How to Uncover and Remove the Subconscious Patterns Secretly Running Your Life

HJ: Ever feel like you hit a glass ceiling when you should be flying high as a bird?  You put so much effort into growing, meditating, learning, evolving, eating healthy and you make progress, sure, but not as much as you should be based on the amount of effort you are putting in?

We all do, because in one way or another, we’re in the process of working through subconscious patterns that are secretly sabotaging even our best efforts to grow.  We pick these up (not surprisingly) unconsciously throughout our lives, with the vast majority of them accumulating as young as age 6!

These are culturally imposed (and sometimes learned) beliefs about what is possible and impossible and they form the framework of our lives.  They are unconsciously self-imposed limits that operate in the background of our awareness… until we begin to ‘shine the light within’ and remove them from our minds.

And that’s what this article is all about — understanding your mind at the deepest levels so you can take control of it and extend the boundaries of your reality beyond your current limits — beyond your wildest dreams…  Taking your life off autopilot and breaking through the glass ceiling stunting all your efforts to create the reality you dream of.

In her wonderful article below, hypnotherapist Alice McCall does a fantastic job of explaining and offering real, practical solutions for overcoming the subconscious patterns secretly running your life.

For more information on removing old subconscious blocks, be sure to see the article by Hale Dwoskin: The Art of Letting Go: 5 Steps to Permanently Release Whatever is Holding You Back

– Truth

The Power of Your Unconscious Patterns

By Alice McCall | Wellness Wisdom Healing

Have you experienced anger that raises its head periodically – sometimes for no apparent reason?  Does it feel like it is always there, just bubbling beneath the surface?  If not anger, does another emotion like feeling rejected or lonely routinely demand attention?

These are the symptoms of underlying unconscious patterns.  If you have patterns like these, know that you are not alone – nearly everyone has them.

We are not consciously aware of, know the cause of, or know how to change these patterns.  We understand the result, like constantly feeling inadequate, but we do not know the cause.

One client told me, “I knew something was wrong.  I just didn’t know what it was or what to do about it.  It has haunted me throughout my life.”  That is the power of unconscious patterns.

The definition of power is: The possession or control over others; a person or thing that possesses influence.

Unconscious patterns have power.  They have control over you – influencing your behavior, thoughts, and emotions.

If they have power, where does that leave you?  Powerless.

No one chooses to have unconscious patterns, but they exist within each of us.  They affect how we react to the world around us – through both our thoughts and our emotions.  More than that, they play a vital, unhealthy role in attracting unwanted situations that reinforce their existence.

Even as you become aware of them, it is easy to feel disheartened when tools like counseling and positive thinking does not create change.  This can exasperate feelings of depression, hopelessness, and powerlessness as you reach for solutions.

There is Hope for Overcoming Unconscious Patterns  

The first step to having hope is understanding what these patterns are and how they came about.

Unconscious patterns are buried deep at the cellular level.  They are so imbedded within the cells of your body that they are often difficult to identify and address.  How can this happen?

Although we think of ourselves as a single person – we are comprised of many selves.  This principle is a foundational part of psychology (adult, child, ego), shamanism (superconscious, conscious, subconscious, unconscious), and aikido (warrior, adult, child).  There are many aspects and layers that come together to form the whole of you.

Our conscious mind (mental self) has the power to create for us.  The popularity of ‘The Secret’ brought that metaphysical concept into the mainstream.  Because of its success, it is a more readily understood and accepted concept that thoughts and emotions create our life experiences.  However, thoughts and emotions can also be buried within us, at the cellular level, working counter to our intentions.  These patterns can lead to health issues and greatly affect our well-being.   

The subconscious (the hidden emotional self) is beneath the surface.  It is conditioned by the beliefs and attitudes that are imposed upon it.  The conditioning begins in early childhood, as the patterns and guiding principles from those closest to us become a normal part of life.  They grow, becoming interwoven into our own conscious thoughts, guiding our conscious choices.  When these formative concepts are attached to negative emotions, they become our subconscious fears and patterns that drive much of our life.

The unconscious (the body self) operates unceasingly.  It builds, maintains, and repairs the physical body from genetic code instructions and takes direction from the subconscious.  Our subconscious fears and worries, along with cellular beliefs and memories, can actually be built into our body creating physical ailments at the cellular level.

What are Common Examples of Unconscious Patterns?

The need to always fix everything and everyone.  It is easy to intellectually understand that this isn’t your job, but when this is your unconscious pattern – it is difficult to resist the temptation of being a ‘fixer’.

Being overly critical or having unrealistically high expectations.  These patterns often go hand-in-hand with being unable to live at peace in the present moment.

A constant feeling of being inadequate, less than what is needed, wanted, or required in given situations.  Even when the issue has been addressed with counseling and positive intention, it will remain if it’s caused by unconscious patterns.

Where do unconscious patterns come from?

A reoccurring theme is that a buried negative thought will originate from early childhood.  This thought festers, becoming a buried fear or pattern that roots into the subconscious. Any time the thought/emotion is felt, fed, or reinforced it becomes further embedded into a person’s core and becomes more difficult to understand as a false truth.

A client came to me with deep anger that has followed him his entire life.  He also had severe lower back problems and a fear of not making money.  While working in a regressed state at the cellular level, he remembered the painful words of an unsupportive Father.  As a young child, his Dad told him that ‘he was no good’ and that ‘he wouldn’t amount to anything’.

