Cosmic Awareness: This is What Will Happen At The Moment of Ascension

HJ:  This is by far the most important piece of information to come forth this year.  Other than that, this message needs no introduction.  Highly recommended, profound and timely material.

– Truth

Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghoff | Cosmic Awareness

This is a reading for general purpose. Present tonight at New Avalon are Christina and Blu, as well as Callista and myself, Will, Interpreter. Today’s date is December 17, 2012.

That which is Cosmic Awareness is tonight available for the purpose of this general reading. This Awareness indeed brings a message of hope and well-being to one and all. It is indeed now but four days until that monumental date of the 21st of December, 2012.

This Awareness declares that with but four days to go, it is most definitely time to understand the process that awaits. There has been much speculation and many predictions made. This Awareness has also given information about this monumental event.


But today It wishes to be much more specific on what the Ascension experience holds for one and all. On that date that energies will reach a maximum as the Divine corridor to the central sun, Alcyone in the Pleiadian system, is fully open. There are seven gateways of ascension through which a soul sends that which is an aspect of itself down into physicality, through this very corridor from the central sun, which is a portal into 5th dimensionality and higher. All beings who are alive at this time, all human beings, have a process whereby the soul determines it is in need of a physical experience, it is desirous to have a physical incarnation. When all agreements are made with those who will be the major players in one’s life, when the plans are drawn up, so to speak, the soul aspect begins its journey into the physical form by first entering through that which is the portal of the central sun, Alcyone. It goes through seven stages of deceleration, if you will, where it gears down from the higher frequency into the lower frequency of 3rd dimensionality. That these gateways are sequential, if you will, and the descending soul must travel through these gateways until it has reached that frequency where it is able to enter physicality and inhabit a physical form. In some ways it is also a shrinking down of that which is the energetic of non-physical form, of spirit form, so that it can indeed enter into the body and experience a human physical existence.

There are also in place certain laws that will apply so that the Spirit aspect of focus, the focus personality, enters into physicality with the agreement that it will forget where it came from and how it arrived. This is the Veil of Forgetfulness that all must indeed pass through in complete agreement. That by doing so they will be completely immersed in their physical experience. By not remembering their soul connection will not simply abandon a physical incarnation because it was not going well. All lives have indeed a plan and a purpose. Even those that one would call a bad life, one full of suffering and pain. Even those that are good lives are planned as well. But the point is that all aspects of the soul that have chosen physical incarnation must go through the descending, decelerating experience, that they must come to the lower frequency range in order to be contained in a physical body, to have a physical experience.


The opposite process occurs when the individual aspect of the soul, the focus personality, is complete their physical life at whatever point this is to be. That the experience is reversed, returning back into the spiritual fabric of the soul. One first leaves the body, exploding out of it, if you will, in a force of release that severs the final connecting cord, that which is often known as the “silver cord” to the physical body. It then progresses along the corridor to the first of the seven gateways, passing through sequentially all seven and exiting again through the central sun portal of Alcyone, returning back to its spiritual beginnings and source.


This process is not one that can readily be measured in a time sequence, for it happens very quickly. But that the decelerating spiritual aspect that is to have the experience can take up to nine months, the period of gestation, to enter into the body completely and fully. This period of time is somewhat flexible, but generally speaking it is the time required for the fetus to reach a stage where the spirit body or form can enter into the physical form. It must have developed sufficiently to hold that descending spirit, that aspect of the soul that is choosing to have this life experience.


This is that which occurs to every human being who chooses to have a physical incarnation. That which is now about to begin, the energies of which have already started to ramp up, to accelerate, is that the portal of Alcyone, the central sun, is open. The seven gateways have been themselves opening to allow the force that is the Divine consciousness, that which is the essence of God Itself, to pass through the central sun and come through the gateways, down the corridor, to reach planet Earth on that which is the date that has been given, the 21st of December, 2012.

There will be an alignment of the planets along the corridor, creating an amplification of the energies in the corridor, assisting the gates to open, the Spirit gates, that will allow that which is the free flow of Divine consciousness to come sweeping through, to come through as a tsunami of Light and spiritual energy, spiritual consciousness. It will sweep over the planet Earth and cause an event that is unprecedented, that has never fully been observed in the entirety of the universe, that being the ascension of the planet, Mother Earth, who will be swept from her 3rd dimensional form in a conscious effort between Divine force and the force of consciousness that is the sentience of Mother Earth, Gaia.


