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10 Powerful Methods for Rewiring Your Brain and Letting Go of Old Habits

HJ: Everything about you — your personality, the way you think, the way you talk, what you believe — can be changed.  You are not set in stone.  You are dynamic and flexible…


3 Powerful Methods for Pineal Gland Activation

HJ: Your pineal gland is the interface between the spiritual levels of consciousness and the physical manifestation of consciousness.  It is a gateway, in a sense, that translates information and impulses between two…


Heart Consciousness: What You Need to Know About the Brain in Your Heart

HJ: After you read this article on heart consciousness, the old saying ‘Follow your heart…’ will start to seem less like a platitude and more like the profound wisdom that it really is….


How to Clear Mental and Emotional Blockages From Your Subconscious

HJ: Emotional blocks can be tricky little buggers.  Secretly sabotaging our best intentions and dreams for ourselves and causing us to stay stuck in patterns that don’t serve us.  But thankfully they are…


How to Heal Traumatic Memories and Experiences Stored in Your Subconscious Mind and Let Your Natural Joy Shine Through

HJ: Our subconscious mind is like a tape recorder, indiscriminately transcribing our life experiences — the good, bad and everything in between.  However, the only thing that gives those memories power over us…


Evolving Your Intuition: How to Train Your Mind to Listen to the Voice of Your Heart

HJ: When the mind and the heart are working together, there is nothing that we cannot achieve.  The mind’s role is to translate the urgings of the heart into reality.  To translate our…


How to Uncover and Remove the Subconscious Patterns Secretly Running Your Life

HJ: Ever feel like you hit a glass ceiling when you should be flying high as a bird?  You put so much effort into growing, meditating, learning, evolving, eating healthy and you make…


Can Negative Thinking Actually Be Good For You? How to Turn Your Worries Into Your Greatest Strengths

HJ: DISCLAIMER:  This post needs to be understood in the context of everything else posted on the Healers Journal, which can be summed up like this: Exploring what could go wrong isn’t meant…


How to Control Your Mind and Free Yourself From Unwanted Thoughts

HJ: In order to be able to stop unwanted thoughts, you have to understand that the mind is like a tape recorder… it just plays back what’s been recorded.  This is the secret…


Master Your Mind: Understanding the 3 Ways Your Brain Sees the World

HJ: If you want to master creating your ideal life, you first need to understand how your brain works and sees the world.  Otherwise, who’s controlling who?  Until we begin to understand how our…

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