How to Heal Traumatic Memories and Experiences Stored in Your Subconscious Mind and Let Your Natural Joy Shine Through

HJ: Our subconscious mind is like a tape recorder, indiscriminately transcribing our life experiences — the good, bad and everything in between.  However, the only thing that gives those memories power over us is the emotions attached to them and whether or not we form beliefs around them.  The emotions are the heavier part of the equation — exerting disproportionate influence.  By healing them, we remove that which anchors beliefs in place, allowing us to effectively change them by the mere whim of thought.

However, if you find yourself stuck in patterns of thought, feeling and experience, it is a telltale sign that there is a deeper emotional charge that needs releasing.  These subconsciously stored emotional charges connected with traumatic memories and experiences cause us to re-experience the pain and dysfunction anytime something triggers them directly or peripherally.  Again, our subconscious mind is simply a tape recorder, playing back what it has recorded.

Much of our inner work in this life is re-recording over what has been written on that tape — picked up indiscriminately as children and throughout life, causing us to sabotage ourselves and stay locked in dysfunctional patterns endlessly — until we become aware of what is happening and decide consciously to make a change, once and for all.

This article will guide you through an effective technique for doing so.

Congratulations on finding yourself here, as this is something few ever do, yet is responsible for creating lasting, profound happiness, joy, peace, abundance and health when successfully completed.

– Truth

Psychic Healing: Mending Subconscious Wounds

By Dale Power | Trans4Mind

We all experience traumas in our lives, some big and some so very small that they are only important to ourselves. Over time these traumas have a tendency to come back and create new problems for us though. This happens because our subconscious mind is trying to protect us from future harm.

Lets say you were bitten by a dog when you were a small child, to protect you from further harm, your subconscious mind brings back the image of you being bitten every time you see a dog. You respond with fear and possibly anger in response to this warning from deep inside.

As a survival mechanism it works very well. You avoid all dogs and never get bitten. You also will never have a pet canine and will likely get rid of people in your life that do, even if you never make the connection yourself, your subconscious mind will associate the early trauma as a child with the dog owner you know now.

The problem comes into play when the natural protective mechanism continues after it stops being useful to you.

It can be any trauma of course, and even seemingly small things can create large problems. Say you always got picked last to be on playground sports teams when young. Does your subconscious mind tell you to buck-up and not worry about what children thought of your athletic ability way back then, or does it tell you not to put yourself forward in social situations? That if others have control of your position, they will always pick you last?

This subject could be regarded as one of the most important problems humans have ever faced. Every person carries around with them a load of traumatic episodes and their own personal responses to them. Each set of problems has to be dealt with on a personal basis, if they are to be fixed. Cookie-cutter responses just won’t work.

Some forms of psychic intervention can be of help, also entrainment therapy, subconscious field adjustments, and such things as simple calming mental patterns or a temporary diminution of fear can all be of help.

Ultimately though, real progress must come from within, outside intervention can help, but only so much. I am not telling you to not seek help by any means. (As it is a part of my personal practice, one would hope I could endorse it!) It is however still true that the real work begins and ends within.

The technique I am introducing here is very powerful, but not a miracle cure or quick fix, so be prepared to do a bit of work if you would like to see results in a fairly rapid fashion.

Begin by finding a calm and quiet spot, away from other people and distractions, where you can feel safe and comfortable.

Once there:

  • Take a few deep breaths and let your mind calm down. Relax and let go of any concerns you may have. If things keep popping into your mind, just acknowledge them and set them aside.
  • Focus on a spot deep inside your own head, towards the back a bit. Take a few moments to feel this space. Many people report that the most solid feeling of connection to their subconscious mind seems to come from this area of the brain. Whether this is fact or not is moot. The act of focusing here will cause the proper connection to take place, which is enough for our current purposes.
  • To communicate clearly with your subconscious mind is simple in some ways, hard in others, and always different than you think it will be the first time you notice it. Your subconscious mind speaks in concepts. If you pay attention you will notice it. Look for meaning without words or pictures.
  • Now that you are aware of what your deeper mind is saying to you, or at least have an idea that it is communicating, take a few moments to listen. Let the knowledge of what it is saying come to you.
  • Now let your mind drift to a difficult topic, intent is enough to guide your mind to a subject, don t feel like you have to tackle any particular issue. Stay as relaxed as possible. Each time you feel anxious or fearful, or any other negative emotion, introduce a feeling of peace and calm over the issue. Dwell on the feeling of peace and calm until it replaces the negative sensations. This will create a change in that particular pattern, that is so effective at this level of thought, that it is unlikely to recur in the same way again. Over time you will deal with all of the main permutations of the underlying trauma.
  • The key here is to keep going. Every time you calm and smooth out a particular thought in your subconscious, your mind is permanently changing the pattern of response and replacing it with a feeling of calm, peace or whatever you have decided to replace it with. Try to spend ten to twenty minutes a day on this. Don’t set a goal date to be done by, just make it part of your daily routine. You will find it a useful skill to have long after all of your current difficulties have faded.
  • Push yourself to the level you need to personally and don’t coddle your self overly. At the same time, please, remember that you have time to correct things! Of course it would be great if every problem would just disappear overnight. Unfortunately, it just isn’t going to happen. Still, it is much harder to live with the problems than invest a bit of time in the solutions.

Once you have worked with this method for a few weeks, there are some other things that might help speed the process up.

  1. Begin each session with a psychic overlay that will help you communicate with your deeper self. That is, once you are in communication with your subconscious mind develop and hold the concept of deep non-verbal contemplation. Let this feeling grow stronger as you hold it. Feel your mind becoming calmer and more at peace. Hold this for a few minutes and then begin your normal daily practice. This will help nudge you towards uncovering deeper material and issues, which will help speed your progress.
  2. Add to your practice a greater range of replacement feelings and concepts. Replace feelings of fear with courage or internal fortitude. Replace anger and rage with feelings of compassion for others. Make a conscious decision as to how you would like to feel about the issues that come up and make them happen.
  3. After you practice these techniques, try and pay attention to any difficulties that come up during the day. Issues that keep surfacing are the ones to deal with in the next session.

On a finishing note. I really wish to impress the idea that there is nothing wrong with seeking help from others, good counseling and medical help can often be of benefit, when you are struggling with a problem. However psychic healing measures can also help a person through a crisis point and have no peer in direct intervention techniques.

Your mental and emotional state is under your control. You are your own best cure.

Dale Power is a psychic healer, researcher and educator that has been focusing on ways to improve psychic functioning in humans for the last twenty years.

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