What will also happen is that all human life and even extraterrestrial life on the planet will also go through this important wave of consciousness that will soon envelop planet Earth. This Awareness has many times talked about the ascension process, has discussed how planet A will be the planet of Ascension, planet B the planet below ascension. The formation of the new balanced and harmonized planet A/B will also occur. In truth there will be a continuum of experiences from those of the highly ascended beings who will go to the top of the ascension ladder on planet A, to the various degrees of participation of ascension for those who will go to lower levels, the continuum extending down into the planet A/B scenario, where there will be many timelines of experience as there are now, with some at a point in their evolution where they are approaching the ascension experience but have not quite reached it and will carry on physicality and carry on their evolution towards spiritual awareness.


There will be many more timelines of experience on A/B where the choice will still be to experience a physical dualistic reality of 3rd dimensional form. Many will find this as a continuance of the former experience on that which is the present planet, and that instead of simply living in a reality that is exactly the same, they will find that there has been change. That which was the rules and laws of the game have been altered. For the first time they will be involved in experiences where those who are of a negative and dark nature are no longer in control. They will find that they will have choice, balanced choice, between proper action and improper action. Those choices that are contrary to the welfare of others, to the planet, to the creatures and the plant world of the planet, will no longer be condoned. The planet itself and its many timelines will start to face their responsibility as another being on this planet of Mother Earth that is to live in harmony and alignment with the planet herself.


Yet there will be other experiences of A/B where they will find that they are no longer suited to their old opinions, attitudes, ideas, religions and philosophies. But they may resist, they may fight. But over the evolutionary course that they will start to see, humanity will start to see, that there is indeed the higher spiritual component that is a very real force. Humanity itself over several thousand years and many, many different timelines will merge in its consciousness to reach a point approximately 3600 years from now where civilization, where humanity itself, will finally ascend en masse.


But this is the long prognosis, if you will. What this Awareness is simply saying here is that there will be many timelines of experience in the new reality, having the new experiences and reaching an ultimate conclusion many thousands of years down the line.


For those who will choose the planet B scenario, it will be those who cannot, will not, give up that which is their predisposition towards power and control, who will revel in dark actions, who would seek to live in lives that are still controlled by others and that allow them a corruption of Spirit, separated from Spirit, retreating even more from that which is a spiritual understanding of their connection to the Divine. Those who are listening to these words at this time are those who are mostly oriented towards the Ascension experience of planet A, rising in consciousness to occupy this new level of the planet, where it is in spiritual harmony with the higher dimensions, as well as those who may indeed choose to live on the new planet A/B, who will begin to create a new paradise of this planet, and that they will find that they are drawn to their spiritual source as well.


What is not seen by this Awareness at this time are those who will choose the planet B scenario. Thus this Awareness is simply covering the ground of those souls who do not choose to return back into alignment with the Divine consciousness.


This Awareness will now speak of how this will come to be, what will truly occur through that period that is often referred to as the three days of darkness. That in truth this will not be 3 twenty-four hour days but is allegorical to a time frame that will be of a length that it will later be interpreted as three days. But first and foremost what will occur is that that which is the wave of Divine consciousness that will sweep over the planet will take all into this wave, that none will escape this experience. It may sound harsh, but what this Awareness is truly saying is that this is a glorious return back into God consciousness, back into the levels of higher consciousness. One can face this event either awake or asleep. It matters not, for all of humanity, each and every single being on the planet at this time, is about to move into this experience.


There are those who say all will ascend, that one need not worry about it, it will occur to all. This Awareness qualifies that statement and says rather, all will pass through this central wave of Divine consciousness that will sweep down the corridor from the central sun, all will enter into this experience. Those who have prepared themselves may indeed ascend to the various levels this Awareness just described. Others will make other choices and indeed there will be those who will reject the offer of moving into an alignment with Mother Earth and with the higher spiritual concepts.


When one and all pass through, each individual will face that which is their own Divine being. They will face that which is Divine consciousness, God consciousness. In this meeting they will review their lives. They will review what they have done, where they have gone, who they have been. They will be able to reflect on themselves. It is a review that will be a mirror of self-reflection for each and every being. All will remember themselves as the spiritual ones that came through the process of descending into human form. They will not need in that moment to make that return voyage that occurs upon natural death, the return through the corridor, through the seven gateways, through the portal of the Sun. They will instead have the energies of Divine God consciousness brought to them. As each being must review their lives at the time of a physical death, as they return eventually into their Spirit form, so it will be in this moment, in this moment of self-reflection and review.

