How to Access and Strengthen Your Connection to Your Higher Self

HJ: Your higher self will always lead you down the path of your highest success, expansion, fulfillment and growth.  It is like your compass for navigating life in a way that always leads to more beauty, peace, health and abundance.  Sounds pretty amazing, no?  It is.  And being strongly connected to your higher self is truly the only way to live.  And so, it is with great pleasure that we present this highly insightful article by the always wise Brandon West.

– Truth

Accepting Your Calling and Accessing Your Higher Self

By Brandon West | Project Global Awakening


The only true hindrance to any individual on this planet is themselves. Yes the educational system, financial system, judicial system, and political systems may be faulty; yes we are being manipulated by a global elitist organization through all of the systems listed above (especially through the media and education). This is all probably true.

Yet when it comes down to it, the only thing that actually does get in our way is not these organizations, but ourselves, because it is our own minds, our habits, behaviors, and beliefs which disrupt our ability to be aware of and to access our higher self and thus to experience higher consciousness (higher levels of energy, and higher levels of reality).

This is our only limitation, and that is by design. The system of the suppression of human consciousness has been created so that the end result is that our own beliefs and our thoughts are the prison which withhold us from reaching higher aspects of our being and our potential.

There is a method used for training circus elephants which is similar. From the time they are young they will be chained to a tree (not all the time, hopefully, but for certain portions of the day). And at first they will pull on this chain trying to break it and run around freely (just like children do in school), yet all their effort is in vain because when they are young they are too weak and the chain binds them.

But after many years of chaining them to a tree, once they are full grown elephants their trainers will cease to use a chain and instead can use a simple rope which the elephant could break easily if they had a mind to. But because they have been conditioned to believe that they are incontestably bound to this tree, they will not even try to pull on the rope. And in this way even a thread could hold the elephant to that tree because they would believe completely that it holds them there.

We are the same. Essentially we have also been conditioned to believe absolutely in fundamental limitations of the universe, of ourselves, and of the potential, power, and abilities available to human beings in general. And it is this which keeps us from accessing higher consciousness (our higher self) and our true potential.

Moreover, because of these false beliefs we have also developed a fundamentally inefficient way of using our minds – of thinking, of imagining, and of directing our attention, and even of achieving our goals – and our beliefs form very rigid but illusory boundaries to what we can conceive is possible, and thus achieve.

The Conscious Mind and our Higher Self

There are two main aspects to our consciousness that are directly relevant and necessary to understand. The first is our conscious mind. The conscious mind is the aspect of our awareness (and our thoughts) which we are aware of at ordinary levels of consciousness, and it has the organizing and planning power to deal with short term tasks.

Our conscious mind is fully equipped to deal with each moment, and to make decisions in the moment and make short term plans in the moment. In this regard it is phenomenal. It enables us to direct our attention in order think, sing, imagine, set intentions, compose a song, recall a song, write a chapter of a book, read a book, prepare a lecture, or give a public talk and so on. This is what our conscious mind is for:the spontaneous expression of ourselves within each moment, as well as to learn.

But our downfall is that more often than not we try to use our conscious mind for so much more than it is supposed to be used for, and most effectively used for. We try to use our conscious minds to plan our entire lives and to predict using logic and reason alone where we are going to end up and what actions we need to take in order to get there.

This is what I mean by inappropriate use of our conscious minds because this is not the most effective method. What is more, it is this use of our minds which ends up getting in the way of the actualization of our true potential and who we really are.

The reason being is that we have another aspect to ourselves called the higher self. The higher self is merely a name which refers to the more expanded aspect of our consciousness which is in greater alignment and unity with universal consciousness. The higher self is a higher and more evolved aspect of our own consciousness which organizes our journey of evolution throughout our life, and from lifetime to lifetime.

This aspect of ourselves is moving the chess pieces of our lives behind the scenes, and orchestrating opportunities for spiritual growth and evolution, placing and inspiring desires, knowledge, and dreams into our conscious awareness.

From the level of our higher self each and every one of us have a calling, a mission here on Earth. And for an individual to embody their highest calling means unequivocally that they will tap into their greatest potential and live an exhilarating and full life abundant with passion, pleasure, and inspiration. This is an absolute truth.

Why? Because our higher self is universal consciousness, and our higher self is organizing our lives from this higher perspective for the specific purpose of our evolution to that same level of awareness. And it is doing so from a space of bliss, divine love, exhilaration, and unlimited creativity.

We all have a calling, and to embody our calling is to walk the shortest path which leads us back to source and to the experience and awareness of ourselves as unbounded consciousness. That is what our calling is: perfect alignment with our higher self and with the universe. And as soon as we choose to open to it, we can realize it.

Yet what many of us are doing, it seems, is living from our conscious minds which are greatly limited in perception and in belief thanks to our social conditioning, and so trying to plan, dictate, and control all aspects of our lives according to what we think we want now, who we think we are, and how we think our life should go while largely (or entirely) disconnected from our higher self, therefore from our calling as well.

However, this is not a negative thing. It is necessary learning experience which is ultimately intentional and has a purpose and meaning in the greater scheme of the evolution of our consciousness and the evolution of human consciousness on Earth.

