there is something we should be doing to help this process. I believe that every soul will be in the place they need to be in when the actual transition takes place, but does this include our dogs?, etc.?

    Thank you so much.

    K Browne

  5. Animals will be going to 4th density. They are not in the same position with the 3rd density humans who have a choice to make and vibrations to raise. Eventually those who fail to go along with the higher energies that exist now and that will keep intensifying, will be removed from our reality.

    This planet eventually will be a planet where 1st, 2nd and 4th density will be activated. The transition will take many years (100-700 years, counting starts from the year 1936, according to Ra). So don’t worry our pets will be on earth no matter what, the question is if we will be with them:)

    My sources are Matthew, Salusa, Bashar and The Law of One material as teached by Ra.

  6. Thank you for that answer regarding the animals.

    K Browne

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