They will not be able to lie to themselves, for there is nothing that will be hidden, nothing that will not be shown to them. They will see their intent and their purpose. They will understand, each individual will understand with total clarity the reason for their entry into the physical reality at this time. Each will be given a choice to make, a decision to be made. Those who have been working towards self-awareness and higher understanding, those who have been working towards enlightenment and illumination, will choose to move into the planet A energies, ascending to the new spirit form of Mother Earth, as she has too ascended. At that level they will be Spirit beings having an experience on a spiritual planet, a paradise of a planet, where as creator beings they will know that they have the capacity and power to instantly create their realities at the speed of thought.


There will be those, as this Awareness has spoken, who will choose to go into the higher realms, taking with them the bodies of their physical being, those human bodies that will be stored, if you will, in an energetic buffer. These ones will still know that they have a role to play on that which is planet A/B. Through transmogrification, transformation, they will be able to inhabit their physical bodies again and return to play  on planet A/B; being the new teachers, the new guides, the new role models that will assist humanity in its journey towards its eventual mass ascension.


But they will be able to leave physicality, not through the way this Awareness has spoken, which is that which follows traditional death. They will be able to transmogrify and store their energy pattern of the physical body in that which is the buffer zone, that which will contain the patterning of each body, that can be used at will. There will be others who face the decision to ascend but have no more desire to come back into physicality. For them, they will lose the holographic body that they inhabited, the physical body that they were in, and stay in that which is Mother Earth’s higher evolved spirit body and have the experience at that level that they choose.


Many who make this choice will do so because they are complete in their physical journey. They have done the work of service, holding the spiritual space that they promised to hold upon entry into physicality. There are many souls present: star beings, highly evolved spiritual souls, who did not need to come into physicality, but chose to, to assist the Ascension process. They were those who were guardians on the planet, gatekeepers on the planet, those who held open the spiritual doors onto the physical, so that spiritual force and consciousness could flow through them and prepare the planet, prepare human consciousness for this experience of Ascension.


Many are there that suffered greatly in these roles, feeling oppressed, feeling isolated, feeling out of place with humanity; for humanity are those young ones, the Terrian souls that have chosen to come into existence with Mother Earth as their first spiritual stopping place in the long line of physical experiences. But those old souls, those Spirit beings, star seeds, those highly-evolved souls who have come into the planet and her evolution, especially at this time, were holding that space, holding the gateways open to allow the flow of higher spiritual awareness to also be part of human consciousness. Many will decide after they have passed through the wave of Divine consciousness that will sweep over this planet that their role is complete, their service is done. They will not return back to be of further assistance on that which will be the planet A/B scenario. This is in accordance to their plan and their commitment.


This completes this part of the discussion regarding those souls who have held the space, who have worked and been of service to Mother Earth and to the Divine. Theirs has been a long and arduous journey often, but always with the ulterior goals of assisting the ascension process. Many have been on the planet many times before. Many are star beings who have agreed to come down into physicality from the Galactic Federation forces to hold the spaces and to align with their stellar brothers and sisters, their cosmic brothers and sisters of the Galactic Federation.


This is the story of those who will choose to ascend. Either they will return fully into the higher levels of consciousness, having earned this, or they will continue in their roles as spiritual teachers and guides, continuing to assist humanity on the journey towards eventual human evolution and ascension.


There are then those who will choose not to ascend but at the same time who are good beings who have lived good lives. There are many who are not engaged in crime and corruption, control and negative manipulations. There are many who are simply good human beings but who have not chosen to focus on an Ascension experience at this time. They have chosen to come into the dualistic 3rd-dimensional physical state of being to have their soul lessons, to gain from their life experiences. Those who are of this order will also be faced with a decision. A decision of whether or not they will return into physicality, continuing the dualistic experience and continuing a physical incarnation, but no longer playing the game that has been played for so long, for this experiment is done, it is complete. It is God’s desire to commence a new level of experience, where those who are of good nature can be presented new choices without the control and manipulation of those who are at this time the Powers That Be.


There will still be a dualistic nature. There still will be choice between right and wrong. But in this new balanced planet, those who choose to try to dominate through negativity, oppressive force, usury, usurpery, violence, crime, etc., will no longer be tolerated, they will be answerable for their actions. While those who are good, just, fair, righteous individuals, who are people of integrity, compassion and heart, will start to see that the crazy world that now exists will start to shift, start to change, and in the new rules of the game they will know that they are living on a new planet.


