Saul: Truly a Time of Great Joy is Approaching

Saul via John Smallman

As time rolls rapidly onwards in the illusion many events of enormous significance continue to occur all over the world as the changes that are essential for your well-being are put into effect. The non-mainstream media news channels are giving you brief, uplifting glimpses of what is going on, but when the true nature and extent of what is happening becomes widely known, your delight and amazement will inspire you with unbounded happiness.


The process of humanity’s long-sought and hoped-for awakening is proceeding apace as the realization dawns on more and more of you that loving kindness, gentleness, and compassion are the attributes that will allow and enable resolution of problems and disagreements far more effectively, appropriately, and satisfactorily than the resolute inflexibility, disdain, and righteousness that have been the favored methods of negotiation for so long. It has been shown conclusively, time after time, that agreements made in anger, frustration, or out of a sense of hopelessness or desperation cause grave resentment, and are never truly honored or accepted. They may be enforced for a while but in the long run they are failures, and those on whom they have been imposed will rise up against them.


Peace and prosperity can never be achieved by fighting and wars that crush and dispossess, because even the winners live in fear – fear that the defeated will eventually rise against them. Consequently, they spend both their time and their resources on strengthening their defenses, and joy and happiness totally elude them.

Now that this is finally so well understood, the way has been opened for people to come together with honest open-heartedness to resolve their issues and points of disagreement in a manner that produces true solutions benefiting all involved. And these changes of heart and attitude are what will lead you triumphantly forwards to the age of peace and prosperity for all, for which you have been hoping and praying for so long. Many of you have been discouraged as the years have passed and wars, economic crises, and states of social inequality keep recurring, while the lessons that these situations have presented have been unrecognized or ignored. The end of these distressing and depressing repetitive cycles is now at hand as people start coming together with the understanding that winning means that all must be successful, and with the maturity, wisdom, and generosity of spirit to make that happen.


This grand coming together of disparate groups to resolve the issues and problems that have bedeviled you for eons is an excellent and uplifting demonstration of what generosity and kindness of spirit can achieve, as compassion is shown to all who are suffering, regardless of the circumstances that may have brought that state about, and the help necessary to lift them out of their fear and misery is easily and willingly provided.


There is absolutely no reason why all of humanity cannot share in the abundance that the planet provides, and as the essential changes that will ensure that this happens are set in motion, you will be amazed at how quickly the causes of poverty and privation can be eliminated. Truly a time of great joy is approaching when the miseries that have beset so many for so long are completely eradicated, and all can look forward happy in the knowledge that future generations will enjoy a standard of living that will make them proud to honor you for making it happen. No one will ever again lack what is essential for a life that honors them and enables them to enjoy to the full their creative talents, as God’s divine Will and yours join to embrace all in the Love to which all His children are equally entitled.

With so very much love, Saul.

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