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The 11 Keys to Manifesting Your Highest Potential

HJ: We all have a destiny, but that does not mean that our life is predetermined.  Our destiny is essentially our highest potential — our highest expression of ourself in a given lifetime….


DL Zeta: Our Movement into the New Time is Vertical, Not Linear

HJ: Spiritual growth is based on vibrational frequency.  Take heed of these words of wisdom from DL Zeta: “This new passage we have entered is about raising our vibrational frequency to enter timelines…


DL Zeta: Uniting our Physical and Energetic Selves Activates Fifth-Dimensional Timelines

HJ: DL Zeta continues to be one of the best sources for higher dimensional spiritual information available at this time.  She has literally laid out a complete road map to accessing our higher…


DL Zeta: Transforming Obstacles into Blessings

By DL Zeta | Celestial Vision — The energies of the recent lunar eclipse triggered a wave of energy that will extend into coming weeks and months, bringing about clearing and release at…


DL Zeta: Gratitude Activates Timelines where our Highest Visions Manifest

DL Zeta | Celestial Vision — The last weeks of 2012 offer portals into new and expanded realities where we are living the dreams and visions we have held throughout time. These visions…


DL Zeta: Steps to Activating Timelines of Inner Unity and Oneness

By DL Zeta | Celestial Vision — As old ways of being fade from your rearview mirror, you’re able to bring your full focus and attention to new visions and inspirations that stretch…

DL Zeta: Techniques for Accessing 5th Dimensional Timelines

Our Vibrational Frequency Activates Fifth-Dimensional Timelines  Celestial Vision By DL Zeta Your vibrational frequency is what determines your ability to access and experience fifth-dimensional timelines where unconditional love, limitless abundance, radiant health and…


DL Zeta: Cultivating ‘Dream Futures’ to Energize your Highest Potentials

HJ: I realize that I probably sound like a broken record at this point, singing the praises of DL Zeta, but how can I not?  It is rare to find such great advice…


DL Zeta: Our Future Self Travels Dream Portals to Guide us to Empowered Timelines

HJ: Another excellent piece by DL Zeta, which when read in the context of her other channelings, lays out a complete framework for accessing higher dimensional states/timelines.  DL Zeta’s work is incredible, useful,…


DL Zeta: Uniting our Physical and Energetic Selves Activates Fifth-Dimensional Timelines

HJ: DL Zeta brings us more incredibly timely and pertinent information on ascension, energetic bodies, 5th dimensional timelines manifestation.  This is a dense article by a master channeler.  This is definitely worth reading…

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