This will not be an instantaneous knowledge. It is for this reason many who have achieved high Ascension will still choose to play on planet A/B. But for those who make this choice, they will not go through the Veil of Forgetfulness, even though many who have returned to continue the physical experience will still live under this universal law on this planet. Those who have come from their higher levels of ascension will do so in full cognition of Who and What they truly are. They will know this on the new planet A/B. But they will also be in agreement that in their time of incarnation on the planet they will do no harm, for these ones could so easily take complete charge. But from that higher level of conscious awareness and alignment with the Divine principle and Divine plan, will not do so. They will instead start to create communities. They will start to teach through their writings, through their music, through their art and through their scholarship. Many will come who will guide humanity forward while knowing exactly who they truly are. They will also not be confined to 3-dimensional laws of creation, for they are now 5th dimensional beings having the 3rd-dimensional experience, but now able to create instantly, which they will do but in accordance to the new laws of “do no harm”. Thus they will not necessarily be obvious in their creative acts, but will show through many examples what is the new norm, what is now possible. With time many will begin to understand this, many who are still experiencing the physical life experience. Many will start to turn towards the realization that they are indeed much more than simply physical beings with no spiritual connection.


In that moment of self-reflection and review, many will be asked if it is their desire to live in this way on this new planet of experience, this new reality defined by God Itself. Many will agree to this and thus they will return back into physicality. That period where they were within God consciousness will be forgotten by them, as a type of amnesia will occur, just as it does now when the soul enters into the physical form, grows up in a physical body and does not truly realize it is a Spirit being having a physical experience. Thus they will continue their physical experience with the goal being of self-realization that they are indeed Spirit form in a physical container. But this is of course, as this Awareness has said, down the line.


There will be others, when they are within that space, that will determine and decide they wish no longer to partake in a physical existence, for once they have stepped through that which is the wave front of Divine consciousness that will sweep over the planet, they will step into a state of bliss. In that place of bliss, where they have the choice, where they have the decision to make as to whether they would like to continue a physical form, leaving God consciousness, spiritual awareness, will decide rather to stay in the energies of the pure consciousness.


In this case they will be the ones who will experience a physical death, leaving the body behind in a way different than those who will ascend and simply step out of the body. They will experience the traditional death experience, where their soul will be expelled from the physical body and then return through the seven gates, back through the central sun, back to their spiritual being, free and able to choose again from that level of consciousness, further physical incarnation and further experiences. They may choose to return back to historical times, where they can have a physical experience. They could return back to an advanced planet A/B, and there are indeed many other choices for them as well, but they will return through that which is the traditional death experience. Thus for those who will choose thusly it will seem as if in the moment that the wave of consciousness hit the planet, their physical bodies were destroyed in an instant and that they continued towards their rekindling of spiritual form, returning back to their soul and returning back into Spirit.


The final aspect that this Awareness wishes to discuss now is that of those who are the dark ones, those who have pledged themselves to be of service to the Orion/reptilians and to the concepts of evil and corruption. They too must face themselves, for none can hide from the presence in God consciousness of that which is the highest level of awareness, that which is the essence of God Itself. They must see themselves, even if during their physical incarnation they could avoid such self-reflection and such review. At that point of extreme God Presence, where they are in review of their own lives, their own spirit, their own purpose, they must see who they have been. They then can also make a choice. They can choose to die in the physical and return back into Spirit, having realized they have gone horribly astray, but had at least the experience they needed. These ones of course will go through that which is the normal way of returning back into Spirit, exploding from the physical, going through the corridor, through the seven gateways, through the central sun, and returning back into their Spirit form, and indeed healing there for that which was their life in an oppressed planet and an oppressed lifetime.


Then there are those who may indeed choose to go into the planet A/B scenario in total and full agreement of the new laws that will be in place, the new game that will be played. They will realize they will no longer be in charge. They will indeed agree to play by these new rules. Even though they may try to bend the rules they will find that they are unable to do so and will be held accountable for their crimes, their injustice, for their attempts at control. They will be in agreement, thus it will be that they will be entitled to move back onto the planet to have these experiences. In this agreement they will also see that it is another way of atoning for their crimes and deeds from the present misguided, misdirected planet A/B. Even though this Awareness can say even this present planet was with purpose and reason and each spiritual being that is on this planet now has chosen to be here, It can also say that many have lost their way. At that moment of recognition and understanding, self-reflection and self-review, many will see that their original intent and purpose was not to become lost along the way, but actually to make a positive contribution which they can then return to and again have their physical experience.


