5 Highly Effective Techniques For Strengthening Your Intuition and Creativity

HJ: Intuition and it’s byproduct, creativity, are priceless skills to have at your disposal.  They apply to any situation, to any experience in every moment and always, always make your life better.  This is a great little article with 5 creative and highly effective techniques.

– Truth

5 Techniques To Develop Your Intuition At Work

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Shot in the heart, insomnia, little voice… Doubt takes over you or in the opposite the certainty is there. Decision is obvious in a quarter of a second. Your intuition has spoken! It is necessary to be able to cultivate it and to listen to it.

The intuitive mind in a powerful aid in decision-making. It is based on feelings, a cursory scan of the situation by the brain as Malcolm Gladwell refers to in his book “Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking” (1).

A process called “prefrontal mental mode” by neurosciences. However many managers stifle their first impressions in favor of logic. Yet we should often let our interests take irrational detours before making a decision. We will gain more insight.

Let’s see 5 techniques that will help you to develop and increase your intuition.

1. The spatial displacement: change the angle of view

Place yourself in a corner of a room, with your problem in mind and say aloud:” I think this, I feel this”. Move 50 centimeters forward and say it again. Repeat the process 4 to 5 times in different places. Each time, expresses one of the people that is in you, with his emotions, his instinctive reactions. You verbalize various courses of action. And according to the intuitive mode, one person will take over or it will combine with another one.

Useful for: any type of decision
How to do it: Alone in your office. Relax while breathing between each position.

2. The “Mindfulness”: Lose Grip By The 5 Senses

Standing or sitting, relax by remaining aware of your body and the external environment.

• Immerse yourself within the place.
• Make mental contact with all parts of your body, from your head to your toe by visualizing its volume, by feeling its temperature…
• Think about your worries and ask your body, from bottom to top: “what my feet have to say?” … “what my heart has to say?”, “what my head has to say?”. You will touch distinct registers of thoughts/mind, close to the dream and one option should emerge.

Useful for: any type of decision. It is in a state of absolute relaxation, immersed in his bath, that Archimède found its famous theorem with his shouting “Eureka! “
How to do it: Alone in your office or in a public place (transport, park…) eyes opened or closed, with calm breathing extending the time of expiration (count 4 times of inspiration for 8 times of expiration). No more than 15 minutes.

3. Photolanguage: Get Away By The Image

Arrange on your desk or on the floor, pictures cut from magazines representing people, landscapes, abstract figures… Without thinking, take three images that attract you the most. Think about your dilemma. And ask yourself the question: how do I feel? In which direction do I feel like going? Welcome whatever comes: physical sensations, emotions, ideas. Transported elsewhere, you will connect your deep motivation.

Useful for: a career guide, a trade policy, a project. Such as an accountant not happy in her job who chose instinctively the photograph of a battered door but with a hole letting in light. Yes, she could push it with her shoulder. She knew she was ready to move.

How to do it: In a room in peace, in a pair or in a large group; to practice with no prejudices. No more than 5 minutes.

4. The Chinese Portrait: Draw Analogies

Ask yourself: “if I was” or “if it was” a monument, an animal… For instance: “if I were a cat, I would be…” Choose three characteristics: independent, affectionate, and responsive. Make similarities between the cat and your management style. How does it speak about your difficulties with someone? Then, the trigger will arise on what’s stuck and the solution will come. Because you have promoted the association of ideas between two worlds that a priori have nothing in common, and found unexpected connections.

Useful for: release tensions in the team, get out of technical impasses.
How to do it: Alone or with others (peers, collaborators), no more than 5 or 10 minutes to eliminate any methodical reasoning.

5. The Incongruous Object: Sharpen his perception

Less “abstract ” than the Chinese portrait. Grab an unusual object, unrelated to your job: a figurine rather than a pen. Look at it, weigh it. What are its qualities (soft, hard, flexible..), what is its perfume etc. Activate the 5 senses. Let your feelings wander. Bring them closer to your hesitancy. You will feel the right solution within your body: yes, it feels nice, you can drive this project / no, the feeling of faintness is still present… intuitions to be validated by more Cartesian arguments.

Useful for: any type of decision
How to do it: Alone in your office, or during a coffee break.

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