Jeshua ben Joseph: Something Unusual is Going On


Jeshua ben Joseph via John Smallman

November 27, 2011

With major political and economic changes occurring all over the world no one can any longer claim to be unaware of the fact that something unusual is going on. Events that are going to prove to be of enormous significance for humanity are happening with increasing frequency, and on a scale that has never been seen before. The time for wars and conflicts of any kind is drawing rapidly to a close as the intent to treat every single being with respect, compassion, and love becomes the general energy motivating humanity, replacing that of fear and distrust which has been endemic for eons.

Humanity is on the verge of awakening, and that is a very exciting and uplifting prospect because the issues and problems that have endlessly plagued you can now be addressed with the necessary wisdom and understanding to enable and ensure their resolution. This is indeed a marvelous time to be experiencing life on Earth as a human, and taking part in the revolutionary advances that are leading you towards peace, abundance, and prosperity for everyone on the planet. Many of you have dreamed of creating this state, have believed that it was most definitely possible, and have worked long and hard to bring it about. Now your hopes are about to be fulfilled as you come together en masse to bring this harmonious state into being.

Despite the ongoing conflicts in many parts of the world – which could truly be described as the “last hurrah” of those fearful, ego-driven, power-hungry remnants of the old order, who are desperately trying to forestall the imminent collapse and dissolution of their power base – at the grassroots level all across the globe loving attitudes and behavior are growing, flourishing, and strengthening. As this happens the brilliant effectiveness of this approach becomes impossible to ignore, hijack, or distort, and those who would attempt to crush or prevent it find that their only recourse is retreat.

Many who, until now, believed in and supported the supposed need to control peaceful demonstrations forcibly are realizing that this is not so, and are becoming less and less willing to be used for this purpose, as it becomes increasingly apparent that peaceful and cheerful demonstrations to bring about essential changes for the well-being of all in society will achieve those ends. They are also unable any longer to justify allegiance to an elite whose sole aim is to control and subjugate the mass of humanity, and by force and violence if deemed necessary. People are realizing that to use force and violence to attempt to achieve their aims is akin to shooting themselves in the foot – it’s painful and ineffective!

Humanity is no longer willing to give its power away to those who would try to convince them that it is for their own good, or security, or protection, as their awareness awakens to the enormous damage and suffering that the entrusting of their power to others has caused all over the world. Individuals are discovering the huge power they have when they refuse to be manipulated, subdued, or ridiculed by those who would control them, and of the immense responsibility that that imposes upon them. As awareness of and willingness to take on that responsibility with wisdom and maturity grows and spreads, self-serving and deceptive agendas will be discarded and replaced. Humanity is ready to move into the new age in which all will be treated with the respect and honor to which their individual God-given sovereignty entitles them, and in which peace and abundance embrace all, leading to gratifying creative ventures that will bring unprecedented pleasure and happiness to all, wherever they may live on Earth. As the new age approaches, prepare yourselves for the magnificent celebrations its arrival heralds.

Your ever-loving brother, Jesus.

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