The fact that they will again pass through the Veil of Forgetfulness is that which is the wild card here. But because the laws of this new reality of this new planet A/B will not be tolerant of those who are oppressive, those who take control, those who are corrupted; that they will not be entitled to do the harm and damage that they once did. They will be, as this Awareness has said, answerable on the new planet A/B.


Then there are those who will refuse to return back to Spirit, who will refuse to atone for their sins, if you will, who will not go to the planet A/B scenario. They will be the ones who choose to go to planet B, who choose to live continuously in that corrupted energy, but, it will be far worse than that which exists now. Those who make such choice will find that they have made a hard choice indeed. But it may well be for their spiritual growth and development that by having this even more extreme experience of separation from soul, that they will find redemption at the end. Even these souls who make such a radical choice will return upon their physical death back through the central corridor, back through the seven gateways and through the portal of the central sun and back to Spirit, where they will recuperate and reintegrate back into soul consciousness.


But then there are those who have totally rejected Spirit altogether. Those archons who in creation developed without soul, or more accurately, chose not to integrate with the Divine soul consciousness and have thus been outside of the fabric of Divine consciousness, but have also lived in it, manipulating and controlling the human populace over millions of years. This is a process that has occurred not only on planet Earth but on many planets in many galaxies. These are the ones that are known as the reptilians as well as the Orions. There are others such as the greys as well, who have participated in this corruption and manipulation. But specifically to the Orions and reptilian beings who inhabit planet Earth, who have assumed physical form and are in disguise amongst human beings; that these ones too shall be included in this review. They too shall be swept into that which is God consciousness, that visits the planet, that has come because it is the day of reckoning as it is known in the Bible. They will stand before God, they will see themselves and they will also need to make the decision, for this is an offering of God to them, to finally return back into consciousness, some for the first time, consciousness of the Divine, that which is the highest level of consciousness, God consciousness. They will be given a choice and an opportunity to return back into the loop of reincarnation, where they will be able to enter lives, atoning for that which they have done but also learning through the many lifetime experiences until they reach a level where they can ascend as well.


But their immediate choice will be whether they wish to return into the loop of consciousness that allows them to develop soul or reacquire the soul that they have put aside, that will allow them to go back into that process of reincarnation, to purify and rectify that which was wrong, that which was misguided, that which was misaligned. It will be an individual choice for each and every being, from those who ascend to those who have been given the opportunity to re-enter the flow of Divine consciousness. There may be, of course, many Orion reptilians who will not make this choice, who will rather be the new masters on a corrupted and dead planet than to return back into the Light and the love of the Divine.


They will however find that they have entered onto a corpse, for as Mother Earth, as Gaia leaves this present planet, it will be akin to the soul leaving the physical body, which then returns back into the elemental structure, into elemental components, decomposing and returning into the soil and into the body of Mother Earth. But when the spirit that animates the body of Mother Earth departs, then the planet will commence a long and slow death process, becoming a corpse. Those who choose to inhabit this corpse will find that they are minus life force energies, as the slow decline happens to them as well. Eventually the planet will not be able to support life at all.


Then those who are still on this planet will be faced with other choices, but this is not the concern of this narration at this time. All that this Awareness wishes to point out is that planet B will not be a living planet any longer. For awhile many will survive under the new harsher conditions, but with centuries this will no longer be possible and all human life will cease to exist on planet B. Then they will need to make other choices, continuing the experience in other locations, but that which was the former body of Mother Earth will simply disintegrate.


But again, this is a story for another time. That which this Awareness wished on this occasion, at this stage, to inform one and all of, is that that which is the wave of Divine consciousness is ready now to come down the central corridor, is ready now to allow the many to have choices that will take them into higher states of consciousness or a more aligned state of existence on a physical, dualistic planet that will bring them new experiences. There will be opportunity for those who have misused their lives to redeem themselves, to choose to come back into the fabric of Divine consciousness or not. This is the good news: that all will have opportunity now to step into the grace and the love and the Light of that which is Divine in nature. None will be punished, none will be forced to go into a hell experience. All have the opportunity to move forward at this time or to make a choice that they will not move. But they will still be within the cradle of God’s love and eventually even those who at this time will refuse to return into the Godhead will eventually return.


At this time the opportunity is great for many to ascend, for many to choose the new planet A/B, or if it is in their best interest and it is their choice, to simply return back to their Spirit being, back into the fabric of their soul. There will be many who return back onto the planet A/B scenario and it will be as if nothing seems to have happened. Indeed many of you may have this experience and a few may even remember what did occur during that interval of time and space, when they were within the very being of God Itself. They may use this as further motivation and inspiration to progress spiritually, moving into higher states of consciousness, even on planet A/B, especially if they become part of that force that will return to the planet to assist the evolutionary process towards spiritual freedom and enlightenment.


