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4 Ways To Boost Your Psychic Abilities and Intuitive Awareness

4 Ways To Boost Your Psychic Power By James Van Praagh — What’s the benefit of developing your sixth sense? Tuning in to the voice of your own soul and becoming more receptive…

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The Art of Trusting Yourself: How to Tune Into Your Intuition and Inner Emotional Guidance

HJ: You know the truth by the way it feels.  Trust your intuition, for it will never lead you astray. – Truth Trust Yourself – You Already Have All the Answers! By Nanice Ellis…


10 Life Changing Things You Must Understand if You Are Empathic or Highly Sensitive

HJ: Being highly sensitive and empathic is truly a blessing, however it can often feel like a curse before you learn some important points about how to manage and live with your abilities….


4 Powerful Ways to Connect With The Intuitive Wisdom of Your Body

HJ: Our bodies hold great wisdom and are often the keys to our intuitive intelligence and awareness. By learning to connect more deeply with your body through many of the powerful modalities outlined…


5 Keys to Letting the Universe Guide You Down the Path of Least Resistance

HJ: When you trust the wisdom of life — of the universe — your life takes on a whole new level of ‘awesomeness’ for lack of a better term.  Meaning you let go…


5 Highly Effective Techniques For Strengthening Your Intuition and Creativity

HJ: Intuition and it’s byproduct, creativity, are priceless skills to have at your disposal.  They apply to any situation, to any experience in every moment and always, always make your life better.  This…


3 Techniques to Help You Read Other People and Connect With Them More Deeply

HJ: Great article… – Truth Three Techniques to Read People The art of reading people to ignite your super-senses By Judith Orloff M.D. | Psychology Today — As a psychiatrist my job is to…


Exploring Advanced States of Consciousness: Intuition and Beyond

HJ: Most people only ever use a small fraction of their conscious abilities — of the truly incredible things that they are actually capable of. Brendan D. Murphy bursts the door wide open…


How to Access and Strengthen Your Connection to Your Higher Self

HJ: Your higher self will always lead you down the path of your highest success, expansion, fulfillment and growth.  It is like your compass for navigating life in a way that always leads…


How to Master The Four Levels of Intuition

HJ: While most people see intuition as one specific skill or ability, it is actually comprised of four distinct levels of awareness.  This is an important thing to note because each level has…

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