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How to Align Your Life With Divine Timing

HJ: There are four primary states of consciousness — believing that life happens: to me, by me, through me and as me.  Each one one rung higher on the ladder of spiritual awareness….


How to Tap Into the 4 Levels of Intuitive Awareness

HJ: Intuitive abilities are usually all lumped together, however there are four distinct levels worth noting.  Understanding the overlap and differences between these can be highly useful for learning to tune into your…


3 Powerful Questions to Help You Tune Into Your Intuitional Messages

HJ: On a certain level, one of the primary things we are here to do in life is get fully in touch with our intuition.  After all, this is our direct connection to our…


6 Powerful Ways to Strengthen Your Intuition

HJ: Intuition is like a muscle — it gets stronger the more you use it.  And it also requires trust in oneself and the larger principles that govern intuition.  The fact is that…


Simple Techniques for Remembering Your Dreams and Accurately Interpreting Them

HJ: Dreams are a combination of messages and imagery originating in both the subconscious mind and higher realms of existence (astral plane) and therefore are very much worth remembering and learning to interpret,…


Living Spiritually: How to Unite Your Heart and Mind

HJ: A mind without a heart is dangerous and a heart without a mind is reckless, but when the two meet and are balanced in perfect harmony, we become wise.  And we then…


How to Upgrade Your Intuition to the Next Level of Awareness and Sensitivity

HJ: Life is fundamentally an exercise in growth and development along all lines — mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.  As such, while everyone has intuitive abilities, we are all at different levels of…

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How to Tell if You Are Intuitively Connected to the Earth (and Why You Need to Know)

HJ: In highly evolved ancient societies and tribes, a strong connection to the Earth was considered one of the most important things you could possibly cultivate in life, although we seem to have…


Living From Your Heart: 22 Keys to Intuitive Living

HJ: Living intuitively is transcending the limits of the mind and tuning into a higher level of awareness that can never lead you astray.  The rational mind is akin to a game of chess….


7 Powerful Ways to Amplify Your Intuitive Abilities

HJ: Intuition is the language of the soul, to which we have constant access should we desire.  But unlike our spoken languages, we are not taught to communicate with ourselves in school.  Some…

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