But that this is indeed a message of hope for one and all, of joy and rejoicing at excitement for that which is about to occur. Many wonder exactly when this will occur, at what precise moment it will happen. This is a matter that is inconsequential, for the energies will reach a high level on the 21st, but will extend several days after the 21st, including the 22nd and 23rd. Indeed these three days are those days that many will later call the days of darkness, where they will not totally remember what occurred but sense something happened. That as long as one and all who hear this message are prepared now to move into that state of being where they will review their lives, make changes, move into higher awareness and consciousness to the degree they have prepared themselves for, then one and all can indeed understand and know that this is not something to be feared, this is not something to hide away from. Indeed it will be impossible to avoid this destiny, this meeting with God.


Even though there are many of the reptilian/Orion elites and their minions who think that they can build underground bunkers and homes and seal themselves underground, preventing any harm from occurring, they are misguided. For all must now face God, the essence of God, Divine consciousness, Divine Light and Divine love. Not be judged, but rather judge themselves, review and see in themselves what it is that they have accomplished, what they have as their highest purpose, what they can choose in terms of returning back into the Godhead or continuing a physical experience or choosing to ascend.


This is a time of great joy and great rejoicing. This Awareness asks all now in these last few days to go within, to sense the truth within them, to sense their own spiritual yearning to return back into the Godhead, to return back into alignment, back to alignment with their universal Divine purpose, their individual spiritual purpose and plan and to know that all will soon be given this opportunity. This is not a time of sadness, this is not a time to be fearful. It is a time to celebrate that which will soon be.


That this Awareness is complete in Its message at this time. It asks of those present if there are any questions.


This Awareness understands that there are no questions. It sends Its light and Its love now to one and all. It sends Its light, Its love to those here in this room present. It sends its Light and Its love, Its power and Its force to all who hear these words or read these words. Prepare yourself now for it is now the time to move into the introspection that precedes that which will be this great event of Ascension.


This Awareness sends Its strength, Its power, Its joy, Its love, Its Light to all to assist one and all in that which is the time of preparation, the process of preparation that all are going through at this time. It wishes all great success in their personal endeavor towards choosing and seeing and knowing that this is that moment that they have so long awaited, that humanity itself has been building towards for countless centuries, even millennia. It is now the right time, the right moment.


Go in peace, in love, in joy, happiness and Light. This Awareness is complete. It is done in beauty and in beauty it is done.


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  1. Thank you so much for posting this! It’s the best info on ascension EVER! And thank you C A!

  2. This is the message i have been looking for. It’s in perfect harmony with the Ra material.

    ” I am Ra. In the scheme of the Creator, the first step of the mind/body/spirit/totality/beingness is to place its mind/body/spirit complex distortion in the proper place of love/light. This is done to ensure proper healing of the complex and eventual attunement with the totality/beingness complex. This takes a very variable length of your time/space. After this is accomplished the experience of the cycle is dissolved and filtered until only the distillation of distortions in its pure form remains. At this time, the harvested mind/body/spirit/totality/beingness evaluates the density needs of its beingness and chooses the more appropriate new environment for either a repetition of the cycle or a moving forward into the next cycle. This is the manner of the harvesting, guarded and watched over by many.”

    Exciting times! I think i will be going to planet A 🙂

    C u there

  3. Wow. What a message. On a deep level this resonates with me. Going to have to read this several times to grasp and understand all that is said. May make additional comments then but for now will make just a few observations:
    This sure sounds like a judgement day in that we all stand before God. However its interesting we are making a choice and not are not sent to hell. However Earth B sounds like hell. Early on CA makes the case for spirit entering the fetus at some point before birth. Don’t know much about the Reptilians/Orions but would not want to be them on Friday. Their underground bunkers can not hide from the presence of God. CA says that after 3600 years all humanity ascends from Earth A. Makes you wonder what is unsaid here – Nibiru. Coming now & 3600 yrs from now

  4. Does Benjamin Fullford agree with all this? or is he still worried about the government giving him “mind-destroying” chemicals when he’s trying to save the world

    How about you show a little respect for mental illness and not exploit it with this site. If you don;t believe in the utter bullshit that I just read in that last article, dont post it.

  5. nothing happened.CA got something to say?

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