DL Zeta: Our Future Self Travels Dream Portals to Guide us to Empowered Timelines

HJ: Another excellent piece by DL Zeta, which when read in the context of her other channelings, lays out a complete framework for accessing higher dimensional states/timelines.  DL Zeta’s work is incredible, useful, profound, and simultaneously ‘simple’ (read: relatively easy to understand).  Having worked with some of her ideas, I can honestly say they are truly powerful. – Truth

By DL Zeta

DL Zeta – Celestial Vision

Last week we spoke about our energetic self, which some call their guide or angel, the collective unconsciousness or higher self. It doesn’t matter what we choose to call this aspect of ourselves. This other self is our link to eternity and helps us choose and activate future timelines where our highest potentials exist.

This self exists along a much faster time continuum than ours. We can’t perceive this self with our physical senses so it is beyond our normal perception. This self is real, existing in accelerated “vertical time” which happens so fast that it appears to lie outside consciousness. Events that happen in vertical time are able to instantly modify our present moment if we are able to work with our future self to optimize our future possibilities.

Information Transfers in Dream States

Our future self is the part of ourselves not bound by time and space that is able to travel into the future to witness the potentials we are setting up in our present moment. The information about potential timelines crystalizing in our future is transmitted to us during portal openings in consciousness. We are able to develop our skill at consciously accessing these time portals that allow us to sync our normal time frame with that of vertical time, but for the most part the transfer of information between these realms happens in dream states.

Directing and Cultivating Sleep States

The information that comes through these time portals allows us to improve our present. In order to make the most of these portals, we can make sure we are well rested and that we sleep through the needed number of sleep cycles to enter the special place in consciousness where our future self brings us the information we need about our future potentials.

Another part of entering the needed dream state is to direct our mind before sleep to a calm, clear space surrounded by the intention to rendezvous with our future self.

Perceiving and Energizing our Best Future Timelines

This meeting is the single most important thing we do to make our life positive and happy. It is crucial to our ability to remember and live our life purpose. At every turn in our life we encounter situations that we identify as “problems.” As we encounter these situations, we set up energetic futures where these situations find an answer and resolution. These future potentials crystallize instantly with numerous timelines extending in all directions, each timeline offering a potential solution to the problem we have just encountered in the present moment. Our future self travels into these potentials to observe which contain the highest and best solution – the one most aligned with our spiritual purpose and need for understanding.In dream states, our future self delivers the information it has gathered from our future potentials. This information filters up from our subconscious via our intuition at the moment it is needed – when we are making decisions that will determine which future potential will become our dominant timeline.

Forewarnings from our Future Self help us Shift Timelines

It may be that these information exchanges with our future self bring us forewarnings that alert us to dangerous timelines that may be setting up in the future. For example, if one future potential results in a car accident, we might wake from our dream with a sense of alarm at having received the information about this potential from our future self. The good news is that such advance awareness of future potentials allows us to make adjustments in our present moment that will set up other potentials.

Physical Illness as Portents and Cultivating Healing Timelines

The information we receive from our future self is not the only form of advance feedback available to us. One form comes through our physical body, which always knows before we do that we are setting up a future potential misaligned with our life purpose. This misalignment often happens when we tune into certain parasitical energies that distort our perception and steer us off course. We will talk more about parasitized frequencies in our next segment. When we experience physical illness, the specific form of condition offers clues as to the nature of the imbalance we are setting up in the future. Once we recognize there is a problem, we are able to work with our future self to develop potential futures where the healing we need is realized. In this way, we are able to cultivate the cause of our own present-moment healing in our future.

As we use this process we begin to realize how living the highest and best in our present moment is directly related to our willingness to perceive and modify the future before we live it.

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  1. When I awoke from my concussion, I was flooded by my future self timelines and possibilities. Your channelings have helped to bring clarity to the information I am still unraveling into action and learning to Be.

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