Yet what results is an enormous number of people who are choosing their own paths but going in every direction but back to source, which as we can see creates large amounts of suffering and turmoil within and in the world.  But eventually all people will choose to return to higher consciousness – to peace, love, inspiration, creativity, and power –  and towards their true potential, because that is the natural inclination of life, of consciousness, as surely as a plant grows towards the sun.

Reconnecting to the Higher Self

Consider everything as energy. Your body is energy, your thoughts, imagination and intentions are energy, your words are energy, your actions are energy, and obviously your emotions are energy. Therefore when you act against your true nature (your higher self), in contradiction to it, or at very least out of alignment with it, even slightly, the natural expression of your energy is diverted from its intended course because that energy was either unnaturally expressed, or it was repressed.

Either way the result is that you have directed energy (attention) where there is not supposed to be energy, and you have diverted yourself away from your calling and true self into areas and onto paths that do not genuinely resonate with who you really are.

This energy is stress and it occurs first within the psyche on the level of thoughts and emotions. However, if it is not dealt with in a timely fashion then eventually it will build up and can manifest itself in the body as illness or disease. Sometimes minor such as a cold, but also as serious illness if that is what is needed in order to get you back on course or teach you what you need to learn. This unnaturally expressed or repressed energy also manifests as limiting habits, from smoking, to the continued involvement in a profession or job you dislike.

So how do we come back into alignment with our higher self?

All that we have to do to come back into alignment with the higher self is become open to this higher aspect of ourselves. Meditation is an essential and priceless tool in this regard because it quiets the mind and tames the ego so we can relinquish control long enough to become aware of our higher self and become inspired.

The human mind is extremely powerful and capable, but we as a species in general are not accessing our true power because we rely so heavily on our conscious minds to the point where we disconnect ourselves from other equally natural and inherent powers at our disposal.

But the more we relinquish control and allow ourselves to be inspired and to be guided, the more power and energy (mental and spiritual) we have available to us because we are not wasting it trying to organize every aspect of our lives.

So instead of setting goals for yourself, trying to guess your dreams, calling, and purpose, try not doing any of that. Simply ask yourself on a daily basis “Who Am I? What is the purpose of my life? What is my calling? and What is my dream?’ But meditate on these questions not by asking them, but simply by listening to what your body is telling you.

Listening is all we need to do and it is all we have ever needed to do. Not just listening to others, but listening internally in a state of silence and our mind will unravel and lead us to where we need to go. So often we are incessantly asking these questions but that is only creating more discord because the answer is usually right in front of us if we would just stop, listen, and observe.

Instead of using your mind to attempt to plan out your life and to create a timeline for the achievement of your goals and aspirations, leave that up to your higher self.This will take trust at first, but eventually you will develop a relationship with that aspect of yourself, and through that connection and awareness, you will experience this higher awareness and you will know first hand how powerful you really are. Moreover you will know that it is you.

Simply listen to yourself, to your mind, to your body, and to your dreams and desires, and then use your conscious mind to act on those desires immediately, and plan, if you must, how you are going to actualize those impulses that you are receiving this very day. I would suggest not even going past today, because each day is new and tomorrow you may be inspired in a new way, but if your previously laid plans contradict that inspiration, which do you think you will choose? For I think that most people ignore inspiration for this very reason: because it is not in accord with their plans and previously established beliefs of who they are and what they need to do.

Nothing Can Be Forced

Nothing can be forced. To attempt to force anything is to distort ones energy unnaturally and only postpone the realization of whatever it is we are seeking to accomplish. The manifestation of which would be immanent if we could only let go and surrender ourselves to the process that is already underway.

Yet it must also be understand that there are two types of effort in this regard. There is the effort of an individual who is trying to force their dreams into existence; and there is the effort of an individual who is engaged in self-discipline and bringing themselves back into alignment and communication with their higher self. These are the two polarities.

There must be a balance in our lives between effort in the sense of will-power/self-discipline, and between non-resistance, and complete and total surrender to our calling, our purpose. And the most powerful self-discipline and willpower that I know of is not exercised in order to do things, like to complete a task for example, but rather to remove oneself from the incessant impulse to simply act and instead to sit quietly and remain quiet in order to connect, and then to act instead from the deep impulse of inspiration that comes from within.

For this impulse becomes more tangible with practice. At first it will be but a faint urge to do something small. Peripheral and fleeting. But the more you practice, and the more you align in this fashion, this impulse will turn into a powerful flow of passion and inspiration that cannot be doubted, nor contradicted. Not that there is any reason to.

You will continue to experience resistance and discord within you until you commit completely to your calling. And until you commit you will continue to manifest discontent in your life which serves the purpose of helping you to see firstly that you need to change and that something needs to change in your life, but also to help you to identify your dream and your calling.

Everything in your life that does not align with your highest calling will manifest discontent in your body and discord within your mind. And it is this which makes your calling become clear to you because it is that thing which instills peace and light when focused on and which helps you to tap into yours. All you need to do is listen and observe for this very reaction.

And when you really start to connect to this calling that is your own then you will notice some powerful changes occurring within you and in your life. Because by opening yourself to this energy and committing yourself to this dream, then your consciousness will expand and your mind will break its own limitations in order to align with this dream and access the creativity, knowledge, and power of your higher self that is already within you in order to meet the new standards you have awakened to.

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