When I asked him how he felt, at first he was deeply hurt and saddened.  The emotional wounds grew each time he heard the hurtful words becoming feelings of emotional abandonment and a lack of love.  Then the emotion evolved to anger, a deep-seated anger as his Dad continued to tell him that ‘he was no good’.

In order to remove the power of his unconscious pattern, the surface anger and the hidden sadness had to be addressed and transformed, along with the hidden belief (I am no good) that he had embraced as his own.  Even his secondary issues of back pain and financial mistrust could be traced back to the unconscious pattern of ‘not being good enough’.  Interestingly, fears about money and anger tend to automatically be held in the lower back.

It is critical to understand the power an unconscious pattern holds over your life – and it will continue to hold that power until it is properly addressed.

Is there a Solution?

The power of unconscious patterns are strong.  They are not your conscious choice, but are programmed into your subconscious.  Even when you are aware of them and attempt to tackle them through counseling or deep introspection – work at the subconscious level is required to shift them.  Further, new positive patterns should replace the old.  Nature abhors a vacuum, so leaving an empty gap in the subconscious comes with its own set of problems.

The work must include integration with the inner child and ego, setting boundaries to prevent the unconscious pattern from returning.  As well as a total reprogramming that includes all parts of you, to maintain the transformation.

The real nut to crack is where the unconscious patterns are buried.  They can reside deeply in the cells of our bodies, hidden from our conscious self. Often they have yet to manifest into a physical issue, but they are active on an emotional and mental level.

Once the location is uncovered, the energy work can begin.  The unconscious pattern presents itself as a block of dense energy that needs to be shifted and transmuted.

A Real Life Example

A client came to me when she was diagnosed with severe osteoporosis.  We worked with regression, going into the cellular memory. We discovered that her unconscious pattern originated from the womb:  “Mom has a big family of kids.  She is so busy taking care of them, that she does not take care of herself, which is where I am living.”

I asked her, how does this make you feel?  Her reply, ‘depleted, undernourished, unsupported, and unwanted.’  

These became her unconscious core, creating all her patterns and life experiences.  In fact, her osteoporosis was a symptom of this much larger issue.  She had buried this unconscious pattern so deeply that it was affecting her body’s support structure, causing the physical deterioration and depletion of her bone mass.

I have shared two very different health issues from two very different people, but each were traced back to their unconscious patterns.  Both had a successful transformation.  The man was able to avoid back surgery, even started playing golf again, and lives without the constant cloud of anger.  Not only did the woman’s bone mass stop deteriorating, but it actually improved!  She also experienced a change in how other’s emotionally support her, having her emotional needs met for the first time in her life.

Want to get started?

Here are some tips to help put you on your healing path!

  1. If you do not already have one, establish a regular meditation practice.  Include setting intentions for your meditations such as: “I would like guidance today” or “I seek help identifying what is behind this feeling of fear.”  This opens the door to establish communication with the inside of you.  The answers may not come all at once, as this is truly a journey.  Be patient; the communication will reveal itself over time.
  2. Once the paths of communication are fully open, use intention at the beginning of your meditation.  Intend to fully learn the source, the root cause, of your unconscious patterns.  From deep within your heart-space ask questions like ‘what is the cause?’ and ‘what am I holding onto inside that is manifesting in this way?’.
  3. As you receive info – whether it be through your intuition, words, visuals, memories, or an old belief – interact with what you receive.  If you need clarity, ask for it.  It is important to ask questions and be open to feeling any surfacing emotions during the process.
  4. Once you have an understanding of the old belief, memory, or thought that is the cause of your unconscious pattern and the associated emotions, then it is time to transmute it.  Ask your body to tell you where it is holding onto the pattern.  Ask for the density in that part of your body to be transmuted.  My preference is to work with the Violet Ray of the Ascended Master Saint Germain.
  5. Connect with your inner child and ego to make sure they are on board with changing this pattern.  And provide the inside of you with a better belief to live with moving forward.

Being a master at healing yourself takes time and practice.  However, as I learned, persistence is greatly rewarded.

Take the time to establish an intimate relationship with all parts of you!  Be able to receive the unlimited gifts of wisdom and healing support for your life.  Ask for help when you need it.  If you have a need or desire to achieve cellular level healing quickly, seek a health practitioner who works with the root cause held in the cells of your body.  Be an active participant in your transformation.  All healing comes from you – your mind, body, spirit emotion connection.

Discovering and transforming your unconscious patterns is truly the missing link to living with health and manifesting your desires.  When you want to affect change at any level, going within is always a good solution!

Alice McCall (BS Psychology, MBA, And Certified Hypnotherapist) is a successful author, spiritual counselor, and cellular level healing consultant.  She assists her clients in discovering and transforming their unconscious patterns held in the cells of their body as dense blocks of energy.  Her work is comprehensive, including of all aspects of your mind, emotions, and body. This is accomplished with spiritual alignment. Her specialty is helping those with serious diseases.  She healed herself of breast cancer without medical intervention in ’07 using her cellular level healing practice.  For more information on Alice, her practice, and her popular book ‘Wellness Wisdom’ visit and

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  1. An interesting article. I can relate to the second example. Thanks. 🙂

    A small point: ” This can exasperate feelings of depression, hopelessness, and powerlessness as you reach for solutions.”

    Assuming this word should be ‘exacerbate’ in stead of ‘exasperate’?

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