Yahweh: Ascension Day

HJ: The Healers Journal will now begin publishing channelings from Yahweh via Kathryn E. May, PsyD from time to time.  Yahweh’s messages are timely and contain information that resonates well with other respected sources also published on this site.  Yahweh has given a series of messages (of which this one is the most pertinent to current events) on the Ascension that will help give more perspective on the coming events and their significance in the grand scheme of things.

Healers Journal readers will note the similarities between Yahweh’s message here and recent transmissions from Cosmic Awareness.  Yahweh also goes into some detail on the ‘3 days of darkness’, elaborating on what exactly that will mean, depending on your Ascension choices and personal scenario.

– Truth

Yahweh via Kathryn E. May, PsyD | Who Needs Light

“We wish to inform you that it is time to put on your seat belts and be ready for lift-off. The time has come for all of you to reap the rewards of your hard work over many lifetimes. This project, Ascension Gaia, has been supervised and planned with efforts on your parts, in close cooperation with out dear Sananda, whom you know as Jesus. This date, December 21, 2012, is not the end of Gaia, by any means. It is a new beginning of a more elevated experience of life on Gaia. As we have told you, the first very important difference will be the fading away of those we have called the Dark Hats – those among you who were dedicated to evil. After thousands of years of misery at their hands, which you have struggled against valiantly, and have finally overcome energetically,the tables have tipped in favor of Light. Their influence will no longer hold sway over the economic, political and social life on Planet Earth.

As Gaia moves to higher dimensions, all souls, even the Dark Hats, will be brought Home to the 5th dimension where all will review and assess the progress made so far in this lifetime, and you will each make your decision about how you will proceed with your unique soul path – whether you will continue on the less arduous 3D Gaia, whether to Ascend and remain in the 5th dimension to reincarnate no more, or whether you will ascend but return as teachers and helpers in full contact with Us (without the Veil of Forgetfulness). These sound like simple choices, but they will not be made lightly, nor will you decide beforehand, because you do not yet have the awareness which comes with the 5th dimensional perspective concerning your own soul needs and history. All the necessary considerations will be taken into account within the 3 day window, which will come to be known as the “3 days of darkness” since many will have no memory of the events.

Now, a word about the possibility that many of the Dark Ones – those of the Orion/reptilian factions who have lived apart from their Creators, in the false belief that they could escape from The power of Light and Love to become separate in the power of evil – might refuse the offer to be forgiven and welcomed back into a life of Light. We have hoped that they might be convinced when they experience their life reviews, but it is possible that there may still be “hold-outs.” Because they cannot be reintegrated into life on Gaia, they will be offered the choice to return to the now-soulless shell of Old Gaia. Since her soul has elevated to her new configuration in higher dimensions, which yesterday we called Middle and Upper Gaia, the former representation of Gaia will be left unsupported, without life or breath to sustain it in reality. Some have referred to this as Planet B, the dead planet for empty souls. We hope that few will choose this option, but those who do will experience the necessary soul experiences which will help them to eventually Ascend, as all beings are destined to achieve eventually.

This discussion will sound familiar to those of you who have read “Who Needs Light?,” the book we asked Kathryn to dedicate 20 years to writing, in preparation for Ascension. As the years of re-configuring all the structures and social mores on planet A/B evolve, this volume will act as a guide for clearing the human mind of all residual Dark tendencies left from the generations of mind control on the planet. Schools will be established for this purpose, and this volume will serve as a guide for Ascension for coming generations. All those dedicated Lightworkers who have prepared themselves for service to Gaia will be called upon to bring their wisdom, to continue the Ascension process on Planet A/B until all human souls have completed the learning process to allow each and every one to join us in the conscious experience of Oneness in the highest dimensions.

So, you see, this process of communicating with you through these messages was just the beginning of the new era of change and fulfillment of the Great Plan of Ascension of which you are all a part.

Even the sleepiest among those humans on Earth today will begin to awaken, as the new consciousness of Compassion, Forgiveness, Kindness, and Truth begins to illuminate the very ground they walk on. You, My Children, will be the ones to carry the Golden Flame of Yahweh to light their way.


Go in peace, my Dear Ones, and know that our imminent meeting with you in higher dimensions will be one of joyful Homecoming. Our celebration will shower you with the Roses of Kamara in every color of the rainbow, a more glorious Rose Bowl Parade than anything you have ever witnessed before.

We await you with open arms,

Yahweh, speaking the words of Mother/Father God, and representing all the Legions of Light, who joyfully serve you on these momentous days.”

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  1. Yes very similar to Cosmic Awareness. Have not read “Who Needs Light.”

  2. I have been a follower of Kathryn’s channelings for quite some time now and have been grateful to have read her amazing work “Who Needs Light?” It has helped me personally and I have recommended it to many people I know who have also loved it. She teaches a technique called “Visual Centering” which allows one to clear blockages from the past. I attended a seminar and was so grateful to have learned this process.

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